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Long Live The King Knight

On 08/28/2020 at 06:39 PM by Super Step

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It's been a crazy week what with teaching classes in a hybrid format for the first time, getting through a couple syllabus days, then having classes cancelled due to hurricanes. We got lucky and they missed us so now we just have a lot of water bottles. I plan to take them into work since water fountains are questionable. I mean, I have COVID-19 antibodies so nothing is likely to happen to me, but it seems like a huge no these days as far as spreading. I'm probably just being paranoid but seems like a good use of this artisan water either way  (I bought two 24-packs of Dasani and a six-pack of Fiji ... and it turns out two 24 packs of Dasani is the same price as one six-pack of Fiji). 

Aaaanywhoozle, I'm actually glad we had part of week 1 cancelled as it gives me more time to work on planning classes, which I desperately needed. 

So far, what I've accomplished is I'm pretty sure I now have every medal in the King Knight DLC for Shovel Knight (King of Cards). 

Shovel Knight: King of Cards Instruction Manual | Yacht Club Games

The game features a lot of short levels that are redone versions of Shovel Knight stages that fit the mechanics of King Knight, just like each DLC has basically been level redesigns that fit around the mechanics of the main character you're playing. It took a while for this one to come out and I think most people overlooked it, but the dash and bounce mechanics are super fun, if nerve-racking at first. I've been playing Celeste with a group of friends over on the Reading Gamebow Discord and I said this is like a more accessible version of the dashing in that game with much less of a focus on constant deaths. 

Whereas Celeste has you jumping mid-air all the time, you have to dash into objects, enemies, and walls in order for King Knight to progress and twirl, after which you can bounce on enemies and objects much like the original Shovel Knight. I compare the two games mainly cause there's a lot of hitting the dash button and a lot of falling to your death, at least in my case. 

There's also a card game within the game called Joustus where you have to shove cards onto gems in little puzzle like matches against an opponent. I suck at it very badly (definitely way more draws and losses than wins, according to the statistics witch you can call upon for your game stats) but it's fun and interesting enough I still wouldn't have minded some online capability. 

It's very simple at first to pick up and play but to be honest I had no idea what all the rules were behind some of the more advanced cards that explode or move other cards in weird directions you might not expect just by looking, which is why I just bought cheat cards from the treasure chest merchant guy to flip all the cards so that I landed on the gems. You still have to time that right but it's much easier to let your opponent do all the heavy lifting then turn the tables on them. I do think what I did should be banned in real matches, but I didn't feel like going too in depth with the card game right now and wanted to get the medals. 

The game is fun and if you have Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove and are in the mood for a good platformer, I highly recommend it. I think if you love card games this is an interesting one too. 

I'd also recommend Celeste, but only if you're a masochist. I feel for this person who had some of the same trouble I did in figuring out how to climb the mountain. It's rewarding when you get to the top though. And I will say I died a LOT on King Knight's final boss fight. 

And that's the gaming I've been doing.  



Cary Woodham

08/29/2020 at 08:43 AM

I reviewed Treasure Trove a while back.

King Knight's game kind of reminded me of Wario Land a little bit what with his shoulder thrust move.

Celeste sounds very hard.

Aside from playing Animal Crossing and Paper Mario: The Origami King, one of the big games I'm working on reviewing right now is Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time.

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/29/2020 at 01:43 PM

Celeste is very hard but you start off right from where you died every time, so it's just a matter of patience. 


08/29/2020 at 09:07 AM

I love the art design in Shovel Knight. I'll play it someday. That Joustus card game looks a lot like the card game within Skylanders (I forget the name of it offhand). 

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/29/2020 at 01:40 PM

Supposedly, it's inspired by some FFVIII card game, so it's not a totally original idea. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

08/29/2020 at 01:53 PM

Well, you should still be safe out there... there are increasing reports and studies of people being infected a second time months after the first infection. You've got good health, but you could infect somebody else. This shit is insane. 

I've always wanted to play Shovel Knight, but have been keeping postponing buying it when it's on sale. One of these days, I'm gonna get it, probably on the Switch. It seems like it's all the good things of 8-bit and none of the bad. 

Celeste looks cool, but WAY out of my league. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/30/2020 at 02:42 AM

I'm still being safe and students are allowed to come in (with masks and socially distanced) physically or via livestream in all classes. 

Cary's review mentioned the difficulty if you think that's a bad thing about NES games but I personally find the Mega Man games way harder and he says he can beat those, to tomato tomahto I suppose. For me, yes, it is all the good of 8-bit games with very little of the bad. 

The good thing about Celeste is it's really short and wherever you are when you die is pretty much the exact spot you return to; but yeah it gets frustrating. 

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