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July Reviews

On 07/24/2022 at 08:41 PM by Cary Woodham

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Here’s some reviews I’ve recently posted this month at  Please click on the links and read as many as you can, and maybe post a ‘like’ or comment or two.  I’d appreciate it.  OK let’s begin!

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge (PS4)

When the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out in the late 80s, I was a little too old by then to get into it fully.  I didn’t get any of the toys, and I only watched the cartoon casually, and in secret, or else I wouldn’t look cool in front of the other guys.  Of course I still probably wasn’t cool so it wouldn’t have mattered.  Glad those days are over.  But there was one aspect of TMNT that I could really get into and not have to hide it.  And that was the video games, especially the four player arcade ones.  EVERYONE was playing them, and aside from Pac-Man, I probably put more quarters into the TMNT arcade game than anything else.  Years later when my little brothers were born, they got into the TMNT games, too.  In fact, my brother Ben owns one of those TMNT Arcade1up cabinets.  And my brother Jeff and I still joke about how when he was little and would whine to our mom every time I accidentally got the pizza in Turtles in Time.  That story is also how we named our podcast.  So with all those great memories of the TMNT games with me, I was super excited to have the opportunity to review TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge.  Over the years, many have tried to emulate the feel of the classic arcade games and failed.  But does Shredder’s Revenge do it right?  SPOILER ALERT: HECK YEAH IT DOES!!!  I’m really glad I got to review this one.  As you know, I don’t always get to review the popular games that everyone is talking about.  So it’s nice whenever I do get to do that, such as with this game.

Pocky and Rocky Reshrined (PS4)

I know I posted a link to this review a couple of blogs ago, but here it is again in case you missed it.  One of the Super Nintendo’s many hidden gems was Pocky and Rocky.  It was a two player co—operative 2-D shooter with a unique theme.  The game had a Japanese myths and folklore motif.  Player one was Pocky, a Japanese shrine maiden who threw cards, and player two was Rocky, a leaf throwing tanuki.  It’s actually a sequel to a Japan only arcade game from Taito called Kiki Kaikai, and has spawned a couple of sequels and many cameos over the years.  And now they’re back in a whole new game!

Spacewing War (PS4)

Spacewing War is a typical retro styled 2-D shooter that takes inspiration from a surprising source.  It’s all black and white, so it looks like a Game Boy game.  But more specifically, it takes inspiration from Kirby’s Dream Land!  A lot of the graphics are the same, it’s pretty easy and short (but still fun), and you even unlock similar extra features when you beat it!  I was surprised with how much I enjoyed this one.

Crazy Chicken Xtreme (Switch)

The Chicken Shoot, or “Moorhuhn” games as they’re called in their country of origin, has a surprising amount of history behind them.  They were first created to advertise a brand of whiskey, but since this was the late 90s and early 2000s when causal PC games really hit their stride (thanks to titles like Deer Hunter), this chicken shooting game was widely distributed and gained popularity.  Since then it’s become its own thing and has spawned more than 50 games on consoles, PC, and mobile devices.  Plus an animated series, comic books, merchandise, and even a song.  And now you can shoot those silly chickens on the Switch and PlayStation consoles with Crazy Chicken Extreme (Switch version reviewed here).

Horgihugh and Friends (Switch)

This is a retro styled 2-D side scrolling shooter that takes inspiration from cutesy Namco titles like SkyKid and Ordyne.  Take control of a cat or dog piloting biplanes as you shoot down enemies in this game for Nintendo Switch and PC (Switch version reviewed here).

Redout 2 (PS4)

If you like high speed futuristic racers like F-Zero or Wipeout, then you may want to check out Redout 2.  Essentially more of the same from the first game, I found it way too hard and even had trouble getting past the tutorial levels.

Thunder Kid II: Null Mission (PS4)

I think this has got to be a world record!  I had only reviewed the first Thunder Kid game about four months ago.  And we’re already getting a sequel.  Granted, I know these may have been PC games first and the releases spread out a little more.  But still, I’m reviewing these games on console, so it still feels a little quick!  Anyway, Thunder Kid 2 is a 3-D low poly run and gun action game that kind of reminds me of PSOne games like Mega Man Legends.  The defeated robots from the first game have banned together again to rebel, and it’s up to Thunder Kid to stop them once again.

