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Bought a Switch Lite - This is not a BaD Blog

On 02/20/2020 at 11:18 AM by mothman

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I've missed too much for that but thought I'd post this in case anyone else is looking to by a Switch Lite to serve as their travel Switch or just as a portable.

First it definitely is better to hold onto in handheld mode and the screen looks reasonable good.

However, I bought it to use when I travel or just don't feel like undocking my Switch.

For others wishing to do this, some caveats.

1. Even after you have logged in to the Switch Lite using your existing account you cannot just take your micro SD card out and put it in the Switch Lite. You will be told that the card has been used in another Switch and asked if you want to format it.

So any digital game you want to play will have to be downloaded again, to internal storage or a new Micro SD card.

2. But wait, there's more. Once the game is downloaded you can only play it if you are connected to the internet.

When you attempt to load the game it will "phone home" to make sure no one is playing the same game on your Switch.

Now this isn't too bad since it is only needed to load the game and free Wi-Fi is available all over the place. 

But if you are commuting or on a plane to somewhere that isn't usually the case.

I guess if you load the game before you leave the house you could play it on the bus/subway. But not in the car while you are driving. That is frowned upon.

3. Physical games will work fine but if you are 50 hours in on an RPG that game better support Cloud saves because you cannot move your local saves over to the Switch Lite.

4. Another way to get around the "phone home" business is to deregister your main Switch as Primary and register the Switch Lite instead. Your main Switch will work fine because it is usually connected to your home internet.

However I have not idea what happens to the 400 GBs of digital games you have downloaded on your main Switch and I'm not about to try and find out.

Anyway, it's a nice little unit that I really don't need except a couple of times a year but I have it now so there you go.

I told him that starting drinking at 10:00 am was a bad idea.

passed out panda



Matt Snee Staff Writer

02/20/2020 at 10:33 PM

Looks like a BaD blog to me! I see pandas, dammit. 


02/21/2020 at 12:29 AM

We recently got a Switch Lite also and I really love it. We have some digital games but not a lot, so that's not really an issue. We don't really take our Switches out of the hourse either. Mainly we got it because my kids hog the main Switch most of the time and the Lite is for my wife and me.


02/23/2020 at 08:21 PM

I guess NIntendo doesn't want you to move your data around to different hardware, even their own hardware. 


02/24/2020 at 09:49 AM

Luckily, if you have physical games that support cloud saves you can download your save on the Lite and continue where you left off.

Digital games it has to make sure you don't have two people playing a game at the same time when you only bought it once. 

The Last Ninja

02/24/2020 at 11:36 AM

Recently got one too. I made the decision to make the Lite my primary Switch since I take it with me to play out and about. My regular Switch is now just for gaming at home on the TV. I think it's stupid that Nintendo has it where you have to have a wifi connection on your secondary Switch to play, but whatever. 

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