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Borderlands 2's New DLC

On 06/18/2019 at 11:32 PM by KnightDriver

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I finished the main game of B2 today, or nearly so, and then started the new DLC that's supposed to link up the story of B2 with upcoming B3. I haven't finished it yet but it's interesting so far. 

I got to the final boss of B2, beat Jack, and then took on the Vault Warrior. This dragon thing is a real pain and me being slightly under the suggested level didn't help. I nearly beat it a couple of times but ultimately decided I didn't have to beat it right away. I was level 29 anyway, so I left it and started the new DLC. 

Again, I am slightly under the suggested level of 30, so I struggled a bit. It was fun to see all the characters of B2 in a new location on Pandora and interacting in new ways. There are references to TellTales' Tales of Borderlands game which takes place, if I remember right, behind the scenes of B2 towards the end and a little beyond. Best of all though, was some strange gear I picked up: a SMG and a shield. These were weapons from uncoming B3. The SMG, when spent, throws out a copy of itself which continues to shoot and bounce around until it blows up. It is also especially tuned to attack the new foes in this DLC, so it was a godsend. My friend Mark was playing too and was angry because he hadn't found a B3 weapon yet. I guess it's just a random drop like all the others. 

The story is fun and even touching in places. No spoilers, but you have a new foe, enemies and locations to shoot and explore. I don't think these will carry into B3, but I'll find out tomorrow when I finish it. 



Matt Snee Staff Writer

06/18/2019 at 11:34 PM

I love the look of those games. I played a little bit of the first one co-op with my brother, but I was a little burned out on FPS at that point. 


06/19/2019 at 11:59 PM

I like the look too and it is threatening to burn me out with all its large environments. They do a specific design thing that gets you to travel a lot. Indoor areas spiral around and back on themselves, missions are always a trek across a wasteland. In a way it's good because it naturally leads you to all the areas of the game, but sometimes it's tiring. 

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