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Early Black Friday Sale On Xbox

On 11/18/2022 at 09:58 AM by KnightDriver

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Big sale on Xbox the other day. I got several games. Played a few too. Here's all. 

Lego Movie Videogame (XSX): I think I saw the movie in the theaters. I remember being amused by it. I got the game for $5 because it's the next Lego game I'll play after Lego City Undercover. If you look at the final screen in the trailer, you'll see the game was released on 8 different systems. Wow! 

Torchlight II (XSX): Oh, I've been wanting this for a long while. I loved the first one and played some of the third when it must've been part of Game Pass. I really like the art design of this series too. $5 is a nice price. It's always good to have a great isometric-view action RPG on hand. 

Space Crew (XSX): I've been eyeing this game ever since it came out in 2020. I played Runner Duck's Bomber Crew and loved it even though I couldn't finish it for its late-game difficulty. Both games have you manage people in a plane/starship and fend off enemies and mechanical mishaps. You pick a crew, give them specialties, and manage how they keep the ship running and defended. It's a blast until things get really hectic. $5 is impulse buy time. 

And now I thought I was finished until my friend decided he was going to buy Tiny Tina's Wonderland for $34 on the sale. I told him, if you buy this, I'll have to also. We've always played the Borderlands games in tandem and in online co-op, and we had been keen to play this Tiny Tina spinoff game ever since it came out back in March. So, I ended up splurging, which is what you tend to do around Black Friday anyway.

I started this game as soon as it was sufficiently downloaded and didn't touch anything else for the rest of the day. It's just like a Borderlands game in every way except there are more player customization options (like pronouns - been waiting for that one in games), spell casting, new character types and companions, and an overworld that is like moving action figures on a miniature play set. It's all centered around Tiny Tina's DnD game Bunkers and Badasses.

You know that feeling when a game totally engages your attention so that no other game can pull you away? That's my feeling right now. My friend and I will be playing through this game exclusively for a good long while, at least through the holidays. 

It's like 2009 all over again when the first Borderlands came out in October that year. 



Cary Woodham

11/20/2022 at 12:02 PM

The LEGO Movie video game is pretty standard LEGO stuff.  The movie is fantastic, though.  Pixar quality in my opinion.

The movie sequel wasn't near as good, but at least they tried something different with that game.


12/03/2022 at 09:15 AM

I'm pretty sure I saw the film and thought it was funny. 

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