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Cat and Mouse Game Reviews

On 06/05/2024 at 08:29 AM by Cary Woodham

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In this batch of reviews, I’ve noticed nearly half of them are about cats or mice, so hence the title.  Please click on and read as many as you can, and maybe post a ‘like’ or comment or two.  I’d really appreciate it.  OK, let’s begin!

Little Kitty, Big City (Switch)

In this unique game you play as a regular old house cat.  You are lying on your favorite windowsill when you accidentally roll over and fall out.  You land safely via a string of comical incidents, but now you must figure out how to get back up to your owner’s apartment.  So you must explore the big city below, helping out other animals and causing cat-like mischief as well.  This game reminds me of a mix of Untitled Goose Game, as well as a PS2 game I played a long time ago called A Dog’s Life, which was kind of the same premise except you were a dog doing dog things.  The game also has a bit of a Katamari Damacy vibe with the simple graphics and the Japanese style city setting. 

Bomb Cat (Switch)

Whenever a game gets popular, there are almost always imitators soon after.  Such is the case with Suika Game.  This was a fruit matching puzzle game that came out last year and gained a bit of notoriety on the Internet.  Heck, even I reviewed it when it was free for a short while on the Nintendo Switch Online Service.  And now here comes Bomb Cat, which is pretty much the exact same game on Switch, but with an explosive twist!

Ratyrinth (PS4)

A couple of mice are separated by a big cat’s paw, and now it’s up to one to reach the other in this 2-D precision platformer.  It features retro black and white graphics that remind me of the games I used to play on my old Apple ][+ computer when I was a kid.

Kudzu (Switch)

Kudzu was originally a modern day homebrew monochrome Game Boy game.  You could even buy a cartridge for it.  And now you can play it on your Nintendo Switch.  In the game, a mysterious asteroid falls on a mountain nearby a mansion and surrounding farmland, which causes the plants to become sentient.  When the invasive plant species Kudzu was introduced, it takes over everything in a plan to rule the world.  A team of botanists are dispatched to research this phenomenon.  You play as the gardener Max, and it’s up to you to solve the mystery of the Kudzu and save the day.  The game is an overhead action adventure that pays homage to classic titles like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

Rainbow Cotton (PS4)

“Cotton” is a series of 2-D horizontally scrolling shooters that were very popular in the 90’s during the 16- and 32-bit eras.  They star a candy-obsessed witch girl named Cotton who flies on her broom as she shoots down foes in spooky yet silly settings.  It’s an example of the “Cute ‘Em Up” subgenre of shooters similar to titles like Twinbee, Parodius, Fantasy Zone, or Ordyne.  In the past few years, many of these classic Cotton games have been re-released on newer platforms and I’ve been able to review them.  But one game in the series hasn’t been released yet, until now.  Rainbow Cotton was 3D on-rails shooter similar to Star Fox and it was on the Dreamcast.  And now you can play it on all current consoles and PC, but reviewed on PS4 here.

Cyber Citizen Shockman 3 (PS4)

Cyber Citizen Shockman was a series of 2D action platformers back in the 16-bit days.  They starred a pair of superhero cyborg teens (a guy and a gal) who were created by a crazy professor.  They would fight intergalactic baddies with their swords and beam attacks.  The first two were on the PC Engine, which was the Japanese version of the TurboGrafix-16.  The second game was even brought out to the US.  The third game in the series was on the CD add on in Japan.  And now you can play it on modern consoles (reviewed on PS4 here).

Timberdoku (Switch)

Despite the title, Timberdoku doesn’t have much to do with Sudoku, other than the playing field being the same.  I imagine the ‘timber’ part of the title refers to the wooden brown color scheme this game adopts.  It really plays more like a cross between Tetris and those tanogram puzzles.

Electronics Puzzle Lab (PS4)

Solve switch based puzzles in circuits with Electronics Puzzle Lab.  You might even learn a thing or two about electronics and circuitry along the way.  Maybe. 

And that’s all for now!  Thanks for reading my reviews and posting ‘likes’ and comments on them.  I do appreciate it!  Later!  --Cary




06/06/2024 at 09:34 PM

I love cats as much as the next guy (well...probably more) but the game that grabbed my interest most was Rainbow Cotton...but, after reading your review, I wish it was a little better. I noticed that you've reviewed several Cotton games at this point. Which one was your favorite?

Cary Woodham

06/07/2024 at 08:46 AM

The first Cotton game I reviewed was just a reboot of the original game, but they made it more accessible and let you play different versions of it so that was pretty neat.

Panorama Cotton was a 3D on rails shooter like Rainbow Cotton, but it was on the SEGA Genesis so they had to use some pretty slick graphical trickery to make it feel 3D.

I'll still recommend you consider trying Little Kitty, Big City, though.  It's a bit short, but still a neat unique experience.


06/07/2024 at 01:50 PM

I'll take a Rainbow Cotton and an Electronics Puzzle Lab please. 

Little Kitty was a fun game I played on Game Pass. 

Cary Woodham

06/10/2024 at 02:33 PM

Oh no, Electronics Puzzle Lab was probably the worst game I played in this batch.


06/14/2024 at 01:26 PM

And it didn't even teach you any real electronics?

Cary Woodham

06/16/2024 at 08:10 AM

Well, not very well anyway.  But then, I'm a big dummy when it comes to that sort of thing.

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