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SGDQ Inspiration.

On 07/09/2019 at 08:28 AM by transmet2033

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Quick kinda update.

A couple months back I was so excited because with the games released and yet to release in 2019, this really could be the best year ever for me.  I still stand by this statement, but I had been slowly losing my desire to play games over the past 2 months.
I blame this all on Sekiro.  I spent too much time on Genichiro and eventually defeated him.  It was a moment of triumph, but did not last as long as I wanted.  I eventually hit the next roadblock(boss) and decided I finally needed a break.  For my sanity.

A couple weeks back was Summer Games Done Quick.  I was watching some of the speedruns and stumbled upon one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen...
which is a rom hack and I ended up starting it, and have fallen back in love with games.  It is so much fun, and I am able to put my knowledge of Super Metroid and A Link to the Past to good use.

This is all I have at the moment.



Matt Snee Staff Writer

07/09/2019 at 09:08 AM

Sekiro looks really cool, but... I just can't handle the difficulty. If I was twelve years old though and had a lot of time on my hands - that game would be doomed. :)


07/10/2019 at 09:19 PM

What are your thoughts on Sekiro compared to previous From Soft games? I was actually put off by all the negative reactions to the difficulty this time so I'm waiting for a price drop before I try it. I mainly enjoy the games for the atmosphere, combat and environments, not so much for the hard boss fights.


07/11/2019 at 10:23 AM

I loved it.  Genichiro is somewhat of a bastard, but there was plenty of exploring I was able to do before I was forced to confront him.  I did beat him, but ran out of steam when I hit the next mandatory boss.  I do expect to go back at some point, I just needed a break.

I spent a few hours with both Dark Souls and Demon Souls.  Bloodborne is one of my favorite games of all time.  For some context in regards to my history with From Soft.


07/11/2019 at 09:22 PM

I'll eventually get around to Sekiro. The takes on the game seemed very divisive, but then again, so are all the souls games takes. 


07/11/2019 at 11:01 PM

I'm really interested in speed runs. When I get some time, I'm going to watch some. 

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