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On 10/31/2016 at 08:21 PM by FAF101

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This weekend is the exciting Extra Life event! November 5th is the big game day!

I will be streaming Friday night into Saturday and part of Sunday.  I am sorry I didn’t get to do a test stream this past Sunday – I got caught up with other life events going on (see below). I will be trying to do a test stream this week, probably on Wednesday night around 8pm just to get it all set up and working correctly.

For my stream I have sort of thought about some games I would like to play. I am thinking I will be playing some Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. I think this will be what I pretty much play the entire time. With the recent release of the Special Edition of Skyrim I have been dying to get back into the Elder Scroll Series. I have Arena and Daggerfall but the DOS box gives me issues so I don’t want to chance streaming them and having it give me more issues. Instead I figured I will start with the first elder scrolls game I played.  I am thinking of also playing some Majesty HD for Friday night though and leave Saturday for Morrowind.  Sunday I will either be picking Morrowind back up or continue my adventure on Assassin’s Creed Rouge. I am partially through the game already so it won’t be started from the beginning it’ll be a partial start through.

Also may do some multiplayer games depending on which friends are available...could get a ticket to ride game going possibly as well.

So this week I  will be doing a test Wednesday evening and probably also Thursday morning just to make sure I have all the kinks worked out. It’ll be my first time using the streaming software I have vs streaming through NVIDIA, worse comes to worse I will use the NVIDIA streaming software if I cannot get my stream set up to work.

I am looking forward to anyone who wants to tune in Friday – Sunday! Here’s the link again for donations. I am currently over my donation goal which is amazing! So keep the donations coming to help out the Children’s Miracle Hospital Networks!



Personal Life  –

This have been a little crazy for me, I literally had to block off a weekend on my calendar to not do anything for the gaming event. I have also been battling with me being unhappy with myself – during my breakup with my ex, back in April through July, I stress ate a lot….and I still do sometimes because work has been very stressful as of lately. With this I packed on quite a bit of weight and it’s been extremely hard to lose it…or even motivate myself to do anything that I really would like to do, especially after I heard how much a weighed when I went to my yearly physical. It has put me in a horrible mind set and a major bow to me self-esteem wise with a flood of negativity filling my head. Thankfully I have an amazing boyfriend (started dating in August) who has been helping lift me up. I have a goal now to work towards to lose weight – he’s going to take me to have horseback riding lessons and if I lose a little more than the initial goal he’ll join me as well. He HATES horses…so I think it’ll be worth it to see his miserable face haha. I have till May 1st to lose the weight so yesterday was a lot of soul searching and just figuring out how I wanted to go about losing it…along with retail therapy because I was in need of new exercise shoes if this was going to work.


Personal Gaming –

I am still playing Devil Summoner: Overclocked in my spare time. I finally figured out how to kill the Wendigo…and it really only took me a few free battles to level up and get better stats for my characters and monsters to survive. Although that game still ends up messing me up somehow whenever I get close to beating him, mainly it’s my own stubbornness thinking I can quickly take him out before a certain monster gets within range of my characters.

I also called Nintendo last week about the Nintendo ID and it seems like an easy enough process! So I am excited to hear it’s not going to be a pain in the butt.

I still need to also complete Lunar Silver Start Story Complete. I began replaying that a few months back and I am now at the very end of the game. I just need to complete the final dungeon.  That is on my to-do for possibly Sunday after I finish streaming.

I also pre-ordered Final Fantasy 15! I am very excited for it, I am also excited for Tales of Berseria. I want to get the collectors edition. I will probably have to go through Gamestop as Amazon is not showing it as available yet.  It’s getting released around the date of my birthday…but I also have the dilemma that Resident Evil 7 is also being released around my birthday. I am thinking of going with Tales of Berseria only because I really want the collectors edition and they go fast…and based on how the price now looks for the Tales of Zestiria Collectors edition I don’t feel like pushing out $190 for it (that’s based off Amazon price).


Anyways! I hope everyone has  a happy Halloween! 



Blake Turner Staff Writer

11/01/2016 at 08:43 AM

 Unfortunately, I somewhat know the feeling. I suffer with depression myself, and in one of my darkest periods I went from 52kg (114 pounds) to 89kg (196.211 pounds) due to not looking after myself and stress eating.

 It can be incredibly difficult to get back to how you were, especially if you aren't happy with yourself and don't feel like you can. However, it's not impossible. I've lost a decent amount of weight, and even though it has been tremendously difficult, it definitely feels worth it.

 Thankfully, your boyfriend sounds great, so hopefully that support network helps out a lot, and even if you aren't able to get back to where you were, if he makes you feel good about yourself again, that's what's really important.

 I will definitely endeavour to tune in for the Extra Life event, though due to our time zone differences I don't know how much I'll be able to tune in for. I'll certainly try though.

 Finally, Devil Summoner: Overclocked is a game I keep meaning to get around to but keep forgetting about. Is it any good?


11/03/2016 at 08:11 AM

Thank you for you supportive words! We worked something out where I have a goal to work towards now haha, I gave myself a goal to lose 25lbs by May 1st and he's going to take me to get horseback riding lessons, and if I lose 35lbs he will even join me and he hates horses. So the switch has literally gone from 0 to max in one night. 

I have a very hard time setting goals for myself or set the reward for the accomplishment for myself. 

Also whatever time you tune in will be awesome! I know tomorrow I will be on probably 8pm - 1am eastern, Saturday I will be on 8am - 1am with breaks in between. and Sunday will probably do a short morning stream from 8 - noon 


Devil Summoner Overclocked is interesting. It's an RPG tactics type game. It's different than I thought it was going to be as I was expecting a Dungeon Crawler game at first until I looked it up haha. But I am enjoying it!

Matt Snee Staff Writer

11/02/2016 at 10:16 AM

Morrowind!!!!!!   Good choice!

I wish I had the gumption to finish Lunar. That's such a great game. I really should start playing it again. 

Good luck losing weight! I've let myself go these past years and medication hasn't been helping. But I'm hoping to lose some soon.  


11/03/2016 at 08:13 AM

I thought Morrowind would be an awesome choice! I figured it'll be nice to jump back into it, I am still back and forth on A LOT of the games I want to play but figured we shall see how it goes. 

Thank you! I wish you luck too! It's not an easy thing to do, But once you get a goal in mind it certainly helps! 


11/04/2016 at 04:02 PM

Horses are neat, but I've been thinking about iron horses lately - motorcycles. Good luck with weight loss. I'd be thinking about it too, but today is the first day that the fall colors have really started to happen around here. I'm thinking of a photo shoot sometime this weekend.


11/08/2016 at 06:37 AM

Thank you! 

I love the autumn season colors too =)

Do you have a motorcycle already or something you want to purchase in the future?


11/08/2016 at 01:34 PM

No iron horse yet. Just thinking about it. If I get one though, I'm putting a huge array of lights on that thing. No one's going to miss seeing me on the road. 


11/05/2016 at 03:18 PM

Great to see you're getting things back on track.

If you want to get Arena and Daggerfall without Dox Box hassles, last year Bethesda put some of their main catalogue of games on Gog that if you buy one of them for the first time, you get those two games for free with DOS Box already running on them.


11/08/2016 at 06:38 AM

That is what I was thinking of doing, I just didn't purchase them yet. I just hate getting Dos Box to work on my own, because I can it's just a pain in the butt. 

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