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June Reviews!

On 06/28/2024 at 11:00 AM by Cary Woodham

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Here’s my latest batch of game reviews I’ve recently written over at  Please click on the links and read as many as you can, and maybe post a ‘like’ or comment or two.  I’d appreciate it.  OK let’s begin!

Rider’s Spirits (PS4)

Back when they were more popular and more relevant, I used to love reading video game magazines.  I liked them so much it’s even what helped me choose my major in college (not such a good idea now, but that’s a 20/20 hindsight kind of thing).  Some of my favorites included Nintendo Power, Next Generation, and Electronic Gaming Monthly.  One of the cool things EGM would do sometimes was cover games from Japan that we’d never see over here.  One of them I remember was TwinBee Rainbow Bell Adventure for Super Famicom, a cutesy 2D pastel platformer with characters from the TwinBee shooter series.  Another Super Famicom one I remember was a motorcycle racing game that caught my eye because it looked similar to Super Mario Kart, one of my top favorite games of all time.  And now you can play that game on all modern consoles (reviewed on PS4 here).  In Japan the game was originally called Bike Daisuki!  Hashiriya Kon.  I think EGM called it “We Love Motorcycles,” which is probably a more direct translation of the first part of the title.  But here it’s called Rider’s Spirits, which I think is more like the last part of the title.

Sonic Sighted at IHOP

Back in April, Sonic the Hedgehog teamed up with IHOP for a promotion.  There were menu items and other online goodies.  Unfortunately, the promotion only lasted for about a month.  Just as fast as Sonic, this just came and went!  Sorry I didn’t get this news out sooner, but I’m only one person and I can only do so much.  Plus having such a short promotion was hard to keep up with.  But I figured I might as well go over what they had.

Goliath Depot (Switch)

Robots in a warehouse, factory, and even the cold icy parking lot are taking over, and it’s up to you to stop them by…closing all the doors and windows?  Hey, who said video games had to make sense all the time?  Goliath Depot is a single screen 2D platform action game that takes inspiration from arcade classics like Donkey Kong, Mappy, Bubble Bobble, and even…Hotel Mario?  But it’s still a pretty good game.

Ghost Teen: Escape from Limbo (PS4)

Here’s something completely different.  How about a 2D single screen precision platformer where you’re SUPPOSED to die?  In Ghost Teen: Escape from Limbo, you control a kid character who must collect a key and unlock a door to pass the level.  But if you get hit, you turn into a ghost and can fly and pass through certain walls.  You’ll have to do this to solve puzzles and bypass obstacles, but you must touch a gravestone in the level to turn back into the kid so you can exit the door.  The game has retro styled black and white graphics that remind me of the games I used to play on my Apple ][+ computer.

Hotel Hustle (Switch)

Help a couple of crazy cats run a hotel in Hotel Hustle on Switch. Check in guests, keep them happy, and clean the room when they’re done.  Do this quickly and efficiently to earn points and stars so you can move onto the next level.  Two can play at the same time, too!  It’s similar to other time management games like Overcooked.

Ginger the Tooth Fairy (PS4)

Help a tooth fairy named Ginger, who also happens to be a rabbit for some reason, collect all the teeth in this basic 2D platformer. 

Tell Me Your Story (Switch)

A granddaughter is visiting her grandmother, and while unpacking, she sees some of her grandmother’s trinkets and asks about them.  Turns out in her younger days, her grandmother  travelled around the world and had lots of adventures and experiences!  Re-create her stories and put them in a scrapbook by playing little puzzle mini-games in Tell Me Your Story.

Tokyo Cooking (Switch)

Cook Japanese food for customers in Tokyo Cooking.  It’s a first person cooking game for Nintendo Switch.  Feels like a repurposed VR game, really.

And that’s all for now!  Thanks for reading my reviews and posting ‘likes’ and comments on them.  I do appreciate it.  Later!  --Cary




06/29/2024 at 12:15 PM

I miss all those magazines too. I used to even follow the journalists as they transitioned to podcasting, video and other web sites once magazines faded out. Now, though, I rarely see any of them of follow any of that. Too bad. Those were fun times. 

Why isn't Sonic sighted at Sonic, the fast food place? 

Cary Woodham

06/30/2024 at 08:09 AM

Yeah you'd think Sonic Drive In's would do a Sonic the Hedgehog promo.  I mean, they even sell chili dogs there, for crying out loud!

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