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Nerds Without Pants Episode 101: Switching Things Up

Call me queen!

Welcome back to Nerds Without Pants! This week, we are joined by Danny, a former Gamefellas coworker of Julian’s, and a very knowledgeable classic game collector. We have a packed show for you this time, so let’s get to it!

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 96: PlayStation Pub Crawl

ENOS Lives.

Welcome to a very special and exciting episode of Nerds Without Pants! Today is September 9, 2016, which marks the 21st birthday of the PlayStation. So we’re celebrating by taking the good old PSX drinking, and telling a lot of fun PlayStation memories while we do so!

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 94: Task Force NWP

Fun fact: Angelo and Patrick have bombs in their heads that Julian will detonate if they try to leave.

Welcome to the first “normal” edition of Nerds Without Pants in our new format! No guests this time, as the three Pantsless Ones try on the new segment flow for the first time. NWP is now broken up into three segments: Stage Select, Consumption Junction, and Chrono Crossing. You’ll see a change to our show notes as well, to make things easier for listeners to find. It’s all happening!

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 89: Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey

Or: super late E3 predictions.

Welcome to a weird episode of Nerds Without Pants! Due to scheduling issues, this episode was recorded a week before E3 2016, but you are listening to it after that event has taken place. Don’t think about it too hard; time is wibbly-wobbly, as the Doctor would say.

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 87: Uncharted Retro Rabbit Hole

It's all about the RGB, baby!

Welcome to another episode of Nerds Without Pants! This week, the Pantsless Ones jump right into Chrono Crossing. This time, the year is 2014, and the selections may surprise you! We continue to get great participation from our listeners for this, so keep it up!

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Nerds Without Pants Episode 84: Nerds on the Short Bus

Godspeed, Omnibus!

Welcome to another episode of Nerds Without Pants as we get back on track with our normal release schedule. This week, we are joined by Jeremy Crockett of Buddy Cop Games, the makers of the soon to be cult classic Omnibus. Before we get the low down on Jeremy's passion project, we do some Consumption Junction.

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Why We Game: A Celebration of Our Favorite Hobby

Keep it positive, San Diego.

Boy, 2014 was a rough year to be in this gaming thing, hasn’t it? Disappointing games, crushing release date delays, and more scandal than you can shake a stick at have all detracted from why we are all here. In the current stormy waters it can become easy to lose sight of why video games are so great, as well as the fact that every person behind one of these online avatars is an honest to goodness person that also happens to love this hobby. PixlBit is here as an island of calm and hope in a sea of turmoil, and we can think of no better way to remember why we still love games than by putting together a massive feature that involves our passionate staff and our incredibly talented bloggers. We are gamers. We are writers. And this is why we game.

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Defeating the Gaming Doldrums

Why a gaming dry spell isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Usually when there’s a lack of huge releases, there tends to be a sense of dismay among gamers. We begin to worry about the state of the industry and we wonder why these machines that we’ve spent huge amounts of money on continue to sit idle. As a relatively new and proud owner of a PlayStation 4, it does bother me that I don’t really have many reasons to use it. The big, highly anticipated releases have been few and far between this year, and people are noticing. The games that I’ve personally been looking forward to are still months away, like Destiny and Super Smash Brothers for Wii U. However, after a brief period of boredom I’ve come to find this dry spell somewhat refreshing. After giving it some thought I’ve come up with a few reasons why this current gaming dry spell isn’t so dry after all.

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Sony Purchases Gaikai

Is streaming the future of gaming? Sony's betting on it.

With the ongoing battle between publishers and retailers over used games—not to mention the fight against piracy—it stands to reason that a move away from physical media is the future for the video game industry. It’s a transition already fully underway in the film industry, with digital movie rentals, sales, and streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime rapidly becoming the preferred method of watching movies at home. Some companies have tried to bring streaming to the gaming market, with OnLive being the most notable, but the big console manufacturers have been mum on the subject. That is, until now. It was announced today that Sony is purchasing Gaikai, another popular cloud-based video game streaming service.

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Virgin Hosting Video Game Competitions on Xbox Live

Microsoft is teaming up with Virgin Gaming later this year.

Virgin and Microsoft are joining forces to bring online gaming tournaments to Xbox Live. There will be a variety of different tournaments, Virgin promises, including both free-to-play and paid-entry tournaments, some of which will offer cash prizes.

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