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More Games Than a Dragon Can Hoard

On 08/09/2018 at 11:38 PM by KnightDriver

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Where do I begin. I’ve sampled so many games over the last few days. I’ve tried so much stuff I’m actually starting to want to make my own game. There’s something I’m looking for in a game and I haven’t quite come across it yet. I’m going to have to start writing down ideas on paper. Here are the games I put in at least an hour this week. Oh, and I’m on GameCube stuff for retro play.                 

Smugglers’ Run: Warzones [GC]: Dashing around an open world in a dune buggies and rally cars must’ve been something cutting edge back in the early 2000s. This Rockstar game is still fun today.  You get missions to pick up contraband and have to avoid local police in mostly rural areas. And there are FMV cut scenes. FMV cutscenes are so 90s.  

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles [GC]: This game made me think of Ni No Kuni. Its battle system is isometric action RPG and you have a helper to carry the container for the mana (maybe called something else, I forget) you are collecting. I battled several bosses along the way and was really liking it. I’m definitely keeping this to play again sometime. 

Tales of Symphonia [GC]: I so love the cell shaded graphics in this game. So much detail and the colors just pop out at you. You can roam the world and talk to NPCs and then run into encounters where the view switches to 2.5D where you battle in real time.  I was heading to the main character’s dwarven home when I got rather beaten up and knocked out. For the sake of time, I was playing permadeath and stopped when I died.  You fight with two or more other characters and can set their tactics for them. I am keeping this one for more in depth play later.  

Monster Hunter World [XBO]: I rented this from the library. Wow are the graphics great. And the gameplay is perfect. I heard that the Dragon’s Dogma guys were on the development team. It shows. I fought several monsters and my first larger one and won using a bow and arrow. I’m astounded at the realism of the monsters’ behavior and their fluid movements. What an achievement for a video game. 

Trivial Pursuit Live [XBO]: More of this with random online players trying to get the last of the achievements. Did you know there is an ancient Mexican ruin in the U.S.? 

Rocket League [XBO]: Mark and I had a blast playing this. I got a hat trick and he got a score on the first touch. I think I’m getting better.  

Banner Saga 2 [XBO]: Just a little further into this. I’m finding the turn-based battles a little difficult right now. I got to find a good strategy. Game is still so gorgeous to look at. The music is fantastic too.  

Lost Kingdoms II [GC]: A From Software game. You play as if it were an action RPG but instead of your normal attacks you use cards. Some activate a melee attack; others summon a creature, heal you, or other things. The card art reminds me strongly of Culdcept. I love fantasy art like this. The game plays much better than the first Lost Kingdoms, which I played a few years ago. I’m keeping this for more play later. I got to the desert area and turned in my first set of red fairies in exchange for cards. Sounds a little creepy but the guy seemed genuinely careful with them.  

Army Men RTS [GC]: I was so obsessed with getting this game back in the day. I thought the Army Men idea was great but most of the games weren’t that good. This RTS style seemed perfect for the series and it is. It’s like Pikmin except you shoot stuff. Well, and you build a base and harvest plastic and electricity from junk lying around. You are actually tiny and fight across playgrounds, backyards and inside houses. Reminds me of Toy Commander a little bit in that way. I got a half dozen missions in when I started to get harrassed by helicopters when I wanted to build a tank army. Tanks can’t shoot them so I was annoyed by that. I don’t want to mix up my forces. I want a massive tank army and fight a battle like The Battle of Kursk. Stupid rules. I love this game though. A keeper all-time.  

Witcher 3 [XBO]: Library rental as well. Oh my did this game suck me in. The graphics are astounding. I love riding my horse through this world. It’s so realistic the way the brush and trees are set. So chaotic like a real place. I was doing side missions before tackling the first Gryphon battle. I did one against a ghost by a well and won, but I had to use all the skills the game throws at you. I oiled my silver sword with the right potion and used the right spell to slow her down. The fighting is so great in this game too. Sword attacks and spells work together so well. Man, and the dialog is fantastic. Every one you talk to is interesting and has great voice work. The world is populated very realistically too. I went into a military outpost and there was just the right amount of people milling around. It felt so real to me. I can’t imagine the amount of work that went into the intense detail of this game. It’s incredible to me.  

So, I am done my last class for the summer. I have two weeks until Fall semester. I still have to work and think about better jobs, but I feel like I’m on a little vacation here. So many games to get to.




08/10/2018 at 12:00 AM

I really need to use one of my weekends off to play the Witcher 3 and finally do a start to finish playthrough.  I played it a long time ago bit didnt finish it. 

Monster Hunter World is a great MH title. Ive been playing the series since 3 now and they did a pretty great job with it. There was a few changes I didnt care for but seeing as ill get to go back to old school MH on Switch here soon Im not bothered by it. I finished the main campaign with my bf a few months back and it was satisfying enough for an ending. These games dont excatly have a story that brings you to them. Its the monsters and challenge.


08/10/2018 at 12:06 AM

I just have Witcher 3 for a week or so on rental, but I own Witcher 2 and may go back to that when I return 3. I got a little stuck with a side mission. I have to make a Swallow potion but the quest doesn't tell me how at all. I went on another mission instead but I fear the woman will die if I don't do the quest soon. Ah!

I can imagine how fun Monster Hunter would be with other people. It seems like the game is always online so I was expecting some random people to show up but they didn't. I must have to do somethign to get them in.

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/10/2018 at 01:24 AM

What was the ancient Mexican ruin in the U.S.? I feel like it's gonna be in Texas and I'm about to feel dumb for not knowing about something like that in my home state, much of which used to be part of Mexico. 


08/11/2018 at 12:07 AM

I was reminded today that the question didn't say U.S. but North America. For me I consider US and Canada North America but according to wiki Mexico is also part of North America. I forget the exact question but it might have been something like Mayan ruin in North America or Aztec ruin in North America. I think the Mayan ruins are in what's considered Central America. Aztecs in Mexico. The answer might have been Chichen Itza which is right near the border between Mexico and Guatamala. Guatamala is considered Central America, Mexico North America. Ah, stuff you learn playing Trivial Pursuit.

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/11/2018 at 12:16 AM

Oh ok. They actually had an Aztec exhibit in this science center I visited in Dallas last year. 


08/11/2018 at 08:41 PM

What I learned, I think, is that the Aztecs were in Mexico and the Mayans in central America except for Chichen Itza.

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/12/2018 at 05:00 AM

Shit ... it may actually have been a Mayan exhibit. In any case, we learned plenty about those cultures in grade school. Most of my knowledge is obviously gone, but it was there. 


08/12/2018 at 08:42 PM

I guess that's Texas for you. I learned jack about it in my grade school in the north east.

Super Step Contributing Writer

08/13/2018 at 01:49 PM

The stars at night are big and bright ...


08/13/2018 at 04:19 PM

I dug the Smuggler's Run games. The fun part on the PS2 was that if you had a save on your memory card, you can use the buggy in Midnight Club. Those were fun games. 

Army Men was such a cool concept even if the games weren't as good as I hoped. I liked the the one where you fly around in the helicopter. 


08/14/2018 at 12:05 AM

Yea, Army Men Air Attack 1 and 2 were ok. I want to play them again.

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