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Proving Dungeons Spire wherein Rime Fight with Castlevania Quest Friends

On 05/26/2020 at 09:18 PM by KnightDriver

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What would a "dungeons spire" be, I ask? Maybe something in the Mines of Moria from Lord of the Rings; and, I wish I had "Castlevania Quest Friends"; although, I think all of you here are that. I like "Rime Fight" - might be like a rap fight except between sailors using sea shanties. "Who's got ye best shantie, yar, let us see". So, altogether it means: sailors having a shantie battle with their friends Alucard and a collection of Universal movie monsters in a spire buit deep in the Mines of Moria. Yeah. Actually it's just the eight games I played today. 

Wizardry: I managed to farm a Ring of Death and get 250k in gold. I outfited my crew with the best of the best and explored level 7, which is a total pain because I don't think you can get to the stairs to level 8 without teleporting. Lucky for me, my mage and cleric leveled up, and I got a Madi to do just that. But I'm holding out because maybe there is one secret door I haven't found yet. Teleporting around the dungeon is risky buisness, I don't want to do it unless it's an emergency. 

Minecraft Dungeons: This dropped today on Game Pass. I played it for a few levels. It's pretty great. It's like a mini Diablo. I found a crossbow and explosive arrows and went about my favorite medieval passtime, blowing things up. I really want to play with other people though. I played online but no game sessions were active yet. That kind of surprised me but I'll try again tomorrow. 

Slay the Spire: For a Game Pass Quest, but I love this rogue-lite card battler. I got past the first boss and about 9 events into the second tier before getting killed. You unlock new cards though, so in your next play you have an edge. I stopped for now because I got the 15 levels requirment for the quest. I left it installed so I can go back to it. 

Rime: I've beaten this game already but there was a Game Pass Quest. I played through the first area before stopping. This game is like a modern take on Shadow of the Colossus. You're dropped in a world and have to figure everything out on your own. I have a bunch of obscure achievements to get in this game, but I wasn't in the mood for that today. 

Final Fight arcade: Within Capcom's Beat 'em Up Collection. It's the earliest game in there, 1989. Next week I start the first half of the 90s in my retro play, so I'll play the other ones which go from '91 to '97. I looked at the art gallery for the game. It's clear that game design starts with drawings then code. Something to remember. 

Castlevania and Simon's Quest: I got past that first mini boss, the giant bat in Castlevania. I figured out how to use items, which is key. I threw a lot of axes at that thing. I broke past where I got stuck in Simon's Quest a few months ago. Those darn floating eyeballs are a pain. I lashed them good though. What's with getting killed by water? No one can swim in these games? 

Golf with Your Friends: Mark was going for par on the first course, Forest, for an achievement, so I had to reinstall and try it myself. We both got it after a few tries. Then I played online with four randoms on the Space Station course. I did well in the first 9 but collapsed in the final 4. Luckily so did everyone else and I ended up winning. No par or better for that one though. Some of those minigolf holes are so crazy complicated. One mistake and you are going to lose several strokes. It shouldn't be like that. 

Well, that's a day. Good times. 



Cary Woodham

05/26/2020 at 09:32 PM

You beat Rime?  It has one of the saddest endings I've ever seen in a video game!

Do you have the Castlevania collection?  I hope you get to play my favorite game on it!  You'll know what it is when you play it.


05/26/2020 at 09:41 PM

I beat it like a year ago. I actually don't remember the ending, which is why I started a new game this time. Oh, yeah, now I remember. Yeah, that was pretty sad. 

I do have the Castlevania Collection. I also just bought the Contra Collection for $10 on sale. I know they're hard, but retro, you know, I can't resist. 

Super Step Contributing Writer

05/26/2020 at 11:51 PM

No one spoil Rime for me, as I never actually finished it. I think it is still installed though. 

I love playing Streets of Rage 2 on my Genesis Mini and I ... like Streets of Rage 4 ok I guess, but I really want to play these things with a buddy, so I might pick up some retro collections where I can do that, like with the Final Fight games. SoR4 players seemed to drop off pretty hard after the initial release. I kinda wish the Mini just connected to the Internet somehow, but I see how that defeats the purpose of a nostalgia console. Well, unless they provided a mini Sega Channel adapter thingy. 

I remember getting past the bat without really knowing to use items, but knowing which item to spam and where to sit definitely lets you cheese a lot of Castlevania bosses. I think I finally figured out the winged creature at the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Bloodlines. I did have to look up how to beat one of the pre-Dracula mini bosses (lizard guy?) in Castlevania IV though.

Good on you for working through Simon's Quest. Other than the fact it introduced one of my favorite video game songs ever ("Bloody Tears") I really don't feel the need to play it after so many Internet videos saying I wouldn't like it.


05/27/2020 at 09:54 PM

Rime is fun. I enjoyed it a lot. 

I noticed that Sega Geneis Classics has Streets of Rage 1-3 and can go online. I haven't tried it with any game in it yet though. 

Yeah that specific location thing I noticed a lot in Mega Man. Enemies move in predictbale ways and you just have to learn their weak spots. 

Well, I didn't finish Simon's Quest for sure. I think I got mauled by floating eyes somewhere. These old games are always a work in progress. Every time I play them I get a little farther. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

05/29/2020 at 02:54 PM

Those Wizardry games a little too hardcore for me, but I love those Etrian Odyssey games. I'm hoping there will be a new one released for the Switch some time in the near future. 


05/30/2020 at 12:02 PM

I heard there's one coming to Switch. I'm really going to find it hard not splurging on a Switch when that comes out. 

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