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Captain N's Nintendo E3 Predictions and Wishlist: 2018 Edition

On 06/12/2018 at 05:03 AM by Captain N

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Hello everyone, how are you? I hope you are all enjoying E3! There has been some really good announcements from everyone else so far. I usually try to have this post up a day before Nintendo's E3 Direct. But here I am putting it out on the last minute unfortunately, but better late than never I guess.

To me, E3 is a gamer's Christmas. All the new announcements are always a surprise. To me E3 doesn't start till Nintendo shows their Direct. I think this year will be more crucial for Nintendo. The Nintendo Switch is selling well but if they want it to continue to sell they have to keep that momentum going. This year will be all about the games and I'm sure they will bring them. Before I begin, here are some links to my past Nintendo E3 predictions from 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013 in case you want to give them a read.

You can also catch Nintendo's E3 Direct here as well.




Smash Switch

First things first, let's get the big one out of the way. But before that, here is my Smash Switch Character Wishlist I made recently as well as a post that predicts Nintendo's future using Smash Bros. We know they will be showing it since Nintendo said they would. They are really hyping it up and you can be I am hyped. Smash is just special. It's an event that doesn't happen often and when it does you can bet everyone will be screaming. Honestly, we still don't know much about it but we will later. One of the things I would love to see is characters like Zelda and Sheik to be able to transform again as well as Samus and Zero Suit Samus. I felt that was a cheap way to fill the roster in Smash 4. I have a feeling it was because of the amiibo figures. 

I also have a feeling Kirby's Final Smash will be his mech from Planet Robobot. As for Link, it looks like they will be using the design from Breath of the Wild, which means if Zelda is in the game, and she is, they will most likely use her design from there. But what about Ganondorf? Will they still use his design from Twilight Princess? I have a theory, maybe there will be alternate costumes in the game that characters will have from their games, but their weapons and moveset might be different. That might be too ambitious, even for Smash but we did see different costume variations other than just simple color changes in some characters in Smash 4. They didn't do much other than let you look different.

I'm hoping they add a story mode of sorts. I felt that Smash 4, as great as it was, it was lacking something. Melee had Adventure Mode and Brawl had the Subspace Emissary which was basically Adventure Mode but with plot. Smash 4 on the 3DS had Smash Run which was fun and that's all I played on it. On the Wii U, we had a board game of sorts which was kinda meh. It felt empty. I'm hoping they add something like that on the Switch version. I want this to have more content, more things to do.

I just want them to go all out with this one. Super Smash Bros. is a celebration of everything that is Nintendo as well as various franchises that have appeared on their platforms. It's the game that got me to try out Nintendo's other games not called Mario or Pokemon.


I think the Pokemon Let's GO games are the perfect games for newcomers to get into the games. There are some different things than we are used to but they just look really fun. I don't know if they will show more info on them but there is a chance that they could.

Fire Emblem

Now this is a game they haven't shown anything of. I think they have a good chance of showing a trailer at least if they don't want to show gameplay yet. But if they do we might get a release date too so there's that. I can already guess we are getting a character from this game as a playable character in Smash.

Yoshi Switch

I think there is footage of this game, but other than that I don't think we've seen anything on it. I think we can finally expect the real name as well as a release date or release window.

Metroid Prime 4

I think it's safe to assume we will see more of Metroid Prime 4. I don't think we will get a definite release date but possibly a window of when we can expect it. Like maybe fall or winter. It could slip into next year as well for all we know since we don't when development started and how far has it has been in development. I think they will show gameplay as well. I really want to see how it looks like already.

Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 is another game we know next to nothing of. They showed a teaser at the Game Awards last year and I was definitely hyped. They have been really quiet on it but like with MP4, I think they might show a trailer. Maybe not a clear release date but they will show something.

Travis Strikes Again

Okay this one they have showed some footage not too long ago if I'm not mistaken. Travis Strikes Again looks like a really fun game. Sure it plays more differently than the first 2 games but I don't think it will be too bad. It's supposed to come out this year so we might actually get a release date. I hope it does well because we might get NMH3 if this one does well.

Dragon Quest 11

We already know pretty much all the is to know about Dragon Quest 11. Except the Switch version. We don't know anything about it but I assume they can't get it to run well. I might actually buy it on the Switch assuming it runs well.


Next to Prime 4, this is a game we don't know next to nothing of. They really haven't shown much in the way of gameplay outside of a teaser trailer and a few screenshots. I think they will definitely show the game, or a trailer at the Direct and will definitely be next great RPG to play on the Switch.


If there is one thing I've been loving so far, it's the collaborations Nintendo has with Ubisoft. First it was with the fantastic Mario+Rabbids and now we have Fox in Starlink. It looked really neat and I'm definitely getting it. I am hoping that Nintendo does more collaborations with Ubisoft and other companies where it makes sense. I'm definitely loving the new Nintendo.



Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC or Mario Kart 9: We all know Nintendo will not just leave it at MK8D, I have a very good feeling they are working on a new Mario Kart game built from the ground up for the Switch. Honestly I feel that there really isn't a need to make a new one as they can just build upon MK8D via adding more characters and courses, but if they want to make a new one, then go for it. I'll buy it.

