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Borderlands GotYE

On 05/01/2019 at 01:17 AM by KnightDriver

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Well, I downloaded Rage from GamePass via the GamePass app on my phone a few days ago and it was ready today on my console (ah, future tech), but I played Borderlands 1 with MadKrammer instead. It's knd of hard for me to resist co-op when it's available. 

I'm already on my second playthrough. I did the whole game and all four DLC areas solo. Now I'm playing co-op. The game knocks out the guest player from time to time. I don't know if it's the game or the internet connection, but it's annoying. It seems like it's either certain times of the day or just after several hours of gameplay or when there's a lot of action on the screen. All conditions have occured in congruence with losing connection. So who knows, but it's fun while it lasts. Here are some pics. 

Going to the Loot Room

I call this one, "Going to the Loot Room". Since MK was hosting, I let him open the secret loot crates. It was a funny moment for me waiting there with a rocket launcher on my shoulder while MK went to the loot room. Even virtual characters got to go sometimes. 


That's MK driving as Brick. I'm in the gunner seat as Roland, the soldier. I like his turret special ability. MK likes Brick's rage melee special. When we play in co-op, my controller and screen are always shaking around when he goes into his special, which is very often. Anyway, this moment is during a jump, and I was not paying attention to my controller, which resulted in the camera moving to the front. It made me laugh to see the car jump from that angle. 

This remaster looks really great and has a few tweaks like a detailed mini map and a golden key chest. I'm attempting a complete achievement run, but one at least I know I won't get, and that's killing Cromerax. It's specifically a four-player battle, and I've only got the two of us. We've tried on previous versions of the game, and it's really impossible. But I'll do my best to get all the rest. 

That's a day. I'm almost done school now. Feels like a summer off coming, but it really isn't - just no school. I'll take it somewhat easy for a week and then do the harder work of job hunting.

Until next time. Toodle pipsy. 




Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/01/2019 at 08:48 AM

I never got into Borderlands, but I can see the appeal. They do look fun. 


05/01/2019 at 11:12 PM

It can get a little bit fetch questy at times, but all the missions are still interesting. 


05/14/2019 at 11:41 AM

I love Borderlands ever since I played through the first one. I bought the re-release of original Borderlands for PS4 (and also the Handsome Collection). I’m not as hyped about part three for some reason but I’ll definitely play it.


05/15/2019 at 08:29 PM

My friend and I are really excited for B3. I will likely be playing it day-one somehow. 

I've played the heck out of the B1 remaster now. I don't know what to do. I wish they would remaster B2, 'cause I'd dig into that again. I've already played it in the Handsome Collection for the second time. 

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