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91 Percent

On 01/25/2020 at 05:07 PM by KnightDriver

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That means 90 emeralds left on the 1000 emeralds achievement for Minecraft Xbox One Edition. I tried something new this time instead of just working my system from previous days. It didn’t really work too well. Here’s why.

My goal, when entering Mark’s game the other day, was to create a little industry of fishermen. I put four barrels on the dock, built some more beds and waited for them to show up. One showed up quickly, then two. I swear I had a third, but I never saw all three of them together, which may mean one of them got killed overnight. I tried to trade a lot with them. Each wanted coal for level 1 and then fish for level 2 and 3. I discovered that coal isn’t as quickly gathered as the clay or stone for the stone mason. And fishing, even with an enchanted rod, isn’t that fast either especially when they each want 15 per emerald.

So, after a very slow accumulation of emeralds, I switched back to the stone mason we had and quickly started earning masses of emeralds. Clay is easy to find for his level 1. Stone is just cooked cobblestone, which is everywhere. That’s level 2. And Andorite (anthracite?) is also easy to find and dig up quickly for level 3. Level 4 is nether quartz which is only in the nether, but once I had the nether portal up, I got a lot quickly. A double bonus there is that you level your player very fast digging nether quartz. It’s my number one way to level myself up.

Near the end, we both switched from traders to warriors. I enchanted a sword and bow, and we fought some illagers. We didn’t beat them because one of them got lost. This happens sometimes, and it’s very annoying. Then Mark started burning the village to the ground and I raced around trying to trade the last of my stuff to the villagers before Mark got to their door. I gave the cleric some gold, the leather workers some leather and the armorer the rest of my coal and iron. I got 60 emerads overall in the short play session we had. Not bad. Only 90 to go now. Next week I do it.




01/25/2020 at 07:15 PM

Oh jeez there's fisherman too?  So much in this game I'm still not aware of.

I maxed out the stone trades with my master mason, he won't take anymore. Is that permanent? He's not offering for quartz either, I guess it's random what they sell. Maybe I'll just make another mason out of one of the unemployed villagers


01/27/2020 at 03:23 PM

 There are quite a lot of craftsmen and whatnot. Clerics (priests?) are good because they always want rotten meat first. Down side is they want a lot of it and that takes a while. I've made a fletcher to get arrows quickly. There's also a shepherd who'll take wool. I shear a lot of sheep for beds anyway.

They renew pretty frequently. I give a stone mason all he can take and then leave to harvest more. I come back the next day and he takes more. Sometimes he changes the price. 

Each craftsman is sometimes the same or sometimes with slightly different wants. Librarians always want paper for level 1, and leather workers always want leather for level 1. I noticed that stone masons vary only in level 3 where the rock type can vary. Fishermen mostly want coal first but I had one once that wanted string first. I level them all up as fast as possible by buying items off them. That way they'll take a larger variety of matterials for emeralds. Sometimes they just lose their levels though. I don't know why, but I suspect they sometimes get killed overnight and respawn in the morning without the levels I gave them. 


01/26/2020 at 05:11 PM

Even with multiple kids who play the game now, all this Minecraft stuff is lost on me lol


01/27/2020 at 03:11 PM

I used to watch my neice and nephew play Minecraft but it was totally different than what Mark and I do in survival mode. They played creative mode and built things, or fought pvp in various worlds set up for that purpose. 

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