Okinawa Rush (PS4)

Okinawa Rush is a 2-D martial arts action game that looks like it jumped right off the Super Nintendo.  Or more specifically, it reminds me of NEO GEO games, too.  I may sound like a broken record by now, but this one’s also way too hard.

Color Surge (Mobile)

In this falling block match three puzzle game for iOS and Android (reviewed on iPad here), you must guide colored circles in columns and switch their colors so they match three when they hit the bottom.  If you can match colors, they’ll disappear.  If this sounds exactly like Columns, you’re right!  I’m surprised SEGA hasn’t released that one on mobile.  Or maybe they have and I don’t know it.  It’s hard to keep up with all those mobile releases.  Anyway, Color Surge is free to play, but you can buy more modes once you download it.

And that’s all for now!  Thanks for reading and posting ‘likes’ and comments on my reviews!  I do appreciate it.  Later!  --Cary




07/27/2022 at 03:39 PM

My quarters are going into Horgihugh and Friends because it has biplanes. I LOVE BIPLANES!!!

Cary Woodham

07/27/2022 at 05:56 PM

I like biplanes, too!  That's why Snoopy as the Flying Ace is my favorite Snoopy persona.  I liked biplanes as a kid, too.  One time I was watching TV as a kid and a live action movie came on.  I usually skipped out on live action stuff as a kid and only watched cartoons.  But this movie was "The Amazing Men and Their Flying Machines." and it was about biplanes so I watched it all the way through!  I usually would never do that as a kid!


07/29/2022 at 10:40 AM

I prefer the biplanes of a little bit later than the one shown on the cover of the film, but I'll rent the movie from my library and watch it. 

Cary Woodham

07/29/2022 at 05:41 PM

The movie is from the 60s and has a lot of the style of humor as other movies at the time, like It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.  But that's a good thing because It's a Mad x4 World is one of the funniest movies ever made.  Also that movie inspired one of my favorite cartoons: Dastardly and Muttley and Their Flying Machines.  Otherwise known as the 'Stop the Pidgeon" cartoon.


07/30/2022 at 10:27 AM

I used to love that Flying Machines cartoon. I still do actually. All those wacky plane designs. 

I know I've seen Mad, Mad etc.. .World but maybe not Amazing Men... . I'll be watching it soon, so I'll see if I remember watching it. 

Cary Woodham

07/31/2022 at 08:11 AM

So a correction.  The name of the movie is actually called Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines.  Hey, it was a LONG time ago that I watched it, so yeah.  Here's a trailer:

Other games I liked with biplanes in them include Namco's SkyKid, Atari's vector based Red Baron, SNES Pilotwings, and Snoopy vs. the Red Baron on PS2.


08/04/2022 at 02:04 PM

I just rented it but haven't had time to watch it yet. 

I was just reminded of SkyKid as a game I really love now but never played back in the 80s. 

Cary Woodham

08/07/2022 at 07:41 AM

I only remember seeing the SkyKid arcade game once, but it was at the front entrance to our local WalMart, so I played it quite a bit.  Other games that were at the front at that WalMart include Ikari Warriors 2: Victory Road, Toobin, and my favorite: Super Pac-Man.


08/11/2022 at 10:22 AM

You'd find arcade machines just about anywhere back in the 80s. I can count at least six different places I used to play arcade games back then. 

Cary Woodham

08/12/2022 at 03:31 AM

Heck, even into the 90s, my friend and I would walk over to the local gas station and video rental places to play Street Fighter 2, Fatal Fury, Captain Commando, etc.


08/12/2022 at 09:29 AM

Yeah, those fighting arcade games were everywhere. 

Cary Woodham

08/13/2022 at 08:08 AM

And especially those NEO GEO arcade cabinets.  There must've been a really good SNK distributor in the Dallas area because I saw those things everywhere I went!

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