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Jamie Alston's Comments - Page 1

Special: Wherein We Vamp For About 45 Minutes Before the Show

Posted on 06/17/2019 at 10:12 AM | Filed Under Feature

That "Save Aeris $19.99" up top had me rolling! I could totally see them doing that if they were so inclinded.

Tetris Review

Posted on 06/17/2019 at 08:45 AM | Filed Under Review

I agree about Tetris being a good way to think through things or calm down from stress. I discovered that purely by accident many years ago when I was stressed about something before playing the game. But as kept playing, I found myself thinking of solutions to my problem and working it out in my head. It was so relaxing and zen.

Tetris Review

Posted on 06/17/2019 at 08:42 AM | Filed Under Review

I love watching Video Game Historian videos! I think I may have seen the Tetris episode already, but I'm not entirely sure. I'll check it out and see. I really enjoy the way covers the history of a particular game or accessory.

Tetris Review

Posted on 06/17/2019 at 08:40 AM | Filed Under Review

When I started playing around with emulators for screenshots some years ago, I tried out Tengen Tetris on the NES. While I prefer the graphics of the official Nintendo version, I like the music in Tegen's verison better, especially the first track that plays if you use the default music settings. And I love the brief dancing interludes between levels.

Is Puyo Puyo Tetris any good?

Quick review because I'm bored: Pooyan

Posted on 06/17/2019 at 08:32 AM | Filed Under Blogs

I think I may have seen it on the Atari 2600 (I know I played Kangaroo on that system). But I definitely emember playing it a lot on Konami Arcade Classic on the PlayStation 1. I love that game.

Cruising with My Girl - Outrun

Posted on 06/14/2019 at 11:52 PM | Filed Under Blogs

Man, I loved Outrun on the Genesis. The soundtrack was awesome and it was fun driving down the road without being worried with winning first place. I have made it the end on quite a few occasions. Very good driving game.

Tetris Review

Posted on 06/14/2019 at 09:47 AM | Filed Under Review

You got Tetris Effect? Neat! You are in for a treat. That's a good example of another 5-star worthy Tetris game. It totally elevates the Teris experience. I always deeply enjoy that game when I play it. I'm sure you're gonna love it too!

Drunk blog, won't delete later; don't feel cute

Posted on 06/14/2019 at 07:40 AM | Filed Under Blogs

You're hilarious Super Step! I'm glad that things are working our for you on the job front. It's always great to be able to do a job you love and get paid faily well to do it. Congrats man.

I too often felt the pinch of guilt that sometimes days turn into weeks...turn into months without me posting a retro review on the site. I mean...that was my unique corner on the here fine webspace. But sometimes, family obligations to my wife and son keep me away for devoting more time to my craft. But I try not to let it get me down. I just use whatever time I do have to write and post when the time is right.

What a Horrible Night for a Curse - Castlevania 2

Posted on 06/12/2019 at 11:22 PM | Filed Under Blogs

I beat Castlevania II back in 2012 when I was playing it so I could write a review of it. I actually found it to be easier than the first game. I jmust used a FAQ to get me past the obtuse parts.

16-bit classics I missed out on the first time

Posted on 06/12/2019 at 11:16 PM | Filed Under Blogs

What a time imdeed! It’s getting to the point where I have to cancel certain preorders in favor of upcoming games I'd rather not have to hunt for later. I’m think about swapping Dragon Quest Builders 2 for DQ XI S. I canceled the Crash Team Racing remake in favor of the deluxe edition of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. There’s so much stuff I want to play!

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