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About Me:

I'm a former 1Up blogger (Jamie Writes Bad Reviews) seeking a new place to call "home". Many of my 1Up friends have migrated to this place and I decided to come on over as well.

I really enjoy playing my favorite old retro games and writing reviews for them. That's what got me into blogging in the first place. I hope make new friends on Pixlbit and hopefully catch up with old 1Up buddies.

If you like classic games as much as I do, then follow me!

Favorite Games:

Dragon Quest XI, Dragon Quest V, Tetris Effect, Metroid II, Kirby's Dream Course, Kirby Super Star, Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3 + Sonic and Knuckles, Rocket Knight Adventures, Crash Bandicoot 1-3, Crash Team Racing, Spyro the Dragon (and it's PS4 remake), Ape Escape, Final Fantasy VII, Grandia, and many, many more!

Favorite Music:

Drum & Bass, House, Folk, Classical

Latest Posts

Blaster Master Review Rewind

A boy and his frog

My earliest years in gaming was a magical time. Every new game I discovered pioneered a fresh mechanic I hadn’t seen before. I'll never forget the moment when my brother's best friend came over with his NES games to show off Blaster Master. I marveled as the story elements unfolded while melancholic music played in the attract mode. Pressing the start button then transitioned me to the opening shot of an armored vehicle speeding off while the triumphant music swelled to a crescendo as I journeyed into the unknown. Never had I witnessed anything like that at the time. While everything I just described is nothing spectacular these days, Blaster Master still has a few gameplay elements that still hold up quite nicely.

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Dr. Mario Review Rewind

I hear he’s got the cure.

To describe Dr. Mario as a falling block puzzle game would be slightly misleading. In lieu of descending blocks, you’ll have to guide vitamin capsules raining down from that dubiously credentialed pill-popping Mario. I mean c’mon— he’s a plumber practicing medicine in the “Mushroom Kingdom”. It’s a Dateline investigation waiting to happen. Mark my words.

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Final Fantasy Review Rewind

Not so final after all.

Final Fantasy is the stuff of legend. No, seriously-- it is. Just ask any enthusiast about the origins of the series. Watch as their eyes gleam while recounting the story of how it all began. Legend has it that a long time ago (1987) in the land of Japan, a fledgling company known as Square (now Square Enix) wasn’t doing so well financially. Despite earlier releases like Rad Racer and 3-D World Runner, their games weren’t selling well enough to pull them out of the slump. It seemed as if all was lost. Wanting to go out with a bang, Square chose to develop a role-playing game. They called it Final Fantasy (*cue epic music*).

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