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Late to the Party: Horizon Zero Dawn

On 06/29/2022 at 09:35 PM by Ranger1

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I have had this game since shortly after it came out, and I actually started it back then. But then something new and shiny came out, goodness knows what it was, and my Gamer ADD kicked in and I wandered off and never got back to it. Now that I think about it, I might have been angsty about the combat and perceived difficulty and just never made it past the part where Aloy is a little kid. Whatever. It got put down, ended up in a box, and covered with dust until I dug it out last night. Next thing I knew it was after midnight.

I'm loving the story, the graphics, the music, the environment, and, wait for it, the combat. Granted, I am playing on story mode (yes, I am chicken, why do you ask?). It reminds me a lot about what I love about the Tomb Raider reboots. I'm still not very far into the game yet, having fun exploring and getting the combat down, hoarding crafting parts, and doing a couple of side missions before I jump feet first into the main story line. As most of my friends know by now, I'm a fan of story-driven games, and Horizon Zero Dawn is scratching that itch nicely for me. I'm intrigued about what's going to happen next, which is what a good story should do to you.

I'll update again later, after the holiday. Have a safe and fun 4th!




06/30/2022 at 03:26 PM

I never played this one, mostly because it came out around the same time as the Switch and BotW did, and I've kind of been heavily invested in the Switch since then. Maybe once I can get my hands on a PS5 I'll take a look at this series.  Graphically, it looks pretty damn good.

Super Step Contributing Writer

07/01/2022 at 04:47 AM

I left it for Yakuza 0 the same year, but damn I need to boot it up again. 


07/01/2022 at 10:48 AM

I had the same initial experience with it. I played for a few hours and then got distracted. Great game, and I eye the comics every week wondering if I should read them. The sequel has me thinking of reaquiring a PS4, seriously. 


07/06/2022 at 03:50 PM

I finished this game less than a month before Forbidden West's release. I found it very satisfying and while there are some rough edges (given its the first attempt by Guerilla to make a 3rd person action game) enough of it works beautifully. I'm currently 25 hours into Forbidden West; if you end up enjoying the rest of Zero Dawn, you'll want to play this as well. 

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