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About that Nintendo Switch Subscription

On 12/08/2019 at 12:44 AM by asrealasitgets

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Nintendo Switch Subscription

I was just wondering if anyone on here is subscribed to it? I've seen a free trial offer on the eshop but I'm not exactly sure what it offers except for cloud saves? Not really sure how the NES or SNES games work on there either? Does your sub. let you play all the old console games free like a streaming service? I saw something about Gamecube emulation coming in the future and I think it would be worth it for that, but I don't know how it really works? Do you have to pay for individual games, because I can just emulate all of those games on PC, although the gamecube games would be nice to replay on the switch tablet.



Matt Snee Staff Writer

12/08/2019 at 02:33 AM

The NES and SNES games available are free, and the downloads are so small it takes no noticeable time. The games themselves have save and rewind features, as well as online play. If you want to play online games like Smash or Mariokart you need it. It's cheap, but there are no free AAA games of the month like the other consoles. 


12/08/2019 at 02:35 AM

Ah. Okay. So you need the sub to play the classic games like a streaming service then? Do you sub to it? I mostly just play Zelda, but the classic games looks interesting enough.

Matt Snee Staff Writer

12/08/2019 at 08:20 AM

Yeah the subscription covers all the nes and snes games. You don't have to buy them separately. 


12/08/2019 at 08:14 PM

That's very cool. 

Cary Woodham

12/08/2019 at 08:25 AM

The Switch onine service lets you play online games, save on clouds, and play NES and SNES games.  I didn't get it at first because playing Smash online didn't draw me in enough to pay 20 bucks for.  However, once Super Mario Maker 2 came out, they had a version you could get where the subscription was 10 bucks off.  So I got that and the subscription for just ten bucks.  Not bad.  I think you can get a hard copy of Tetris 99 with that same discount as well.  

You don't have to pay extra for NES and SNES games.  You just pull up the program and play whatever games you want from a menu that's like an online version of the NES and SNES Minis.  It's pretty neat except you always have to be online to play them.  That's my only gripe.

I would say that the online service isn't bad for only ten bucks, but half the time I play a round of Tetris 99, I get kicked out.  Come on, Nintendo, it's just Tetris, it shouldn't be that hard.  I bet my Tetris 99 online ranking would be MUCH higher if it worked better.  Also I heard most other online games are laggy as well.  So yeah, lots of room for improvement.  I definitely wouldn't pay more than ten bucks for this.


12/08/2019 at 09:32 PM

Okay. Thanks for sharing. I really don't like the 'always online' aspect of it at all. I might try the free trial when Crystalis and Kirby All Stars drops this week. Honestly would be cool if they had neogeo, gameboy, gba games available like a service too.

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