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Board Games, Retro Play and XSX

On 09/21/2022 at 04:41 PM by KnightDriver

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Mark and I knocked another board game off the list by playing Backgammon. Then I played my new Genesis games and finally got back to my XSX games. 


I had to remember how to set it up. Last time I played Backgammon was on Xbox 360, which, by the way, is still available on the Xbox Live service for Xbox One and XSX. Mark and I played it to absolute completion there already though. Anyway, we split two games, I winning the first one and he the second. I wonder how to utilize the Fibonacci sequence numbered cube that comes with the game? I think it's for betting, but maybe I can adapt it to normal play. 



PGA Tour Golf (Genesis) was really great. I had forgotten what a solid, amazingly great golf game it is. Unfortuneately, it crashed while Mark and I were playing multiplayer, and then I couldn't get it to work. It worked find on Mark's Genesis 3 deck though. The game has a larger than normal cartridge, and it doesn't sit very easily into the slot on the Retron 3. I think that's the problem. Maybe I'll get a genuine Genesis deck again just to play golf. I'm going to a convention this weekend, so maybe. 

Golden Axe (Genesis) is still fun. I've learned a bit more about hit areas in the game, and so it's not as frustrating for me as it used to be. I had forgotten how cool the magic attacks are. They really explode all across the screen in fireballs and dragon heads. I love that. The game is super short. I remember it being longer probably because it was harder in the arcade. There is arcade mode here on the Genesis version however. 

Final Fight (SNES) is still super fun. I forget how to do super moves in the game though. Kickin' and throwin' dudes never gets old. 

For Game Pass I played Wolfenstein New Order. Oh man was that fun. I only played up until the team enters Death's Heads base, but at some point, I'd like to play the whole game again. I noticed I didn't have any achievements. I seem to remember that I played this game originally on Xbox 360 right when Xbox One was coming out. I didn't get an Xbox One until a year later. The Xbox One game must be considered a different version with a fresh set of achievements. Oh joy!

I did my routine in Farm Together. I'm now a million dollar farm at harvest time. I'm furnishing my houses a lot more than I did last time I played. I also created a concert stage area between the fields of crops. Time for a festival concert!

I spent some time doing random missions in Lego Marvel Super Heroes. I discovered yet another Lego game with horrendous flying and vehicle controls. So frustrating! But I'm slowing figuring out work arounds, like Green Goblin is a much better flyer on his mini jet-pad than Iron Man's jet boots. I also got really annoyed at Spider-Man and Hulk because they can change into their non-superhero versions with the "Y" button. Problem is, this button is what you use to bring up the character collection page to change characters. You have to double press "Y" just right to change to another character. Oh, it drove me kinda nutz. So I use The Thing instead of Hulk. I haven't a solution for Spider-Man yet, but it's cool Peter Parker has a camera. I have to explore that possibility. 

Finally I got back to my main game Forza Horizon 5. I am working through the weekly/monthly challenges trying to get them all. I tend to lose in races with a S1 car against highly skilled driveatars, but with A class, I can win. I'm practicing "clean" races, which means not hitting any nondestructible object like a guard wall or other car. I've been slowing down to do this but the end result is staying competitive. Crashes totally ruin your place in the race and make it impossible to catch up. So, I'm learning. I also started the Hot Wheels DLC. Wow! It's really great! It feels like being on a rollercoaster. You go upside-down and sideways on wide tracks. There's a lot of roadway too, so there will be plenty to work on there. 

Well, that's a bunch. I'll be tackling my Skylanders Giants game tomorrow trying to finish up my Xbox 360 toys-to-life games. I'd like to take a break from that and focus on retro plays a little more. I only have so much room on my TV table at Mark's place for consoles. 



Cary Woodham

09/21/2022 at 05:04 PM

I learned how to play Backgammon from the Clubhouse Games on the Switch.  But I bet I've forgotten how since then.

Can you guess my favorite character in Golden Axe?

Final Fight in the arcade is great, but not the SNES version.  I wish I would've played the SNES sequels, though.  Mighty Final Fight on the NES is surprisingly good.

I think I unlocked She Hulk in the LEGO Marvel game because I thought she was cool in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


09/28/2022 at 02:00 PM

Tyris Flare. I had to look up their names. Didn't know they had names. I have been playing as Tyris lately. 

I'll have to keep an eye out for Mighty Final Fight. Haven't heard of that one. 

I just unlocked her. You still have to "buy" them once unlocked in Lego Marvel. I bought Antman right away because he's needed to get some of the bricks. 


09/22/2022 at 05:05 AM

What kind of console is playing your Genesis games? I bought a RetroN-5 a couple of years ago, the one that has SNES, NES, Genesis, and GB/GBA. I wanted to play Mother 3 on it, but the thing continually crashed after 5 minutes. I ended up boxing it back up and putting it away since I could never get it to work. I later found a reasonably priced GB Player disc and got a new GB Player for my Gamecube, and played Mother 3 that way. For Genesis games, the Genesis and Konami collections on Switch cover most of those bases pretty nicely, and NSO is filling in the gaps those collections didn't cover.


09/28/2022 at 02:09 PM

A Retron 3, which has NES, SNES and Genesis. I just bought a Genesis series 2 at the convention I just went to just so I could play PGA Tour. It works without issues. The Retron 3 has been fine with all but those bigger Genesis carts so far. 

I use my GB Player on Gamecube for my GB, GBC, and GBA games. I works great! I would never give that up. However, lately I've been playing retro strictly sticking to the original hardware, no ports, no emulation, just for fun.

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