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Quarantine Playlist

On 04/22/2020 at 02:31 PM by Super Step

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I've actually been playing a lot, thanks to the Genesis Mini (even booted up the SNES Mini to play Secret of Mana yesterday), GameFly, and Yakuza, so I'm just going to dump brief takes on all the games I've been playing.


Resident Evil 2 was my first GameFly rental of the year and I liked it more than I thought. I finally returned it when I ran into Mr. X and couldn't figure out what items I needed to solve a particular puzzle to get into creepy chief of police man's office cage, but I'd like to finish it. 

Death Stranding was my second GameFly rental after that and I have to say, what I played of it was actually quite relaxing and rewarding. The premise was getting a little too real amidst COVID-19, which actually helped its intrigue for me, but I just wasn't finding enough time to play it properly. I hesitate to recommend it, as I think it appeals to people like me who enjoy playing Shenmue and don't necessarily need high octane action to keep interested. 

Jedi Fallen Order is my most recent rental and holy shit, it combines Uncharted, Metroid Prime, and to a smaller degree the Arkham games for one impressive looking and playing package. Definitely enjoying it thus far. 

Yakuza (as always)

I've officially completed the story in every main line game and booted up 0 to play through the seres again on hard, but I think instead I'll just clean up substories I've missed in Kiwami 1 & 2, and the remasters of 3 and 4. I play these games much for the story as the minigames and combat, but don't necessarily feel like completing the Platinums unless I'm already close to doing so (I think I'm closest in either Kiwami and 6 ... maybe 5). 

If I were to rank each game in the series, I'd say:

Yakuza 0 will probably always be #1 in my heart. 

Yakuza Kiwami 2 is the most complete and impressive of the more modern games and a very close second. 

Yakuza 5  is where I think the series really started to evolve in the best ways and paved the way for the excellent  0. It really stands out as being super polished in comparison to the other remasters and is my #3. Also love having five cities to explore. 

Yakuza 6 might be a bit skimpy on content, but I dig the story and visuals and honestly kinda like it being more compact. #4

Yakuza Kiwami is similarly short on content, but the Nishiki storyline that continues from 0 is some of the series' best writing, and I definitely dig having an updated way to play the first game. #5

Yakuza 4 introduces some of my favorite characters in Akiyama and Saejima and I love being able to go in that underground subway I always feel I should have access to. A shame this was closed off again in later games. #6

Yakuza 3 seems like growing pains from PS2 to PS3 and while I love that it establishes Kiryu as a good dad, gets you attached to the kids in the orphanage, and introduces Rikiya, the gameplay itself felt a bit lacking to me. However, a large portion of this might be due to that FUCKING hostess minigame I finally looked up an online guide for and some of the substories being really hard to find. It could move up on a replay, but for now it's #7 and in last place. 

Sega Genesis Mini vs. SNES Mini

I'm surprised how hard it is to find YouTube videos making direct comparison videos between these two, especially since one of my favorite gaming channels to watch during this pandemic has been Console Wars, which makes direct comparisons between Genesis and SNES ports. I guess they'd see it as redundant? 

Anyway, as far as presentation and design, the Genesis (which I have far less nostalgia for, since we had Nintendo and PlayStation in the house growing up) has the SNES beat quite handily. Being able to change to Japanese versions of games with easier difficulty (particularly necessary for Dynamite Headdy and Contra: Hard Corps) and being able to exit a game without leaving the couch are godsends and the ability to view the spines of the games is a neat feature. 

It's also got a much higher quantity of games than the SNES Mini, exactly doubling the library (SNES Mini has 21, Genesis Mini 42) but which has the better quality library? That's up to personal taste but let's compare some similar titles.

Street Fighter II: Turbo vs. Street Fighter: Champion Edition

SNES wins this round because the graphics, sound, and control are all better, especially with the Genesis Mini coming packed with only the three-button controllers. I really wish they'd have included a six-button pad if they were going to include so many fighting games, but oh well. 

Here's a Console Wars video on the games. 

Super Castlevania IV vs. Castlevania Bloodlines

I'd honestly call this a tie, cause it just really depends what you want. I love the two characters on Genesis, the music is great and the gameplay has a much more classic feel to it, but the SFX are dinky and the game is a LOT harder than its SNES counterpart (which is a problem I have with some of these Genesis games in general). 

I honestly like Rondo of Blood (though in fairness I play that on PS4) more than either, but they're both great games that offer different Castlevania experiences. 

