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Forza Horizon 4 Progress

On 11/08/2018 at 11:02 PM by KnightDriver

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I knocked off a few more achievements today. It looks like I'm nearly done for the time being until the big DLC drops in December. Here's a breakdown. 

I bought my castle finally for 10 million. I got there mainly by selling cars, but winning races helped too. The castle unlocks the last Barn Find as well, which is another achievement. So two for one there. 

Then I upgraded one of my super cars to X Class, the highest, and got the achievement for winning a Showdown with a D and X class car. Mark created the blueprint for it at one of the drag strips. Easy peazy.

My Horizon Edition Lambo is still faster than my X Class car though. Shows what good tuning can do. Tuning is very complex and I'm not doing it. But those Horizon Edition cars have been tuned by the developers, so I'll rely on those. 

Then I was grinding for levels in Road Races when I discovered a user created race that gives you a lot of XP. I found it quite by accident. It set up a long straight race up and down the major highway in the game with guidlines that throw the drivatars off from the checkpoints. They always follow the guidelines but you don't have to as long as there isn't a checkpoint set up along them. So, you basically win easily and the long miles give you higher cash and XP. It's not something I would have searched for because I like real races and some challenge, but I was happy it got me that last level and a half I needed to get to Rank 20 and unlock the Goliath race. 

The Goliath race circles the entire world, and if you make it a three lap race with a blueprint, you get an achievement. It'll take a half hour to finish though. It's something like 120 miles. That'll be my task next week. 

There's one more achievement I'm going for and that is a high speed record that can only be achieved by a specific car, the Bugati V. ..  V something, I forget now. You have to hit 265 mph through a speed trap on the highway. It's actually very challenging. Mark has the car and was trying it over and over without getting it. So that'll be the last achievement I'm going for until they add new ones. 

A few I'm not going for include several for drifting skills. I am just terrible at drifting around curves. You need to get real comfortable with an appropriate car and practice. I've been trying, but I haven't found the right car. Plus, I don't have the patience for it. I really don't like workign the drift zones. I did notice today a lot of settings you can tweek that change how the cars behaive. I might fiddle with those. 

Finally, I got boosted to Pro Drivatars because I won a certain number of consecutive races. The game sees your wins and suggests upping the difficulty, and I always oblige. You get more of a reward for winning against more difficult drivatars, so it's worth it; plus, I like being challenged. Easy wins are boring. 

So that's a gaming week for me. 




Super Step Contributing Writer

11/09/2018 at 12:08 AM

Once again, all I can think about is how I wish real life was more like this game for me. I could use a castle. 


11/09/2018 at 07:15 PM

They say in the game that even though you own it, you'd still have to let tours through and maintain it for the sake of national pride and historical preservation. It could put a damper on those all night parties, or the LARP I would definitely have there. 


11/10/2018 at 04:44 PM

I never touch the tuning portions of games mainly because I have no idea what I am doing, but also I figure I couldn't do a better job than the devs. 


11/10/2018 at 07:38 PM

Now that I've exhausted a lot of the content in the game, I may go tinker a bit, but on first glance, it was all greek to me. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

11/13/2018 at 09:34 PM

I have Project Cars installed on my PS4. It's a more traditional racing game, but it's pretty good. I should play some soon. 


11/13/2018 at 10:49 PM

Seems like a sim type game like Forza Motorsport. Sure looks amazing. I like the old F1 cars shown in the trailer; and go-karts too. Ha! I think I can rent that from my library if I have time. 

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