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Nerds Without Pants Episode 216: 2 2020, 2 Furious

It's GOTY time!

It’s the first episode of Nerds Without Pants recorded in the new year, and that only means one thing: Game of the Year, baby! We shake things up just a bit this year, listing our top ten games that we played in 2021, as opposed to the usual top five. There are some big surprises in there, for sure!

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 168: 2019- At Least the Games Didn't Suck

If only you knew how much trouble Julian had getting this podcast done...

Welcome to the first episode of Nerds Without Pants recorded in 2020! That’s right, we’re back from hiatus and we have a ton of things to say about our favorite games that we played in 2019. There are some obvious games, some shockers, and some games that definitely didn’t come out last year. So, pretty par for the NWP course, eh?

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 145: The Best of the Longest Year Ever

I aged 20 years in 2018.

So, 2018 was like eleventy billion years long, but at least we got a lot of great games to play. And the Nerds Without Pants even played some great games last year that didn’t come out in 2018. So, seeing as how this is a podcast and all, we decided to sit down and talk about our favorite games that we played.

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Personal Picks for GOTY 2013

Winners in our hearts.

Voting is a funny thing. It’s hard to argue with addition, but there are plenty of instances where some of the staff thought a title or two got overlooked. Even though our GOTY 2013 article used some inarguable mathematics to come to the PixlBit staff’s consensus opinion, some of us thought there were games that should have gotten a few more votes. To highlight some of the games that each of us took a particular shine to in 2013, we present our staff’s personal picks that didn’t make the cut. 

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PixlBit's 2013 Games of the Year

Our staff's best games of 2013!

Video games had an exceptional year in 2013, with tiny indie teams getting attention for their creativity, and the usual budget behemoths stealing national headlines for their record-breaking sales. Two new consoles also hit the scene right at the end with a few titles that did their best to break into our top five.

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Overall Game of the Year 2012

The moment you've been waiting for!

Looking back over an entire year, it’s hard to tell which games are going to stand out through the years that follow.  Which titles are people going to continue to talk about, get nostalgic over, and load up to replay next a decade from now?  Maybe we had a few of those this year, but only time will tell.  Perhaps we will look back on what we voted to be the very best of 2012 and our monocles will spin in amazement at our ageless judgment.  Or maybe we’ll all laugh and wonder what we were thinking. 

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Game of the Year 2012 - Console Awards

Our picks for the best on each console in 2012.

It’s pretty tough to own every console out there these days.  Luckily for the average consumer, there are a lot of the same games available on PS3, Xbox 360, and now even Wii U.  Each of these pieces of hardware also has its own unique set of releases; some of them are exclusive and others just feel like they belong to one console more than the others.  Then there are the portable systems that offer distinctive experiences from each other in almost every game available.  So, whether you feel inclined to take sides in the “Console War” or are happy to just play great games on great systems, we’ve picked the best experiences from 2012 on each platform.

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Game of the Year 2012 - Genre Awards

What were our favorites in each genre in 2012?

It was sure tough to follow the fantastic year of gaming we had in 2011, but 2012 did a bang up job of holding its own with plenty of amazing releases and some big industry changes to boot.  As the current console generation appears to finally be wrapping up, we welcomed the Wii U on the scene as well as Sony’s newest flashy handheld.  Game makers continued to stretch what’s possible from the Xbox 360 and PS3 while the PC seems to be roaring back into prominence thanks to Steam and other download services.  Yet, despite some developers’ mastery of the current hardware, not every game released was worth spending your money or time on.  The fact that there are plenty of sloppy and poorly made games being pumped out makes the ones that really wow us that much more noteworthy.   And there were definitely tons of games to get excited about!

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