 For my money you can't go wrong either way, but Console Wars did declare a winner. 

Ghouls and Ghosts vs. Super Ghouls and Ghosts

To be honest, both of these games fall in the "too hard for me to give a shit" category, but I've definitely gotten farther through the first level in the Genesis game and therefore prefer it, and prefer the ability to shoot upward. 

However, I will admit the SNES game looks and sounds more impressive to me. Again, this matchup has a Console Wars video. 

Contra III: The Alien Wars vs. Contra Hard Corps

Again, I don't really care because of the difficulty being so high in both, but I've gotten to level three or four in the SNES game and have yet to make it past the first level on Genesis, so ... yeah, I don't do overly difficult games. But I prefer the SNES game. 

Here is the Console Wars opinion: 

Super Mario World vs. Sonic the Hedgehog

Most of you would call this a very obvious win in SMW's favor, and I totally get why, but I personally enjoy the platforming in both. But ok, SMW has way more substance and its underwater levels are not unbearable, so I'll hand it the win. I still have fun blasting through Green Hill Zone as Sonic though. 

Super Mario World - WikipediaSonic the Hedgehog (1991 video game) - Wikipedia

Yoshi's Island vs. Sonic 2

More or less ditto here, though I actually prefer Yoshi's Island to a lot of SNES games. I just love the art style and unique gameplay and to me it's more enjoyable (and relaxing) than a lot of other games. Again though, I do find Sonic more fun than his recent detractors seem to. Sonic 3 is my favorite though, so while I get licensing the Michael Jackson tunes was probably the biggest issue, I definitely miss having it on the Genesis. 

Yoshi's Island - WikipediaBuy SEGA Genesis Sonic the Hedgehog 2 | |

F-Zero vs. Road Rash 2 

Even though I don't have two controllers, I would have to say RR2 wins here just by virtue of the fact I could play it that way if I wanted, plus it's a super fun game .... 

... buuuuut if you're only playing first player, F-Zero does have a better soundtrack, graphics, and you just explode if you mess up. You don't have to run to your vehicle slow as hell to continue the race. 

So I would actually personally give this to F-Zero, but again ... no two player. 

F-Zero (video game) - WikipediaRoad Rash II (Sega Genesis, 1992) for sale online | eBay

Star Fox vs. Thunder Force III

I always loved the graphics in Star Fox and while they don't hold up, it's still a super fun on-rails shooter.Thunder Force III probably holds up better, and you can choose any level to start with, but I have only made it to level two (I pretty much start where the game tells me to and always wind up dying at the lava level boss). 

I have much more nostalgia for Star Fox and therefore have rose-colored glasses for it, but if I'm being any sort of objective, Thunder Force III actually has been one of the more enjoyable difficult games on the Gensesis and is rewarding when you make progress. I'd take the OST and overall presentation for Star Fox, but visuals and gameplay might have to go to Thunder Force III

Star Fox (1993 video game) - WikipediaThunder Force III - Wikipedia

Star Fox 2 vs. Gradius

I'm comparing these more as "games not originally on these consoles" than necessarily the gameplay and, by that metric, Star Fox 2 is way more interesting to me than a too-late port of Gradius

Plus, I can get farther in SF2 than I can in these ridiculous shit is is everywhere shooters (no offense to Thunder Force III, which is much more balanced and enjoyable). 

Star Fox 2 - WikipediaGradius (video game) - Wikipedia

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past vs. Beyond Oasis

I've gotten much farther in Zelda, so this may be an unfair comparison, but ... I do NOT love the music in Beyond Oasis. Like, the overworld theme kinda grates on me. Meanwhile, ALttP has some of the best overworld music and ... is ALttP, so yeah ... it wins. 

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - WikipediaBeyond Oasis - Wikipedia

Secret of Mana vs. Light Crusader

I'm pretty much just starting either game, but while I'm annoyed with Secret of Mana for the whole "loading your sword" mechanic, my God the visuals and soundtrack are great. Plus, I love having an ACTION RPG to play on my tiny SNES.

Having said that, Light Crusader is actually super fun and reminds me of old PC games with its visuals. It also plays a bit more smoothly than Secret of Mana. Still, for just overall how I feel when playing Secret of Mana I have to let it win, but it's a lot closer than you'd think and maybe my mind will change the further I get into these games. I kind of doubt it cause Secret of Mana is considered such a classic and already a super great game to relax to for me, but Light Crusader is no slouch. 

