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Mars Bounty

On 06/28/2020 at 09:36 PM by KnightDriver

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What would we find on Mars if we ever tried to settle it? I'm unsure if it would be underground water like in my first game today. We'd probably need something more like moisture vaporators from fictional Tatooine. It also, definitely, would not be like the American West circa 1850 like in my second game today. Frontiers in space will be very different than the fictional worlds we've created, I have no doubt. 

Surviving Mars: I tried to play this again for a rewards quest but I couldn't get past the incredible complexity of this city builder on Mars. It's very cool, though. I just had trouble finding the build menu in a campaign mission and switched to play the tutorials again. Then I realized this was going to take some serious time to learn, so I stopped because I had more Borderlands 3 to get back to. 

Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood: I finished the main story mission. The final battle has some neat mechanics I've never experienced before. The DLC has added jump pads and warp points that create some new strategies. They also complicate the maps making it tricky to figure out how to get from one place to another if you have a specific point you want to get to. I'm a pretty quick learner as to knowing where to go, however, so over time I'll be able to get around more quickly. I'm working on side missions now and exploring every corner of this new planet. I get almost annoyed at battles now because I'm focused on exploration. I've got some new weapons that I like though, so I'm enjoying fighting more again. I upped the difficulty to mayhem 2 but it's still a little bit too easy. I'll make the jump to 3 next time. 

B3 Glitch

I ddn't do that



Matt Snee Staff Writer

06/29/2020 at 08:25 PM

I'd like to play Surviving Mars. It's available for Mac. I might pick it up during the steam sale. 

that guy there looks like he's having a bad day. Tongue Out 


07/02/2020 at 07:50 PM

I'm currently closing in on the end of the third volume of Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy, so I'm very familiar with what it would take to terraform Mars lol. Surviving Mars sounds cool, though maybe not my kind of game.


07/02/2020 at 10:11 PM

The game is just so involved. So many options, buildings and whatnot. I didn't have the patience that day, but it seemed cool and basically well optimized for controlers.

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