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Pizza Pixel Podcast Episode 15: Top Five Favorite Pokémon Games

On 02/01/2023 at 02:03 PM by Cary Woodham

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We’ve talked about Pokémon a lot in previous podcasts.  In fact, I’ve even said we could do a whole podcast about Pokémon.  Well, this is that podcast!  All my brothers were really into Pokémon when they were kids, but none so much as Jeff, so he’s with me again for this one.  Please click on the link and give it a listen if you can.  I’d appreciate it. 

Pizza Pixel Podcast Episode 15: Top Five Favorite Pokémon Games

In the comments section, tell me YOUR favorite Pokémon characters and games!  Thanks so much for listening!

PROTIP: Did you know some of our podcasts have secret songs?  Have you found any yet?  Well this is one of those podcasts that has a secret song, so try to find it.  Granted, it’s not hard to find a secret song on a podcast, so just listen long enough and you might find them!

PS: I won’t be participating in BaD this year either.  I’ve got enough stuff to do writing at as well.  But you know I’ll have at least one more blog up this month with game reviews I’ve recently written, and I’ll certainly read and comment on each of your blogs if I have something to say!  Later!  --Cary




02/01/2023 at 02:49 PM

I've only ever bought Pokemon Conquest. Thought it was a neat mash up of Pokemon and Nobunaga's Ambition. I have yet to really get deep into it though. 

I'm interested in checking out Pokemon clone game Monster Crown on Xbox. 

Cary Woodham

02/01/2023 at 02:53 PM

Never heard of Monster Crown. I did give Pokemon Conquest a mention in the podcast.  It was funny seeing Japanese warlords paired up with cute Pokemon.  The game is basically Final Fantasy Tactics with Pokemon in it.


02/01/2023 at 03:16 PM

I still own Pokemon Conquest. I just haven't played it much yet. I'd like to try the main series sometime. I used to watch a friend playing it at work a few years ago. Seemed cool. 

Cary Woodham

02/05/2023 at 07:41 AM

If you get a chance, I'd recommend listening to the podcast.  I bet you'll learn about some Pokemon games you might want to try.


02/06/2023 at 02:04 PM

I so want to. I just need to figure out how to do it now that I don't have an ipod anymore. Maybe I'll come up with a phone based solution that doesn't involve streaming or running my battery out. I use that thing so much now, I have to carefully budget my battery use. 

I prefered solution is to find an old iPod and see if I can get it to sync to my computer again. That would be the best. 

Cary Woodham

02/08/2023 at 08:39 AM

I just use the direct link and listen to the podcass from my iPhone.  I don't know how much it drains the battery, but I always have a charger nearby so it's not an issue for me.

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