Secret of Mana - WikipediaLight Crusader - Wikipedia

Final Fantasy "III" vs. Phantasy Star IV

So this is yet another matchup where the graphics and sound are better on SNES, but I've actually been digging the futuristic aesthetic of Phantasy Star IV and was more able to understand its combat system than I was upon booting up Final Fantasy III

So while I probably would change my tune if I were better at turn-based combat or got through more of either game, I've gotten more out of Phantasy Star IV and its anime world thus far. I'm honestly more intrigued by the story thus far too. I realize that is probably blasphemy, but this early in either game it's the truth for me, personally.

Final Fantasy III 3 SNES Super NintendoPhantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium | Phantasy Star Wiki ...

That cover looks WAY different than what's in my head when I play PSIV

Earthbound vs. Shining Force

I have barely touched either, but I am liking the humor and 90s aesthetic of Earthbound from the little I've played and I have barely touched Shining Force due to the kind of game it is, so while Earhtbound made me cry as a kid (cause I rented it and had no idea what to do ... waste!) I'll give this round to Earthbound

EarthBound - WikipediaShining Force (Sega Genesis, 1992) for sale online | eBay

Shining Force is considered a classic though, so again this is a matchup where I could change my tune if I ever get used to turn-based anything. 

Super Metroid vs. Ecco the Dolphin

I still cannot figure out how to wall jump consistently in Super Metroid but was able to get a lot farther with that map and otherwise pretty much know what I'm doing in the game. Ecco the Dolphin is one of those games where I like the concept and the atmosphere, but actually playing it? Yeah, this goes handily to Super Metroid

I get that dolphins are smarter than us and I'm playing a dolphin, but some guidance would be nice Super Metroid: Video GamesEcco the Dolphin (Sega Genesis, 1992) for sale online | eBay

Donkey Kong Country vs. Vectorman

I actually have SOME nostalgia for Vectorman in the form of wanting to play it when I saw it on Lunchables boxes and some outlets on YouTube like SNES Drunk give it high praise, but ... yeah, I have to go with Donkey Kong Country as the better experience. I'm honestly a bit confused by even the first level in Vectorman and it's another example of Genesis games upping the difficulty too soon. 

Granted, I have seen way, WAY more of DKC at this point, so maybe Vectorman has some surprises down the line, but as it stands I doubt I'll end up taking it over DKC

Donkey Kong Country - WikipediaVectorman - Wikipedia

I forgot about K-A and wasn't there an ESRB rating kinda like Y7 too? 

Mega Man X vs. Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master

A lot of you would give this to X and I'm honestly tempted to say it's a tie, but while I have way more nostalgia for X, that actually might be the problem: Shinobi III is just fresher to me. 

I do get the criticisms about the stiff double jump in Shinobi III and I'm sure a lot of you are surprised to see me bring it anywhere near Mega Man X's level, but while I have a lot of love (and actual nostalgia) for X, love its music and graphics and definitely get why it's such a classic, I've been really enjoying Shinobi III as a new-to-me experience that is one of the more manageable games in the Genesis Mini library by far. I definitely love its reasonable (and infinite) continue system that will start you at a boss if that's where you got in the level. 

The water level in Shinobi III has one of my favorite game songs of all time, and even with all the amazing music and presentation in X, the gameplay and level design in Shinobi III can often be just as fun or more for me. 

They're both just great action platformers and X will probably win this contest again once I've gotten bored of the Genesis, but right now I am digging me some Shinobi III

You can't go wrong with either game though, as both represent some of the best the 16-bit era has to offer in my opinion. 


Mega Man X - WikipediaShinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master - Wikipedia

Mario Kart vs. Sonic Spinball

Matching these up as both are spinoff games, and ... yeah, I get that a lot of people love Sonic Spinball but I've had a hard time making much progress. And Mario Kart is Mario Kart

MK wins. Fatality. 

Super Mario Kart - WikipediaSonic Spinball Sega Genesis

Super Punch Out!! vs. Space Harrier II

To be honest with you, for me personally this is a tie between an arcade game I die in a lot vs. an arcadey title I haven't gotten very far in, but I'm more interested in getting far in Super Punch Out!! so it is the winner here. 

Bit of an unfair comparison maybe, as Space Harrier II is a super early arcade port and Punch Out!! is only going up against it cause of the perspective each game has being similar, but ... it is what it is. 

Super Punch-Out!! - WikipediaSpace Harrier II - Wikipedia

Super Mario RPG vs. LandStalker

It's honestly kind of weird that I can even think of this many RPG matchups, given the Genesis's reputation. 

