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Land of the Lost

On 12/06/2017 at 10:40 PM by KnightDriver

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Got myself lost in Minecraft: Xbox One Edition today, lost for days of in-game time. It's what happens when you think you know where something is in such a huge game world and don't have a good map.

The whole time I was going for the Treasure Hunter achievement. This tasks you with finding a cartographer villager and trading with him until he offers you a special map. Then you have to pay his price which is in emeralds. Emeralds can be found in the mines but rarely. They are more commonly found by trading with other villagers. A farmer villager will give you emeralds for wheat and potatoes and other villagers will give you emeralds for items tied to their respective trades. So I was harvesting a half dozen different things to trade and traveling (and getting lost) to all sorts of villages for more resources and trade partners. 

I eventually got the 18 emeralds and a compass he wanted for the Sea map (shows where the underwater city is) but I was hopelessly lost in the world. Both my maps failed me because I was so far away form where I activated them. Even expanding them with more paper didn't solve anything. So I had to start over with a new map and then search for my village. If Mark hadn't dropped in and showed me the original spawn point as a reference, I'd have been lost for even longer. That's how frickin' huge this game world is. 

So finally I got back and traded for the Sea Map, only, I didn't want that map but the Forest Map which is the Cartographer's next offering costing 25 emeralds and a compass. The Sea Map shows you the underwater city and to get the achievement you have to enter it. Doing so requires an underwater breathing potion which I didn't have. The Forest Map shows you the location of the Mansion, which requires nothing to enter. So I'm going to trade like mad again, trying not to get lost this time, and get the Forest Map. 

Once I'm in the Mansion, there are several more achievements to be had there. 

But damn, this game eats up time like you wouldn't believe. I always feel like, "where'd the day go?". I think I want to start setting an alarm at regular intervals to help me stop and switch games so I don't feel like I've just burned a whole day doing only one thing. Also, I need breaks because this game exhausts me mentally. 

Tomorrow Mark and I might play Earth Defense Force 2017 because I just noticed it was added to backwards compatibility on Xbox One. 



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