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Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair Gameplay

On 08/25/2019 at 06:55 PM by mothman

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Looks like fun. 




Joaquim Mira Media Manager

08/25/2019 at 07:03 PM

I already knew I was buying it when I saw the announcement trailer during E3.

Matt Snee Staff Writer

08/25/2019 at 07:59 PM

Yeah man this looks great. 


08/25/2019 at 08:47 PM

Why is there always a two-in-one character. It's great gameplay-wise but it's kind of freaky when I think about it. . . I should stop thinking about it. 


08/26/2019 at 02:58 PM

My wife has always been a big fan of Banjo-Kazooie and so I got her Yooka Laylee when it came out (it initially released on her birthday) but she never really got into it. I dunno. But it looks more interesting to me as a 2D game.

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