Anyway, the graphics in Super Mario RPG blew me away as a kid and I actually like the combat in it ok because it lets you enhance your moves with timing and is not completely random. It is a great game. 

So far, I really like Landstalker too and I want to give it the edge by virtue of being an action combat game, though I have not played a whole lot of it ... so I will, simply becuase the Genesis could use another win. I'll probably wind up seeing more of LandStalker due to the combat system anyway, even if the isometric platforming is likely to piss me off more than it will in Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG - WikipediaLandstalker - Wikipedia

Kirby Super Star vs. Mega Man: The Wiley Wars

Again, I have not made it very far in either game, unless you count the NES versions of Mega Man 1-3, but while I wasn't all that impressed with Kirby Super Star, I did enjoy the experience more than what are ... actually kind of inferior version of NES games. 

Gotta give the compilation win to Kirby. 


Kirby's Dream Course vs. ToeJam & Earl

I am aware this matchup makes no sense. That is because there are no ... sports titles ... on the Gensis Mini. Huh ... 

I was going to match Dream Course up with one of the puzzle games on the Genesis Mini, but one, Console Wars already did that with actual puzzle games:

and, two, these games are kind of similar in that they take place in weird worlds, I guess. The layouts seem similar to me in any case. Also, both are best as two-player experiences.

Anyway, Dream Course is a very different kind of golf game where you get Kirby to collect stars and ... something. There's a very long series of Game Grumps playing it over on YouTube. You'll get the gist. The important thing is it is very fun and very much a game. 

ToeJam & Earl is also fun from a completionist perspective and is a roguelike or walking sim depending on who you ask. I've only played either game single player and enjoyed both (got a lot of space ship parts in ToeJam & Earl) and the latter game does come with a mode where the worlds are randomized. A lot of people praise it for its humor ... I find it amusing, but hula ladies who stop me and make me dance with them are worth a smile but not much more to me. 

All in all, for being more of a game, I'd give this round to Kirby. 

Kirby's Dream Course - WikipediaToeJam & Earl - Wikipedia

By my count, that's 15 victories for the SNES games, and in some cases fairly decisive victories at that. 

But wait! Genesis Mini has more games, so here is where Genesis does what Nindendon't!

Puzzle Games

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine



Where the SNES Mini has no proper puzzle games, the Genesis Mini has three. And technically four if you count the fact you can change Mean Bean Machine into Puyo Puyo by changing the language settings on the system. 

Puyo Puyo (video game) - Wikipedia

Granted, these are fairly basic puzzle games and I've always had a hard time with Puyo Puyo ... also, this is not the best version of Tetris in the world, but it is Tetris. As for Columns, it's been a bit of a hidden gem for me, as the gameplay and music actually has gotten me to boot it up a few times. And Puyo Puyo is fun, even if I suck at it. 

In any case, you want puzzle games? Genesis Mini is running circles around SNES Mini in that catergory. 


Comix ZoneAltered Beast

Streets of Rage 2

Golden Axe

Again, this genre is pretty much completely missing from the SNES Mini (unless you hack it and download Turtles in Time, but that's cheating) and you get some pretty good stuff here, not least of all the amazing soundtrack in Streets of Rage 2 and beat-em-up gameplay that actually interested me enough that I made it to level 6! You can tell how influenced this game was by Street Fighter with some of the moves you can pull off and the boss characters that look just like Blanka and Sagat, but it's a great place to get inspiration from and the game makes those influences its own thing. 

Altered Beast gets too hard too fast, like so many other games in this era in my opinion, but I still have fun playing though the first level or two. I just wish it were easier to hit flying enemies. They do seem a bit cheap. 

Meanwhile, Comix Zone is one I was warned was too hard, but I feel like I'm learning enough about the game I could easily get through it with a guide. If nothing else, it's got a great concept behind it, but it is a huge pain in the ass that you take damage from punching objects. Who thought that was a good idea?!

Golden Axe came out the year I was born and is definitely fairly polished for a game from 1990. It may pale in comparison to Streets of Rage 2, but what doesn't? It's a nice beat-em-up to have on the system. 

There are Console Wars videos comparing all the Streets of Rage and Final Fight games as well as one comparing Hyperstone Heist and Turtles in Time if you're interested. 

