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Fable, Fable and More Fable

On 10/12/2017 at 11:49 PM by KnightDriver

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I had two days of hell with a back strain. Couldn't work, couldn't do mostly anything. Finally I got the right medication for it and I should be fine in a week or two. I did game today as planned before the Eagles game at 8:30. It was Fable II Pub Games and Fable II. 

Fable II Pub Games: I'm not sure why I persist in playing this game I usually loose coin at, but Fortune's Tower (the card game) is still fun for me. I somehow managed to get to two stars and open up a few more tables with higher buy-in amounts and betting limits. I enjoy playing tournament mode against AI, but they cheat. I am learning a few techniques that are making me a little better at it. I got better at Keystone (dice game) and won a tournament for once, but I'm not overfond of the game. Spinnerbox (slots) is just kind of boring. Later, when I played Fable II for a while, I merged my Pub Games character with my Fable II character in one of the pubs where you can play the same games. Then I went back to Pub Games and used my Fable II character. It unlocked an achievement worth "0" points. Thanks a lot. 

Fable II: Played this a good long while. It's still fun. I found myself drifting into the evil path. I got to this town where you have a good temple and an evil one. The evil one's tasks were just much more straightforward, so I ended up there. I ate a half dozen chicks to get in and then rounded up villagers to sacrifice at the torchure wheel. I have a picture, but XBO wasn't letting me send to OneDrive again, so I can't share it here. I was wearing the cult's garb and looking like a medieval villain. I'm not doing everything evil though. I just do what I think of at the time and it's mostly good. I know I'm probably cheating myself out of an achievement by not sticking to one path or the other, but I don't care because I just want to play how I feel. I got an achievement for robbery. I wonder why I never did that even once on my previous playthrough. 
Fable II is really funny. Lots of great humerous dialog and voice acting. It's just fun to talk to people and use your expressions to get different reactions. I married a girl but didn't have money for a house, so she just followed me around until she got fed up and went her own way. I'm kind of not the marrying type in this game. At one point I just ditched all the quests and wandered around getting into scraps with robbers and trying out my magic that slows enemies while I pick them off with my crossbow. 
I got a dog too. That's really fun. He's (or she, I'm not sure) really helpful finding burried treasure, chests and keys. He also fights and you have to make him do tricks in front of a demon door to make it open up. It's fun.
I'm not sure I'll run the whole game though. I got Fable Anniversary in the mail today, so I might give that a few hours and see if I really get hooked again. I'm also getting Lego City Undercover as my rental soon, and I want to give that a try too. 




10/13/2017 at 07:56 AM

Wow i feel you on the pain thing remeber i had a bad hip but since i replaced it im doing great now hey thought i would let you know about a awesome game called Ultimate General Civil War on steam and its a Strategy RTS and its defintly one you would love trust me look it up on steam or google it its for pc and may cone to consoles.


10/13/2017 at 10:32 PM

Oh man, that looks great. I don't think I have a good enough laptop to play games on, but there's this game Sudden Strike 4, a WWII RTS, on PS4 that came out this summer I just added to my rental que. Maybe that will scratch the itch. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

10/13/2017 at 02:42 PM

hey that Eagles game was great!

Hope you feel better!


10/13/2017 at 09:50 PM

I missed the fourth quarter. I had to go home and rest my aching back. It looked like they had things in hand though. Cam Newton looked terrible. How many interseptions was it? At least 3, maybe 4, I think. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

10/13/2017 at 11:51 PM

I think three. He had a lot of dropped passes too though which weren't his fault. 


10/15/2017 at 12:39 AM

Some of those interceptions were do to tipped passes or when he got hit just as he passed too. 

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