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Zen and the Art of Power Washing

On 07/22/2022 at 11:50 AM by KnightDriver

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It's interesting that feeling when you go from a superficial experience to a deeper one. Suddenly things get more interesting and intense. I wouldn't say Power Wash Simulator gets much deeper but it does help with engagement when you can think about more things than just hosing down an object to wash it. 


When faced with a lot of surface area like in the playground shown above, I looked for something that could do the job faster. i bought a medium duty gun and a high power nozzle. The gun helps alot with more power but the nozzle was only a 0 degree, and even though it wobbles in order to cover more area, it's still not close to what a 40 degree nozzle can do as regards doing large areas quickly. So the new gun was enough, and I was able to clear the floor of this playground more quickly. 

In doing the climbable structures, with all their many corners and parts, I discovered that in the details of the mission it shows you every part needed to clean, and you can highlight any one of them and see them highlighted in the environment as well. This makes it super easy to hunt down those last places to clean in order to complete the job. 

Later, on a job cleaning a two-story house, I experimented with an extension, a soap nozzle and soap. The extension lets you reach higher without a ladder, keeping the pressure up at long distance. The soap nozzle allows you to attach soap bottles. I found they didn't work very well, but I think I was using them wrong. I think you soak an area and then clear it with water. I was just soaping and cleaning with the 60 degree soap nozzle. You also have to match the surface with the soap: wood, plastic, stone, and metal all have their own soaps. 

Then I got into clothing and mods. I got a mod for my gun but couldn't figure out how to apply it. Then I got rubber gloves and a rubber suit but couldn't figure out how to put them on. The game is in first-person so you can't even see your character, but you probably need the rubber stuff when you use soaps because some of them (like for metal) are toxic. Well, I didn't get penalized for using metal soap without a suit, but maybe I was equiped with the suit automatically when I bought it. I dont' know. 

I had been playing (and so was my friend Mark) for quite a while and wondered why an achievement hadn't unlocked yet. So I finally looked up the list, and the first one was for having all 8 soaps in my inventory at once. At $10 a bottle, that was easy. Then I stopped for the day. 

I bought and played a half hour of Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2 next. It's funny going from first-person to isometric (overhead) view. Jarring at first, but I got used to it. I chose a magic-user that can conjure the dead to fight for him. I always love getting skeletons to do my dirty work while I search crates and chests for loot. If I have to lift a hand, I prefer to drain life like I'm doing with another spell. I'm basically a vampire. Well, it's appropiriate because I'm watching What We Do In the Shadows S4 right now (or, I would be if I had FX). 

So be mindful and play with quality as a goal. Carelessness only brings sorrow and frustration. (Just read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenace). Ha ha. 




07/23/2022 at 07:11 AM

I played a similar game yesterday: Super Mario Sunshine. It's like Power Wash Simulator, except Bowser's minions are trying to kill you.

Super Step Contributing Writer

07/24/2022 at 10:41 PM

I immediately thought of that game, too. lol 


07/27/2022 at 03:16 PM

The one thing Power Wash simulator could benefit from is Koopa Troopas. 

Cary Woodham

07/23/2022 at 07:56 AM

I believe Square Enix publishes that Power Wash game.  But I don't think it's on any consoles I own so I didn't request a review copy.  Also I work at a major hardware store chain and we sell power washers, so playing a game about that doesn't sound very appealing.  That looks like a neat playground in the picture, though.


07/27/2022 at 03:21 PM

Oh man, but don't you want to know what it's like to powerwash a thing and see it return to just-like-new? 

I'm waiting for plumbing simulator next. You'd like that, right? Ha ha. 

Cary Woodham

07/27/2022 at 05:47 PM

A plumbing simulator would be Pipe Dream.  But I actually like that game.


07/29/2022 at 10:32 AM

Oh cool, Pipe Dream is exactly like the lock pick minigame in Bioshock. 

However, I was thinking more of a real-life plumping sim. You go to a house and install pipe or fix problems. 

Cary Woodham

07/29/2022 at 05:36 PM

Oh my gosh that sounds so boring (kidding). :)  Unless you get to play as Mario or Luigi. :)


07/30/2022 at 10:24 AM

All these sim games seem boring on the surface. Some are actually boring but some are weirdly fun like Power Wash sim. 


08/02/2022 at 11:09 PM

Since we were talking about plumbing games, I just remembered that there is a game on the Atari 8-bit computers called Electrician, where you have to run wires. Of course, you have to deal with pests chewing through your wires before you can complete a circuit, power surges, and Goddamned Bats. It was a pretty fun game, too. To go from house to house, you had to crawl through sewers infested with alligators.  It even got a Famicom port, which sadly didn't get released over here even though the original game is American in origin. 


08/04/2022 at 02:14 PM

That looks pretty cool. I need to run an indie studio to get on that concept. 

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