More shooters

Thunder Force III

Alisia Dragoon

Gunstar Heroes

Or hell, ALL the shooters if you don't really count Star Fox in this genre. And actually, each of these games is here more because of the rapid fire nature with which you use your weapon, but they're not necessarily in the same vein as Gradius and Thunder Force III, which are fixed side-scrolling shooters. 

Gunstar Heroes is great if you're like me and enjoy the insanity of Contra but would like to not die as much, and it lets you pick whichever stage you want to play, so you're not locked out of seeing the rest of the game because you suck at it. It took me a while to beat the one stage with the sand monster and the kids operating a robot, but I could see myself jumping back into it. 

Alisia Dragoon isn't really a shooter in the same sense as the others, because it at least looks more like a platforming game, but I'm putting it here cause it has the same "everything is on screen at once trying to kill you" philosophy as these other games. It is brutally hard and I'm not seeing myself getting far past Stage 2 without some passwords. I forget if the game has those. 

Super Fantasy Zone is a cute-em-up with cheery visuals, a SHOP blimp that lets you upgrade your armor and weapons with coins you collect from downed enemies, and allows you to move left or right through at least the first level ... which is as far as I've gotten. Still, it's fun and actually a fun  game I first experienced through Yakuza. Same with Space Harrier, though the version in Yakuza  is definitely not Space Harrier II for Genesis. 

Even more platformers

Castle of Illusion

World of Illusion

Earthworm Jim

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle

Wonder Boy In Monster World

Monster World IV

Kid Chameleon

Dynamite Headdy


And some damn fine ones at that!

Both Mickey Mouse games are well worth playing, with Castle of Illusion looking a bit outdated and with some floaty controls but still fun, while World of Illusion is way more polished and a great time if you like these old platformers. I have more nostalgia for Mickey Mania on SNES than either of these games (and there is a Console Wars video comparing SNES and Genesis versions of that game) but I'm glad I have them on this mini console. 

It's kind of the same story with Monster Boy and Monster World IV, where the former is fun but the latter is way more polished and modern feeling. To be honest, both games are really RPGs, but they are still side-scrolling platformers as well. I had never really heard of the series before and kept thinking of Monster Hunter, but again I am happy to be introduced to these titles through the Genesis Mini. 

Dynamite Headdy is an incredibly inventive and colorful game and considered a hidden gem by a lot of Genesis people. It's easy to see why ... when you boot up the Japanese version, which makes it far less impossible to get past the first boss. 

I completely get how Strider blew minds in 1990, as its huge sprites and environments look really cool even today. It really does resemble its arcade counterpart. Too bad the attack SFX are dinky and it's another example of Genesis following that arcade philosophy of "turn difficulty up to 11 from the jump."

Earthworm Jim was too hard on SNES and it's too hard here, but hey it's the better version according to Console Wars and a lot of people seem to love it. I'll let you know what I think once I get past the fish-burping asshole in the first level. 

As for Alex Kidd and Kid Chameleon, I wouldn't say they're bad but they're fairly boring, especially Alex Kidd which has weird hit detection and for some reason you can kick things successfully but not punch them. Kid Chameleon supposedly has lots of variety, but all I see is a kid changing hats and mostly doing the same kind of platforming in a bleh looking world. 

More fighting games

Eternal Champions

Virtua Fighter 2 Sega Genesis

Eternal Champions is ok, but I can't really get into it as quickly as I can with Street Fighter and the menu system is confusing. Still, the characters are cool looking, I like the concept and stages etc. it just isn't going to go toe to toe with other fighters of this era. 

Virtua Fighter 2 sucks and is honestly just padding. Like, there are games on this system you could argue are padding, but are part of the system's hostory people have nostalgia for but this? Better to just fire up Yakuza and play the 3D arcade version there. This is a horrible 2D interpretation of a pretty good 3D fighter. It seriously reminds me of Rise of the Robots but at least that had interesting graphics for the time. 

In conclusion

SNES Mini has a lot of games that outshine what's directly comparable in the Genesis Mini library in overall graphics, sound, presentation, and gameplay but Genesis Mini has more variety, a couple genres the SNES is just missing entirely, and a lot of cool system features like being able to switch to region locked versions of games and the ability to exit to the main menu without getting off your butt. 

 I'm happy I own both. If for no other reason than:

What are you playing?




Matt Snee Staff Writer

04/22/2020 at 09:45 PM

Damn, dude, this is a monster blog! I've read half of it. The SNES definitely beats the Genesis with some truly great games, but as a Genesis kid, I have to admit there was some good stuff on a Sega too.

