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Recent Plays On Xbox Series S

On 12/29/2021 at 07:53 PM by KnightDriver

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We got adventure, brawling, FPS, open-world action, and a racing game in this group. 

Ben 10: Power Trip:


This is on Game Pass. I generally like open-world action/adventure games even if they are fairly simple and cartoony. Ben 10 gains access to five or six elemental characters that each have special abilities. I used the fire-based one mostly because he's got a double-jump and I learned to fight with him really well. I beat the whole game's story and then finished all the side missions. I did some of the collectibles and activities but they got really tedious after a while. 

Too Human:


It is free in the Xbox store. It's an old Xbox 360 game I've tried before. This time I got quite a bit farther but the first really tough boss showed me, again, how difficult the controls can be. I find it impossible to target things with my guns. Melee fighting is easy with the right stick but targeting with ballistic weapons, which you really need against this first boss, is a nightmare. Otherwise, the presentation is top-notch. The story is an overblown melodramatic mess like a Warhammer story, but I was getting into it with the wow-inducing cut scenes. Too bad the gameplay is so difficult to get used to. 

Metro 2033 Redux:


I got this dirt cheap on a sale last week. I love the bleak atmosphere of these Metro games (I got Metro Exodus as well). I'd like to read the books this series was taken from. I do, however, dislike being so darn weak against the mutants above and below the ground. A winged mutant just kept picking me up and tossing me around. I couldn't get away from the thing. 

Crackdown 2:


My friend and I have been replaying this to the extreme lately. Who knew it would still be so good. We both had about half of the achievements from years ago, so we started going after the rest of them. I surprised myself by bagging several but it took a while because there was a bug for a time that blocked achievements from dropping. Then we got into Deluge mode. This is a hoard/firefight, PvE, co-op mode for up to four players. You fight waves of enemies working your way up a ladder to a max of 50 waves. You fight all over in the cities of the game. It's a ton of fun. You have a time limit so it's all about taking enemies down as fast as possible, which means boom city. We probably got to the 30s in waves when we stopped because of the next game. 

Asphalt 9 Legends:


This is a free-2-play game on the Xbox store. I think it was once a phone game because you have an option to use touch-style controls. It plays exactly like the old Burnout series. Controls are perhaps even simpler to use. There are a ton of locations you can race in, oodles of modes, and a lot of upgrades, cars, and missions. My friend and I are truly obsessed with this game right now. I created a club (Wacky Racers) and I'm also trying to join a club by working my way through syndicate missions to prove myself worthy. I expect, as with all free-2-play games, that progression will eventually grind to a halt, the only way forward being in-game purchases, but so far that hasn't happened yet. There's always something to do even if you run out of story missions because you don't have the required car, run out of gas, or don't have a powerful enough car. There are online races, club races, special events, and syndicate missions. We'll both be playing this a while longer I'm sure. 



Cary Woodham

12/30/2021 at 06:08 AM

I've reviewed a few of the Ben 10 games in the past, I just don't remember which ones.

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