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Work, Game, Work, Game, Work, Work, Work

On 07/29/2022 at 11:33 AM by KnightDriver

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That's what my week looks like most of the time. I only had a half-day to game the other day because of being called in to work to cover for someone. 

Lost Kingdoms II (GameCube): This is a From Software game (people who make the Souls games) that has somehow become slightly rare and so worth a few bucks. I'm in the process of selling this on ebay but, because of some unremovable grime on the disc, I had to make sure the game worked. It worked without a hitch, and I played for a little while.

Gameplay is unique. You use cards to conjure monsters in real-time as you fight and explore in third-person view. Some of the cards give you a direct attack instead of a spawned creature. I prefer to spawn creatures and watch them do the job. The action becomes a bit chaotic with direct attacks thrown in. I would stand back from the enemy to spawn a creature, then dash in to attack directly. If I could lock the camera down or pull out to a more isomentric view, I think it would work better. Fun game, though. 

Video Time: I needed bing searches for rewards points, so I started checking out whatever was shown on the bing homepage. I ended up watching a lot of youtubers showing epic fails and other stupid human tricks. I even watched some wrestling highlights (same thing?). None of these netted me many bing searches but at least it was fun to watch. I think I won't bother doing something really boring like making searches with each alphabet letter (been there, done that). I've got 10k this month already anyway. 

Bee Simulator: I fought a wasp. The battle uses a tiny rhythm game mechanic. Super easy. I landed on a lollypop to regain super speed energy. Tasty. I talked to the queen bee. I think she should be bigger. An achievement unlocked for something, and I stopped for now. A small dose of a small game is satisfying. 

May Downloads Galore: I was near the end of my current summer list of games, so I looked through the May 2022 releases and downloaded anything interesting like Destroy all Humans (cause DLC dropped in May), Pac-Man Museum +, Sniper Elite 5, Floppy Knights, Umurangi, We Were Here (second one was out in May), and Eiyuden Chronicle. I didn't get to any of them this day. I'll tackle them next week. 

Gems of War: Always a good game to play while waiting for downloads. I raced to finish the campaign tasks for the week and just did it by the end of the day. I created an all summoner team for one task. As soon as I lost one character, I would summon a new one to take its place. Then I had to create a Blighted Lands team. I loaded it with Daemons and found it a very fun team to play with. Lots of fire. But, I returned to my original team because I can wreck house with it. Once I get rolling, I create whole screens of skulls that can take down multiple enemies one after another. So satisfying. 

Microsoft Solitaire Collection (Android): I discovered where the achievements are listed in the app. I'll now be focusing on those. 

Hunt and gather those rewards points. 




08/01/2022 at 11:40 AM

I played the first Lost Kingdoms game back in the day (rented from Blockbuster!) and really enjoyed it. Always wanted to play the second one but have never gotten around to it. Really cool game.


08/04/2022 at 02:11 PM

Yeah, it's a great concept. I played some of the first one. I stopped for some reason and now it's out of my collection.

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