I'm a fan of Phantasy Star IV too, but I've only played it on emulation and collections. Haven't beaten it, but I'd like to. 

and you're right, the sound effects in Strider are terrible.  

Super Step Contributing Writer

04/22/2020 at 10:04 PM

Yeah, it got pretty massive since there were 73 or abouts games! And having not had a Sega growing up, I agree it has some great stuff!

Sound is where Genesis is really hit or miss. I love pretty much everything about it in Shinobi III and music that's more dance or rap oriented works great on Genesis, but I had to look up an original arcade edition of Strider to make sure that was the intended noise and was surprised to find out that, yes. To Sega's credit, it is totally true to the arcade. Why anyone thought that was the SFX to go with, I will never know. 

Casey Curran Staff Writer

04/23/2020 at 05:09 PM

I prefer the SNES to the Genesis, but I'd give the edge to Sega for the mini versions. It has more stinkers overall and doesn't quite hit the SNES' peaks, but theres still more good games on there than Nintendo has an I'm not a fan of every SNES Classic game either. 

Not a fan of those head to head videos. Love the idea but those two guys keep interrupting the reviews with some really unfunny jokes and gags.

Super Step Contributing Writer

04/23/2020 at 06:36 PM

To each their own. I find the gags cheesy but charming. The editing could use some work though, as they do hold too long on those gags too long and the early videos aren't the best quality. Mileage varies. 

Agreed on the mini consoles though. The Genesis is a better package so far as hardware and variety and I was floored when I found out you could switch game versions by changing the language. The Japanese box art is so much better on several games, too. 

Cary Woodham

04/23/2020 at 10:09 PM

I'm a bit partial to the SNES Mini, but that's just becasue I prefer most SNES games over Genesis.  I will agree that the Genesis Mini does have a better presentation, and they gave some real big reasons to own it (like Mega Man: The Wily Wars).  But the SNES Mini has two of my top five favorite games of all time on it (FF6 and Super Mario Kart). so yeah.

Super Step Contributing Writer

04/23/2020 at 10:40 PM

See, I actually disagree with all of that, while still understanding why someone would prefer the SNES Mini. 

Mega Man: The Wiley Wars imo is a lesser version of the Mega Man NES games (I'd prefer just having Mega Man 2 NES to the entire Wiley Wars package), I don't care about turn-based combat games like FFVI, and Mario Kart just does not hold up graphically at all ... and yet, you see these SNES games head-to-head with the Genesis library and you think, "OK yeah, SNES had the better library ... by a lot." 

SNES quality is insane. Genesis Mini variety is still better. So much personal taste involved! 


04/25/2020 at 09:51 AM

Japanese versions are easier? I always thought the Japanese versions must be harder and they made things easier for the American audience. But I noticed on the Konami shooter collection I have that achievements aren't allowed on the Japanese versions of the games, which suggests they are easier. I guess my preconceptions were wrong. 

In the 90s, my friend Mark and I had both SNES and Genesis, gotten from flea markets maybe a few years after they came out. I think we played more Genesis because of games like PGA Golf, Shining in the Darkness, Monopoly and Risk, but we also played DKC, Contra Alien Wars and NBA Jam on SNES. So maybe it's a tie actually. I don't remember making any distinction between the two other than games seemed to be cheaper for Genesis. I always wanted various RPGs for SNES but could never find them for a reasonable enough price used. I'm dying to play Yoshi's Island right now and Super Mario RPG. 

About Contra though. I want to get that collection on Xbox right now, but I remember those games being so darn hard. But I might get it anyway at least for Alien Wars. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

04/25/2020 at 10:25 AM

I have no idea if it's the general rule, but Hard Corps gives you a life bar in the Japanese version and I've had a MUCH easier time with the Japanese version of Dynamite Headdy. Most games are about the same from what I've played, but those two stand out, difficulty-wise. 

I notice quite a few differences, especially in the graphics and sound department, but I don't remember as many people pointing those differences out at the time. I was also 1 year old when SNES hit North America though, so I probably just missed those conversations. And I would imagine a lot of SNES RPGs were pretty expensive, cause they probably had some extra shit in the cartridge to display what they did. A lot of them really impress me in the tech department. 

And like I said, Contra is just one of those games I think is too damn hard for its own good, unless it's the NES game with the Konami code and like 30 lives. 


05/04/2020 at 10:42 PM

I am going to pick up that Contra collection when on sale, but yeah, those games are stupid hard. 

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