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Neon Abyss

On 09/25/2020 at 09:41 PM by KnightDriver

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I played a lot of this today trying to get a few achievements for rewards points. I started to really like it. 

I switched from hard difficulty to easy and started to make some porgress. I beat the first boss and had a lot of fun doing it. You collect these eggs that follow you around. When you clear a room, one either hatches or just breaks. If it hatches you get a pet creature that helps you fight. They even level up as you go, adding a lot of graphics on the screen during battles. At one point, I had ten of these things following me around and helping me fight. The screen just filled up with their effects and the blasts from my gun. You also pick up speical boosts. One was wings, so I was flying around the levels with a hoard of helpers blasting away at enemies. Really cool. Easy, is pretty easy though, and I rolled the four minibosses. But I fogot, in all the excitment to watch my health meter and I died a couple of times before getting to the final boss. I got there though. 

It'll stay on my hard drive for when i come back to it. 



Cary Woodham

09/26/2020 at 03:56 PM

I had the opportunity to review this, but it looked like yet another twin stick shooter to me, so I passed on it.  Plus I've got like, seven other games to review right now!


09/27/2020 at 11:56 AM

Too bad, it's a good one. 

Matt Snee Staff Writer

09/28/2020 at 10:35 AM

I like the art. This game seems hectic as hell though, which is sometimes a good thing. 


09/28/2020 at 06:50 PM

Depending on which eggs you hatch, and it seems to be random, all sorts of effects can happen on screen. Sometimes I found it hard to see my own character in all the mayhem. I'd get hit sometimes and not know where it came from. It's not so crazy hard on easy mode. You get lots more eggs that hatch and help you out. 


09/29/2020 at 12:59 PM

Hot damn there is so much going on I would probably need a bunch of continues. It's got that Metroid meets bullet hell but it would be fun especially on the Switch.


09/29/2020 at 05:55 PM

As long as you beat a level, you get gold that is used to permanently upgrade your character no matter how many times you die. On easy I was doing pretty well. On hard it was a struggle to beat even one miniboss. You just don't get as many resources to help you in the levels. 

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