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Friday Gaming, Maybe the Last for While

On 11/19/2021 at 11:16 PM by KnightDriver

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I have a new job starting in a week and I may be working weekends, so I don't know when I'll be gaming after this weekend. Maybe not at all, but probably sometime. Today I mainly played Forza Horizon 5 and Dicey Dungeons but a few others passed by. 

Forza Horizon 5:


I spent a good long time in this today. I was getting hooked. There is a lot to do on this map of Mexico. There are a lot of small changes in this game too from the last one. I don't think I can go into them all though, because they are so detailed and specific, and I'd have to figure out how to describe specific functional differences and new menus and whatnot. These games are mind-bogglingly complex when you look at them closely. I would've had to have taken notes while I played. 

I mainly used the seasonal challenges as a guide to do things. This led me all over the map to different events. On top of that, I would stop if I saw a sign to smash or a user-created challenge to try. I also took breaks to hunt down barn finds and join in on multiplayer events. I had to make up a place to stop so I could get to some other stuff.

I'm trying to get to 10k rewards points this month, but I think I might not make it this time. This is the last weekend I'll have to game this month and I'm only at 7k. 

Scarlet Nexus:


For rewards points. I just had to boot it but I played a little bit into it until I remembered what this game was and how I'd played it before. I wasn't that into it so I moved on. 

Halo Infinite Multiplayer beta:


I played several rounds of 4v4 and 12v12. The game certainly plays as good as it always has. I noticed you can grab edges of anything even if you are not quite facing them. It makes for very fast and smooth traversal of environments. I, however, am not a big pvp fan. I got some kills but also got killed a lot. It always seems like I put several clips into someone who miraculously survives and downs me with a shot or two. It's probably that head-shot thing again. Body shots seem to do nearly nothing in Halo these days. It's head-shots or nothing. 

Spacebase Startopia demo:


This seemed very cool. Some kind of sim or rts I believe, but I couldn't stretch the screen to fit in the settings. Since I couldn't see all the menu items, I stopped playing. Most games let you resize the screen but a few don't. I think my tv is slightly of the wrong dimensions. 

Dicey Dungeons:


I was getting really depressed about games and decided to find something as close to 1990's Dragon Quest IV as I could. I just wanted a turn-based RPG of some sort. The first one I came across in the Xbox store was this turn-based rogue-like that uses dice as the main element in battles. I got really into it. I'm not sure the exact objectives because you seem to just battle until you get beat. Then that unlocks a new character with different abilities and play style. Each character has multiple dungeons to fight through which unlock over time. They each seem to get harder. You don't keep any XP or items you get in a particular "dungeon". You just start over again. 

I like the battle system though. You roll dice and then fit them into cards that activate different attacks, defenses and buffs. Each character can be equipped with different cards in two grids that represent your equipped skills and backpack. Everything is turn-based. I'm enjoying it but it's getting hard. I'm not sure how much longer I can keep playing it. I'll have to find another turn-based RPG that resembles an old 90s 16-bit game tomorrow. 




Cary Woodham

11/20/2021 at 07:51 AM

Congrats on a new job.  I have to work weekends most of the time.  Usually I don't mind it, but lately i feel like it cuts into my social life, what little I have.  At least it's better than when I was working nights.  That got old real fast.  Well I hope you can still visit here and blog and read our blogs and such.


11/20/2021 at 08:51 PM

I don't know what my schedule will be yet but it could be a Tues-Sat deal like I used to have. So I might have Sunday-Monday. I think I'm working mostly day shift too which is good. Technically I could play every night but I usually just play with my friend whenever he can, which is usually weekends. It might end up being Sunday only for a while. 

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