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May 2024 Recap

On 06/06/2024 at 05:25 PM by daftman

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Games Beaten

-Depixtion (Switch)

Each picture is made of three color layers (red, yellow, and blue) and each layer has light and dark options for its color, so the final picture for each puzzle could be pretty complicated and detailed. It was a nice change of pace from more traditional picross. The interface was pretty straightforward but worked well. I also got the Halloween DLC and those were pretty fun pictures.

Games Bought

The month of May had a couple interesting acquisitions. First of all, my older brother has really gotten into a game called Factorio. In the game you crash land on a planet and then have to mine resources and set up all kinds of automation to build a bigger and bigger factory with the goal of eventually building a rocket ship, and you can do all this co-op. The game looked cool but at $35 I told him I'd have to wait for a decent sale. At that point he offered to buy it for me and I wasn't going to say no! Lol. So that's how I got Factorio (Switch). I also have a tendency to enter a lot of giveaways on Twitter (it's super easy, ya know?) and one of them paid off! WayForward was giving away codes for Rose and Camellia Collection (Switch), which AS WE ALL KNOW is the anime-styled game about Victorian high society ladies slapping each other! It looks very silly and I'm looking forward to playing it. I also grabbed a couple of the PS+ games. Ghostrunner 2 (PS5) is some kind of cyberpunk action game or something. Really, they had me at cyberpunk. The other one is Tunic (PS5), which is supposedly channeling the original Legend of Zelda in the best ways. I remember it being very popular when it first came out.

Games Being Played

-Factorio (Switch)

It took me more than ten hours to get through the tutorial missions! I don't think I'd stick with this game if playing solo but I did get a chance to start a game with my brother and I definitely like it more playing co-op. We'll see how often we get to play it.

-Hollow Knight (PS5)

Been meaning to play this celebrated Metroidvania for literal years and have enjoyed the opening couple hours so far.

-Live A Live (Switch)

Started with the Present Day chapter, which was an odd choice in retrospect, but I got through it alright. Now I'm doing Imperial China.

-Dragon Marked for Death (Switch)

We started this after finishing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate but it looks like I have completely forgotten to include it on here. This is a multiplayer action RPG by Inti Creates. It's not super amazing or anything but it's fun and is a good palate cleanser after so much Monster Hunter. I think we've unlocked all the missions at this point and are moving into the higher difficulties.

-Destiny 2 (PS5)

The big expansion just launched! ...and I have not had the time or money to get it yet...



Cary Woodham

06/07/2024 at 08:42 AM

You know about the new Picross S game from Jupiter, right?  It features all Namco games and characters.  It's like the SEGA one they had a couple of years ago, but Namco instead.


06/08/2024 at 01:21 PM

I did not know about the Namco Picross game but it is in my wishlist now! The Sega one was great.


06/07/2024 at 01:56 PM

I feel like I tried Tunic once. Was it on Game Pass at one time? Maybe I found the action a bit challenging? I'll have to try it again sometime.


06/08/2024 at 01:24 PM

Tunic seems like a Game Pass kind of game. This seems like the well-beloved sort of game that I always mean to play and never actually get to it. Fingers crossed.


06/07/2024 at 08:54 PM

I want to pick up Tunic, to add to my backlog. 


06/08/2024 at 01:30 PM

If everyone else is to be believed, it is a game worth having!

The Last Ninja

06/13/2024 at 03:14 PM

I played Tunic on Switch when it first came out. Excellent game! Unfortunately it got too hard for me, so I never finished it. But it does a great job of letting you freely explore, just like the original Zelda. 


07/03/2024 at 08:30 PM

Hmm, I'm not always the biggest fan of freely exploring, depending on how it's done. I wonder how I will like Tunic...assuming I actually get around to playing it!

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