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Borderlands Doom Farm

On 07/06/2020 at 03:28 PM by KnightDriver

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The gaming I did this weekend after each long day's toil on the Doom Farm.  

Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood: 

On Saturday I finished everything in this DLC. I explored every nook and crany of the new planet and got all the achievements. I had fun with it. One thing I appreciated was the extreme variety of weapon types and their functions. The pistol I was using shoots out a stream of bullets with some king of firey tracer attached to them. It appears to be a weapon with elemental damage, but not so, it's just hot, I guess. Then I had a rifle that shot out an array of bouncing, explosive capsules. I didn't like that so much and got another one that was very conventional in that it just shot tiny bullets like a real rifle. I've used a variety of RPGs and sniper rifles that all had very different effects. One RPG appears to launch a tiny nuke, another is more like a super powerful fire extinguisher shooting out a kind of freezing foam. Dispite the fact that I agonize over which weapon is better, sometimes I just like to see what each does like the bubble gun pistol. Weaponized bubbles. Interesting. 

Doom 64:

I played this while Farm Together was downloading. The imps in this game look a little more like aliens than demons but they do the same things. It's interesting to see the original Doom graphics slightly upgraded for the N64. It's a fun game. I cleared several levels without getting too lost. 

Farm Together:

I've been watching Mark play this for a week or so and was always keen to try it. I used up some of my rewards points and got it. I've been told it's very much like Farmville. I'm really liking it so far. You plant crops and build structures and follow quests that encourage you to grow ceratin plants or maintain animals and fish. You level up and new items unlock. The game runs in real time, so like planting cabbage will take 10 minutes in real time. I believe that if you consistantly water them, they grow slightly faster, but I'm not sure. It's certainly the case that if you don't feed your animals the timer will stop on their productivity. As the real world game day ended, I planted a lot of 1 and 2 day long growing plants so they'd be ready for next weekend. I'm pretty sure the game runs whether you are in it or not. 

You can also customize the look of you farmer and your tractor. You can also have a dog or cat companion which you can also customize. I haven't played it multiplayer yet. I think you enter another's farm as a farm hand instead of your character and can help out on another's farm. I'm keen to try that soon. Mark's way ahead of me and growing huge forests of fruit trees. I'll be hooked on this game for a while now. 




07/06/2020 at 07:06 PM

I wanna play Doom Farm!


07/06/2020 at 09:10 PM

Yeah man, farm up some demons and fields of gibs. Sell them to video games that need enemies. It sounds like a small game idea for a download service like ye olde 3DS eshop. 

Cary Woodham

07/07/2020 at 08:01 AM

When you first mentioned Farm Together last week, I watched a trailer of it and it looks pretty cool.  But I'm already up to my ears in Animal Crossing (both Switch and mobile), so I don't need another game like that to get addicted to (it's why I won't touch Minecraft either).  Is Farm Together only on Xbox?


07/07/2020 at 07:32 PM

It's on everything. Animal Crossing is probably enough game for you right now. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

07/07/2020 at 04:06 PM

Ah, the toil of digital farming. 


07/07/2020 at 07:36 PM

I'm thinking about how my wheat is growing on my system at Mark's right now. Make it stop!Tongue Out

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