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Pizza Pixel Podcast Episode 10: Our Favorite Music/Rhythm Games

On 08/01/2022 at 08:31 AM by Cary Woodham

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We’re celebrating a couple of milestones with this podcast!  First, it’s our one-year anniversary since we started doing this podcast.  And second, this is our tenth episode!  So to celebrate, here’s a special episode where my brother Jeff and I talk about our favorite music/rhythm games!  

Pizza Pixel Podcast Episode 10: Our Favorite Music/Rhythm Games

In the comments section, let me know what YOUR favorite music/rhythm games are!  Also, I need your help!  In the comments section, please give me some ideas on things you’d like for us to talk about in future episodes of the podcast (we’re running out of ideas).  Thanks in advance!  Later!  --Cary



Super Step Contributing Writer

08/02/2022 at 02:41 AM

Oooohhhh, I've just downloaded and added to que. I love this genre, so I'll listen for some games to play. Office hour has been planned!

I'd say Elite Beat Agents (DS) is both my favorite DS and rythm action game. 

Cary Woodham

08/02/2022 at 09:52 AM

I hope you do get to listen, and thanks in advance!  I mentioned Elite Beat Agents in the podcast, but it didn't make the list.  It's still a good game, though.  I bought it at Wal Mart for ten bucks a long time ago!  Have you played the Japanese game it's based off of?  It's called Ouendan and even got a sequel over there.

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/02/2022 at 11:20 AM

Never played it but knew of it and recall it being cheerleaders rather than agents in one of those games? I know the cheerleaders are unlockable at the highest level in the English EBA, but I remember them changing some of the skins when it was translated? I could be wrong, it's been a while. 

Cary Woodham

08/03/2022 at 07:27 AM

The Japanese game Ouendan uses male cheerleaders instead of secret agents and the songs are totally different.  Elite Beat Agents is pretty much a complete overhaul.


08/02/2022 at 11:02 PM

I can vouch for PaRappa being rather janky, but it was a lot of fun and the songs were catchy. I think part of the reason it was that way was so that you could try to do things a little more free-form without being penalized or even being rewarded if the game liked your rhythm.

I have Theatrhythm Final Fantasy on 3DS. Played it quite a bit. 

My favorite rhythm game is one that people don't think of as a rhythm game, and doesn't even use music. That game is, of course, Punch-Out!!, which at its heart is a rhythm game that uses boxing and the body language of your opponents as a rhythm device rather than music. 

Cary Woodham

08/03/2022 at 07:28 AM

I never really got into Punch Out very much, but my brother Jeff sure liked it!  Thanks for listening!


08/04/2022 at 02:07 PM

I really liked that Taiko Drum Master game they put on Xbox recently.

I had the most hope for the Rock Band/Guitar Hero games back when they were a thing, but I could never like them enough because of how limited they were in expression. I was in a real band at the time and the only thing I enjoyed in Guitar Hero was using the wammy bar freestyle in certain moments in the songs. I never liked just hitting notes dead on like you have to for most of those games. 

Cary Woodham

08/07/2022 at 07:43 AM

Yeah I was in band in high school so I know what you mean about those games not REALLY feeling like you were in a real band.  But they could still be fun.


08/11/2022 at 10:24 AM

I was really excited about the drum kit I got for Rock Band, but I found it frustrating as it was so nit picky about hitting every note exactly right. It felt restrictive which is the last thing I think of when playing actual music. 

Cary Woodham

08/12/2022 at 03:34 AM

But if you don't hit notes accurately with drums in real life, eventually you'll go off the beat.  How do you feel about playing Taiko Drum Master with the accuracy?


08/12/2022 at 09:38 AM

Taiko was fun, and I didn't mind having to get it right on the money. I largely played that with my eyes because some of the tunes go so fast I can't follow them by ear anyway. 

I think, with rock band, and having a fako drum kit to play on, I wanted to play by ear like you do in real music. But you have to watch the visual cues in the game, which is distracting to me when I have an instrument to play. I guess it's like reading sheet music though. I did that with classical guitar without issues. I think, with the fako drum kit in front of me, I just wanted to thrash around like you do in a jam session, but the game wouldn't let me do that. 

Cary Woodham

08/13/2022 at 08:11 AM

Yeah too bad you can't just wail on the drums like Animal all the time.  They should have a freestyle drum solo mode!  Actually you can wail all you want in Wii Music, that 'game' let you do that.

Have you actually seen someone play a real Taiko drum at festivals and such?  They may seem like they're wailing on it, too, but there's actually a structure and pattern to the whole thing.

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/15/2022 at 09:15 AM

How come you got 10 and Jeff got five? I'm sure this was explained and I was having to work on something while it was explained. Anyway, finally listened to this. Good stuff. Beatles Rock Band sounds fun. lol 

Cary Woodham

08/16/2022 at 09:20 PM

Well the reason why I got 10 and Jeff got 5 is because I could think of 10 music games I liked, but Jeff could only think of 5.  So that's all.  

Hopefully we'll get to record our next podcast soon.  It's about racing games!

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/18/2022 at 02:58 PM

I love pressing R2 and/or X!

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