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Vita vs PSP: Help Please

On 09/14/2013 at 10:06 PM by GrayHaired

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The local walmart now has layaway. And I've been reading blogs here about the new Vita coming out and the screen isnt as good as the ones out now. So, I've been wanting a PSP or Vita.. And if I decide on a Vita I need to put one of the older ones on layaway..asap!

But here's the deal.  I mainly want a system that will play a digital download of Metal Gear Solid Portable Opps. and digital PS1 Classics.

Of course I would-will buy current games but that's not my top priority.

So here's some questions.  Will the Vita play PSN digital downloads?

Will I be able to play Portable Opps?  PS1 Classics?

I already have a PSP carrying case and cables to hook a PSP to my TV Monitor and I also have a couple of Memory Sticks pro duo for the PSP and even an extra battery.  The PSP core brand new is only $100.00.  so right off the bat all I would need for a PSP is $100.00

I think the only Vita walmart has at the store is the 3G model. Im not sure but the box looks like a pretty basic release.

So, help me out and clear some of these things up for me. and tell em anything else I should know or you think is interesting.

And just so you know, I used to have a PSP 3000 and I really enjoyed it.  Also, Im not sure I like the touch screen for the Vita. but give me your thoughts.

Thanks,  GH




09/14/2013 at 10:52 PM


Well the touch screen on the Vita isn't bad, but some games I played liked to shoe horn all of the Vita's functions into gameplay, and some of them took away from the game. I know that the Vita can play some PS1 classics. I found a list of games that work on the Vita from IGN. I don't know how recent it is, but it's a start.

I have both a 3000 and a Vita, both are really good, but I would sway you towards the Vita only because I've run across the nub problems with the PSP (my 1000 and 3000 nubs have problems). The Vita is really nice because of all the games it offers (everything from cross play, to the free to play, and of course if you have plus there are games being released for it). The only non gaming thing I do on the Vita, is of all things, check Twitter. The Twitter app is really nice. 


09/14/2013 at 11:04 PM

Thanks Chris  


09/14/2013 at 10:54 PM
I was looking through my psone classics and a few of them were not Vita compatible. I am sure that at some point they will be added, but I was surprised that MGS1 was not Vita compatible yet.


09/14/2013 at 11:05 PM

Transmet:  Uh Oh....strike one against  the Vita.


09/15/2013 at 01:29 AM

Apparently Metal Gear Solid, if thats the one your talking about can be played on the vita, you just have to have it transferred from the ps3 to the vitasince you cant buy it on the vita itself. Atleast thats what someone commented on it on the sony site.


09/15/2013 at 08:19 AM

I say save your money and get a PSP. 


09/15/2013 at 08:10 PM

If you do plan on getting a Vita at some point later, I would get one now. Metal Gear Solid isn't available . It has MGS2, MGS3 HD editions, and Peacewalker. Your a big LittleBIGPlanet fan and think LittleBIGPlanet on the Vita would be up your alley. Killzone: Mercenary is a pretty nice game as well and know you put your time in that series. You should just look at the libaries and go from there. Its basically how much you want to spend because all the good content on the PSP is available on the Vita.


09/16/2013 at 12:40 AM

i know i can play all of my ps one classisc on the vita, though i have caslevania SOTN, Chronicles, Suikoden, and FF7 not sure about mgs but i would immagine they do

Vita is more expensive, but totaly worth it, the screen is easily the pretiest that i have seen


09/16/2013 at 05:45 AM

I would probably say a Vita GH but as I ve had my PSP for ages I just don't feel I need to make the leap just yet, though if I were without either I would put my money aside until Vita was viable. That said if you get a PSP you'll still have a whale of a time, especially if you plan on playing the classics, though I do feel that the PS1 games for sale are not always the best, thats why I'll never chuck my PS2, backwards compatibility at its best!


09/16/2013 at 01:39 PM

I'm pretty sure that any of the Playstation 1 games can play on the Playstation Vita if you download them off of the Playstation Network from your Playstation 3.



09/22/2013 at 01:59 AM

Go with a PSP, there are some games that don't translate over to the vita. it mostly depends on what type of games you want to play. I've mostly used my PSP for that purpose since I too have the cable to hook up my PSP to a TV. plus I'm investing in some of those japanese only titles that are being offered. The only sucky thing about these games is that some of them require you to buy two versions of the game if youw ant to play them on your PSP as well as your PS3. Like the NEO GeO station titles...


09/27/2013 at 09:43 PM

Thank You all for the comments and suggestions.  As of today Im leaning towards a PSP 3000. Since I have all the add ons and memory cards and even games.  It will only cost me $100 and I will be ready to play.

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