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Ever Get Game Withdrawal?

On 07/08/2019 at 02:42 PM by KnightDriver

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I'm getting this right now. Monday is like my Friday, and I really can't wait to game on Tuesday. I should ignore this urge and get back to job searching, and so I shall, as soon as I finish this blog. 

I don't think I've really experieced this feeling before. I'm basically following a similar schedule to what I used to do a few years ago. I used to work Tues-Sat and game Sun-Mon. I didn't game most for 5 days. So I should be fine.

I don't know, this job searching is stressful to me. I have to get over so much insecurity. It's difficult. Progress is slow. 

Anyway, I just heard today that another XCOM is on the way. I'm excited. And the Gameinformer podcast this week has an interview with the guy who did the music for Donkey Kong Country. I can't wait to hear his thoughts on several of the pieces in the game, especially the under water music, my favorite. 

Well, I'm about to head to work. By 9pm I'll be able to say my weekend has begun. It's hot dog month too. I want me some hot dogs and some quality game time. Yes sir. And I'll try not to think about what I have to do still and the impending doom of our society and world. Keep your head up, plant a tree, things will be alright. I keep telling myself that. 



Cary Woodham

07/08/2019 at 09:20 PM

I don't know about game withdrawal, but something similar I remember experiencing is when a game console comes out and it takes forever to get new games.  Some of the consoles that I remember having to wait a long time between good games were the N64, GameCube (at first), and Wii.  It doesn't seem to be as much of a problem for me now, though.

What amazes me about the underwater music from DKC is that you'd never expect it was coming from a SNES!


07/11/2019 at 11:15 PM

I kind of wish I had more of that problem of less games. I'm up to eyeballs in games even though I've been cutting my collection down severely. More just comes in digitally. 

In the interview with David Wise (I think that's his name) he mentioned that Aquatic Ambience was the more technologically challenging piece he had to make. He also said it was his favorite and that he plays it on saxophone in his band live. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

07/08/2019 at 10:22 PM

Hate to say it, but if there's anything I'm addicted enough to to get withdrawals, it's probably Facebook. I'm pretty isolated from most of my friend group at the moment, so I hate the feeling of disconectedness I get if I don't check in with people. 

I actually haven't gamed recently, sicne I've been catching up on Netflix shows. I really think I'm gonna swear off TV once I'm done with Stranger Things and just watch movies for a while. I hate big time commitments, and I need to start lesson planning soon, so I'll hate them even more. 

Good luck on the job search though. I know exactly where you're coming from there. I definitely have my own insecurities to get over. 


07/11/2019 at 11:11 PM

My gaming is a bit of a social time for me, now I think of it. Mark and I crack jokes all during gaming. I'm probably just missing the goofing around moreso than just the gaming. 

Yea, the time comittment with gaming is a bit oppressive. I'm keen to get back to my short game list. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

07/11/2019 at 11:18 PM

Ok, yeah, that's a lot different from my game time which is me time. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

07/09/2019 at 09:14 AM

I get game withdrawal, but I can't concentrate on games lately. I've been playing a little Mario Maker lately here and there. It has a full single player campaign that's fun. 

I saw you work at a library. I know they don't pay well, but it's a cool job. I've worked at two libraries - an art library at Temple University, and a private library in Manhattan. I miss them both. 


07/11/2019 at 10:57 PM

I don't mind the low pay as long as I can get full-time work. I don't have a great ambition for money, but I'm really not making a living wage right now, and I have to fix that. 


07/09/2019 at 12:41 PM

I'm going to say no, because I've gone long stretches without playing anything. A couple of years ago and the answer would be different. I don't know why really, I still love playing the casual stuff and I fired up NCAA Football 14 after a couple of months but there really hasn't been a game that I've really wanted/needed to play. 


07/11/2019 at 10:55 PM

Must be a symptom of my stress right now. Gaming is a great escape. I think when I feel secure, I can let it go more easily. 


07/10/2019 at 09:15 PM

I have a pretty steady backlog and schedule my play sessions so I don't think I go through withdrawals unless there is a particular game I really want to get back into right away like a Monster Hunter or Souls type game. 


07/11/2019 at 10:25 PM

My schedule has been very weird the last few years. That's probably the reason. I can't wait for a steady schedule again. 


07/11/2019 at 11:01 PM

Yup. I've mainly been playing Fallout games the last few months and before that I played through all the Bioshock games 1, 2 and infinite, in order. I was playing a lot of Monster Hunter World on and off too. I like playing through whole series. Kind of like binge watching a show on netflix.


07/11/2019 at 11:06 PM

Yea, that's cool. I do such things if my friend Mark is doing it too, like with Borderlands recently. I usually lose steam on my own. 

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