Retro Studios

If there is a developer as mysterious as Nintendo, it's Retro Studios. They have been working on something for years now and there has been talks about it being a Star Fox Racing game. From what I hear, it's like Diddy Kong Racing but with Star Fox characters instead. I think it has the potential to be very good if done right, plus we need more racing games on the Switch. Whether it's that or not, I just want to see what they are working on.

3DS Games

It's safe to assume we will see more 3DS games. I think we might see more of Luigi's Mansion on the 3DS and possibly Mario and Luigi 3. There are also more 3DS games from third party developers as well so we might see that and some surprises as well.

Animal Crossing

If I don't add this here I'm sure to catch some heat lol I would definitely love to see Animal Crossing on the Switch since the portability of the Switch would be perfect for it. But it's just a matter of when, not if.

Third Party

Third Party support on the Nintendo Switch has been really good. I honestly didn't expect so many of these games on the Switch, so it pleases me to see that. I think we will see more third party games during the Direct. Maybe a surprise announcement or 2. I still want Fallout 3 and New Vegas on it as well as the MGS HD Collection or whatever. I think we will see more of Team Sonic Racing on it. But remember, if you want developers to bring more games on it, buy the games they are putting out on it first.

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey was one of my most favorite games of last year and thought it was really fun. This game is just ripe for dlc. It already has been getting free content updates but what I want to see is new kingdoms to explore. I would love Isle Delfino from Super Mario Sunshine, maybe a kingdom inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2? Or even a Hyrule Kingdom. That would be really cool. Maybe even DK Isle. This game was made for that since who knows how long till they make the next Mario game? 

Kirby Star Allies

Kirby Star Allies is a really fun, if short game. I think they will show more Dream Friends as free dlc. I'm hoping for more levels as well.

Splatoon 2

Nintendo has showed a ton from the Octo Expansion already but there is a chance that they will show more of it. It looks really fun and I really want to try it out.

Nintendo Games

If there is one thing we will most likely see, it will be more ports of Nintendo games on the Switch. I can see them porting over the Wii U Zelda remakes on the Switch and maybe even Xenoblade Chronicles X. If they do port that last one, I'm hoping they improve the online. We might even see Mario Maker too. There's a rumor that NSMBU and NSLU might get ported over, so that covers 2D Mario on the Switch for now. But here are some posts on games I would love to see remade for the Switch. Here is also a post I made a long time ago of remakes I'd love.


It's safe to assume we will see more amiibo figures at E3. These things make Nintendo a ton of money so I don't see them stop making them any time soon. I'm hoping there isn't a new Smash line because I can picture myself buying them.


Nintendo Wishlist

Nintendo IP

I would love to see a or some new IP's. We got ARMS which is fun but it didn't exactly set the world on fire. I would definitely love to see some new games. Perhaps we will.

Pikmin 4

Will we see Pikmin 4 at E3? I don't know but I would love to. Miyamoto did say that the Pikmin game on the 3DS wasn't the one he was talking about a while back. Maybe we might get a teaser.

N64 Classic

If there is one console I want in mini form, it's the N64. That's the system I grew up with playing as a kid. I can see this thing costing 80 bucks to 100 from Nintendo themselves. I just hope they make more than 1 of them.

Star Fox

With Fox being in Starlink, I don't think we'll see a new Star Fox game anytime soon but I wish there was a new one on the Switch. Hopefully something like Assault and with online multiplayer.

 F-Zero X

If there is one series I want to see make a return, it's F-Zero. It's been a very long time since the last game and would love to see it again. Miyamoto once said that until they make the right controller, we wont see it. Maybe with the Joy-Cons and HD Rumble? I hope so.

Paper Mario

I just want a Paper Mario game that has no gimmicks and goes back to the formula The Thousand Year Door had. Is that too much to ask? Or just give me a port of TTYD instead.

Monolith Softh's New Game

This is Monolith Soft's new game. There isn't any footage of it but from the description, it sounds like it's going to be really amazing. I don't think they will show off anything this early in development, or maybe it's been in development for a while for all we know. But yes, I would love to see a teaser.

Mario and Sonic

I think it's safe to assume we will see another Mario and Sonic game, but what I want is another game. I want a Mario and Sonic platfomer crossover game. It would be so cool if they did that.

Super Mario Galaxy 3

And finally, the one game I love finishing off with on these E3 posts is the game I want the most from Nintendo. Miyamoto has said that he wants to make Galaxy 3. I would absolutely love Galaxy 3 as well. If they do show this, I will scream, I will cry, I will jump around as well. And maybe I'll film it and upload it to the internet. But please, show this already.

And those are all my Nintendo E3 predictions and wishlist. What would you love to see? As usual I will do a recap post once it's over. So thanks for reading and later.




06/14/2018 at 01:58 PM

Really looking forward to Fire Emblem on Switch. It looks awesome. I wish we'd seen more of Prime 4.

As for Nintendo's classic console, I'd be just as happy if they skipped the N64 and went straight to the Gamecube.

Super Step Contributing Writer

06/14/2018 at 11:36 PM

So how many Smash characters did you end up getting your wish on? I have yet to see the apparently very long video about the game. 

Cary Woodham

06/15/2018 at 02:56 PM

While I'm very happy with Smash Bros. Ultimate and the new Pokemon games look interesting, I'm rather disappointed with Nintendo's showing at this year's E3.  But you can read all about it in my E3 articles next week!  

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