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New toy and another late to the party entry

On 07/28/2020 at 12:34 PM by Ranger1

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After finishing up all the Ratchet & Clank main games, I decided to delve back into the box of unfinished/unplayed PS3 games that have been on my conscience for a while. I found one, more about that further down.

My big news, however, is, after having been on the lookout for three months, I finally scored a Switch today. I had to go into South Portland for my monthly massage therapy appointment, and there's a Bull Moose Music store there, just a few blocks away from my massage therapist. I really shouldn't have gone in, but I'm feeling virtuous because I haven't been buying my morning breakfast sandwich and coffee at the market this year, I paid off my car loan (a year early, I might add!) at the beginning of the month, and I'm not eating out or ordering in these days. So on a whim, I went in. As a stepped through the door, I looked to my left to the cabinet with the gaming consoles in it, and there it was, in all its neon blue and neon red glory, calling my name rather loudly. The last one in the case. They'd gotten five in the day before and they lasted less than 24 hours. I also snagged the last copy of Animal Crossing in the store to go with it. This may be my final entry for a while, lol. I'll be setting it up as soon as I finish this and have lunch.

And for those still reading and wondering about what the current Late to the Party entry is, I chose Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, a game I had started twice before and quit at the same point (near the beginning) both times out of frustration. A fellow 1upper had sent it to me years ago as a thank you for my helping them out when they were going through a rough patch, so I've always felt like I needed to play it and have felt some guilt for not playing. I am happy to say I have passed that point and am pretty close to the halfway point, I think. I'm playing it in small segments, because I noticed that if I tried playing for longer sessions, I was getting mad and frustrated.

On the whole, I'm enjoying the game. I have to keep reminding myself that the game is ten years old, because I've gotten used to more fluid game play from games like the Arkham series and the newer Tomb Raider games. It has some serious camera issues, too. I also find myself telling the girl, Trip, not to be so whiny and to pull her own weight more, but I guess if she could do that, she wouldn't have enslaved Monkey. And fun fact, Monkey is voiced by Andy Serkis. I keep waiting for him to say "My preciousss". As I'm only around halfway done, these are just my impressions of the game so far.

I also changed my gamer tag on PSN, now that they're allowing it. Rangergrrl just didn't fit any more now that I'm out and open as transgender. So if you see Ranger_Bhoy pop up in your friends list, that's who it is.

Alright Pixlbit Nation, I'm off to eat something and get my island started. Have an awesome day!



Super Step Contributing Writer

07/28/2020 at 01:07 PM

I think stores were refusing to carry the Switch for a bit because they weren't willing to charge people the insane prices the things were going for. Glad you got one and hope you got a decent deal on it! 


07/29/2020 at 07:54 PM

Stores couldn't get them in, is what Bull Moose told me. They only got five in on Monday, and I grabbed the last one at 11 AM yesterday (Tuesday). As they don't open until 10 AM, my guess is that the other four sold on Monday. As for the price, it was Nintendo's standard MSRP of $399.99, so no deal. But since I've seen used and refurbished ones going for more than that, I don't feel at all bad about it.

Casey Curran Staff Writer

07/28/2020 at 03:56 PM

Nice, I love my Switch. Such a great library of games. Tried the demo for Enslaved, but wasn't a fan. The visuals and controls didn't do anything for me, even back in 2010


07/29/2020 at 07:52 PM

I'm enjoying the story, and the gameplay, now that I've gotten a little more used to it, is kind of fun. The camera issues are a pain in the butt, and I do wish the contols were tighter and more intuitive, but hey, it was a gift, so hard to argue with free.

Feel free to make game recommendations. Because I hadn't planned on getting one (until AC came out and everyone I know started posting about it), I'm not all that familiar with what's out there. I made a list from a couple of articles, but I prefer getting my game recomendations from friends. 

Casey Curran Staff Writer

07/29/2020 at 08:40 PM

My favorite game by far is Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I have a review written here for it. If you're looking for RPGs, Octopath Traveler is exactly like an old Square RPG and the Xenoblade games are excellent. And Mario + Rabbids and Luigi's Mansion 3 are games I think you personally would really love.


07/28/2020 at 04:18 PM

Congrats on the Switch. It is my favorite system of all time, so many wonderful games. You need to treat yourself once in awhile. I PMed you my code.


07/29/2020 at 07:48 PM

Yay! I have a list of friends who want to play with me!

I couldn't believe I found one, and in the color I wanted. I just stopped in to Bull Moose on a whim, and there it was. It was meant to be. I'm still giggling.

Cary Woodham

07/28/2020 at 09:36 PM

I'm so glad you got a Switch and Animal Crossing!  When you are ready to set up your Switch for online, here is my friend code:



07/29/2020 at 07:45 PM

Saturday evening, provided the LAN adaptor comes in on Saturday like Amazon promised it would. I'm so excited to play AC online line with you, Chris Yarger's wife Courtney, and a few other friends. A couple of whom I didn't even realize 1) played video games, 2) had a Switch, and 3) play Animal Crossing.

I have spent probably far too much time playing AC the past two days, but I don't care. I need the escapism it provides from an insanely busy summer at work.

Matt Snee Staff Writer

07/29/2020 at 06:37 AM

The Switch console is definitely one of the best consoles in gaming history. So many great games! You're really gonna love it. I'm eager to see what you think of Zelda (which I have to finish myself, of course!). 


07/29/2020 at 07:41 PM

I've been making a list of games I might be interested in. Breath of the Wild is on the top of the list.

Matt Snee Staff Writer

07/29/2020 at 10:15 PM

Like Casey says above, Breath of the Wild is truly superb. I was very impressed with it. 


07/29/2020 at 06:35 PM

Oh man! I want a Switch so I can play Animal Cross with you and Cary. It's going to have to wait on my negative income at the moment though. Have fun with it!

I played a demo for Enslaved  way back and always meant to play the full game. I think I kept saying, "my precious" too when I heard about Mr. Serkis. I may still have a copy around here. 

I checked my PS4 and saw your new user name. I think I, by accident, created a group or something. I was trying to send a quick message, but bungled it. Shows how much I use my PS4. I'm not happy about that. 


07/29/2020 at 07:40 PM

PSN's strange way of sending personal messages is to start a group. Threw me when I first sent a message, too.


07/30/2020 at 06:25 PM

As soon as I saw I created a group, I exited thinking I was on the wrong screen. Then I couldn't find a way to just send a message. I had a suspicion though. I'll do it right next time. 


08/03/2020 at 01:14 PM

Hold up you skipped the big news, congrats on paying off the car a year early! That is awesome! Ok and the other new, Heck Yeah Switch! Congrats on the new toy. I haven't powered mine up in maybe a month but I should do it soon, I'm getting basketball withdrawls...and maybe the other games I've been playing on there too.


08/12/2020 at 02:29 PM

Yeah, that was BIG news, lol. 


08/10/2020 at 10:48 AM

The Switch is my primary console right now. I turn on my PS4 from time to time but wind up going back to Switch after a short time to play AC.

I know we are Switch friends now but you need to visit my island and ask to be best friends. Then I can start sending you DIY recipes that I already have. You will also be able to pick fruit that you don't have (I have every one of them) and start your own orchards.

When you are ready to go island hopping let me know. 


08/12/2020 at 02:28 PM

I'm up for island hopping pretty much any time I'm on. I'm all set on all fruit, Courtney Yarger set me up the first day I was online. And I usually leave my gate open when I'm not doing something that won't let me have it open, if you want to pay me a visit.

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