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Jesse Miller's Comments - Page 1

Episode 93: Classic Game Consumption

Posted on 08/11/2016 at 11:48 AM | Filed Under Feature

Stage Select:

3) The Metal Blade (Mega Man 2) - The most satisfying and utilitarian weapon in the entire game, and likely the oldest weapon I can remember specifically using. 

2) Soul Reaver (Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver) - This sword has been around for quite a few games, but it's role in the Soul Reaver series is what puts it up there for me. Coolest sword in video games (even over the ever popular Buster Sword) by far.

1) The BFG (Doom - original) - How could this not be on here? This is the grandaddy of all video game weapons and has the absolute best name (which it absolutely lives up to). Has to be number one.

Honorable Mention: All the guns in Ratchet and Clank. Shooting stuff is just so much fun in those games.

Episode 92: The EVOlution of NWP

Posted on 08/02/2016 at 02:52 PM | Filed Under Feature

Well of course I have to post my top 5 of all time! What a way to start off that segment with a topic that could warrant its own episode;)

5) Super Mario World - Super Mario 3 may be the touchstone Mario game for most folks, but Super Mario World took what Mario 3 did and perfected it. This game is still fantastic today and none of the other 2D Mario fare has even come close to matching the magic of this title.

4) Mario Kart 64 - I likely spent more time playing Mario Kart 64 than any other game I've ever played. Lots of folks point to Goldeneye 64 as the go-to multiplayer game on the Nintendo 64, but Mario Kart is the one that still pretty much holds up today. Fantastic game.

3) Phantasy Star IV - I was a Genesis kid, so I didn't to most of the Super Nintendo JRPGs until much later. I plays PSIV several times over and I still remember it fondly. The combo attacks, the story, and just everything about this game. It saddens me how this series has fallen from memory of the general gaming public, because it was such an important game for the genre.

2) Red Dead Redemption - I've never played a game before or since that I enjoyed just puttering around as much in as RDR. I loved just riding my horse over the plains and through the forests and up into the hills and mountains. The world was filled just enough with other folks to be interesting, but not so many that the game felt overpacked. The wide open spaces was part of the appeal of this one. Add to that a fantastic story that I didn't want to end, and you have a real winner.

1) Metroid Prime - Man o' man, talk about a game. I'm a huge fan of the Metroid series and while Super Metroid is up there, nothing nailed the atmosphere and feel of being a badass bounty hunter like the Prime series. Everything about this game was perfect, from the graphics, to the gameplay, to the atmosphere. It was suitably lonely, and you had to glean information from little nuggets of knowledge you would gain from scans and artifacts. I really hope that Samus can be blessed with another game of Prime's caliber soon.

And for Chrono Crossing 2009, it has to be Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. That game is what solidified Nathan Drake as a gaming icon, and made Naughty Dog a household name. 

Episode 90: Tasty Board Game Buffet

Posted on 07/14/2016 at 02:21 PM | Filed Under Feature

Ponzi Scheme isn't out here quite yet in the states, but you can pre-order it on sites like

Board Game Review: Survive: Escape from Atlantis

Posted on 07/13/2016 at 04:14 PM | Filed Under Blogs

There are actually quite a few steam/app versions of games that have either come out recently or are on the horizon. Small World, Agricola, Le Havre, Neuroshima Hex, Star Realms, Splendor, Galaxy Trucker, Stone Age, and Twilight Struggle all have excellent digital versions on PC/iOS/Android, just to name a few. 

I also just heard that Smash Up! is getting a digital version this fall, as well as a bunch of other games. As the board game hobby continues to grow, there has been a definite rise in the development of quality digital versions, which is a huge boon since you can try a game now for a small fee before dropping serious coin on the physical.

Board Game Review: Survive: Escape from Atlantis

Posted on 07/12/2016 at 02:19 PM | Filed Under Blogs

lol, I never noticed that before :)

Episode 90: Tasty Board Game Buffet

Posted on 07/05/2016 at 08:26 AM | Filed Under Feature

Great cast guys - Kinda jealous I wasn't on this one! Really enjoyed the board game talk and I pledged to the Yokohama Kickstarter before I even listened to this one. TMG does some of the best Deluxified games.

Community Discussion Time!

Posted on 08/06/2015 at 10:22 AM | Filed Under Blogs

I've played female characters quite a few times.  In pencil and paper RPGs (like D&D and the like) I've done it for the challenge and taken it as an opportunity to see things from a different perspective - as much as I can at least.  Being white and male means that most video game protagonists don't really offer a different social or cultural experience than I get in normal life.  Playing a woman or different ethnicity gives me a different view on things, and I find that I gravitate towards characters that differ as much from me as possible when I have the option to do so.

When the experience isn't any different, I think of the aesthetic.  Some female characters look or sound cooler to me than the male ones in my opinion, so that can be a factor as well - for example, this is why I played a female character in Saints Row the Third.

Boarded Up: Acquire and Cyclades

Posted on 08/05/2015 at 12:44 PM | Filed Under Blogs

I love having a few app versions of board games and I think Aqcuire would be a prime candidate for the app treatment - and I honestly can't imagine why it hasn't been done.

*checks Google Play Store for app*

Yup, no Acquire.  There are awesome versions of Carcassonne, Catan, Small World, and San Juan on there though.  I can easily recommend all of those.

Boarded Up: Acquire and Cyclades

Posted on 08/05/2015 at 09:00 AM | Filed Under Blogs

Catan is a great gateway game, and it shouldn't be too difficult to get folks to play.  I think the easiest way to get folks to play with you is to simply host a game night. When I posed the idea of a board game night to some friends I was greeted with a surprising amount of enthusiasm.  The board game industry is going through a kind of 'Golden Age' right now and people are starting to hear about these games that aren't Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, or Cards Against Humanity.  Good luck!

Life is Crazy and some Board Games!

Posted on 03/27/2015 at 11:27 AM | Filed Under Blogs

I myself am waiting on a good bundle.  I figure that when Uncharted comes out they'll have a decent bundle.  Even then, I'll only take the leap if the price is right and there are other games I'd like to play.

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