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Comics and Toy Train Set

On 12/07/2022 at 03:00 PM by KnightDriver

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I read two new game related comics and set up my toy train set and Christmas village. 

Bloodborne: The Lady of the Lanterns No. 3. The story is getting better. Heroes appear to fight the supernatural menace as villagers flea and desperately try to survive. Biggest of these monsters is The Lady of the Lanterns, who lures people in with her haunting melody. I'm still not overly thrilled with the art style but those covers are still great. 


The Witcher: Ronin. This trade paperback came out of nowhere. I was lured by that excellent cover art and the promise of a good story. The Witcher comics have been pretty good, in my opinion. I wasn't disappointed. The Witcher is in Japan and confronts multiple Japanese folk story demons. There is minimal text but there's just enough, just like the way Geralt talks. There's no wasted words. He gets right to the point, and that point is usually his blade. I loved this book. 


And now, the Train in a Tin, or as I like to call it, Tiny Train. I got this plastic motorized train set from Michaels craft shop one day. It's a little bit larger than N-guage scale. You get an engine, a coal car, a box car, a caboose and enough track for a small oval course. I went around to Dollar Tree stores, Goodwill, and Walmart and put together some buildings and a farm theme. I tucked all this on the "retro" shelf of my TV cabinet for the Christmas holidays. Here's a quick vid. 

I managed to find two Dodge Charger Matchbox cars for this. One is a '66 and the other is a '71. The '71 is my favorite muscle car. The first car I drove was my dad's '77 Dodge Charger, but it was a luxury car, not a muscle car. Still, I had a '71 Charger Matchbox car as a kid, and I always liked that design. 

I also found a Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E mini figs at Goodwill and put them in there. I even built a small car wash building model that's set at the back of the set, also from Goodwill. I got all this stuff for around $20.

As for plays, I'm still playing Tiny Tina's Wonderland with my friend Mark. We're working on level 20 of the Chaos arenas and maxing out all the storage deck upgrades. I'm also working on the remaining achievements in Microsoft Solitaire Collection






12/08/2022 at 03:19 PM

Ooh, I have not heard of this Witcher comic and I am intrigued! Plus I'm always happier having things in trades.


12/10/2022 at 09:17 AM

I never saw single issues of Witcher Ronin, just the trade. I'm of mixed opinion. I really love the cover art for individual issues. They are usually reproduced in the collected book, but I like the way they look on a single issue. But, trades look good on a shelf and you can read the whole story arc at once. I sometimes get lost in the story when the issues come a month or more apart from each other. 


12/10/2022 at 12:41 AM

I always wanted to build a model train set. 


12/10/2022 at 09:19 AM

I was into it as a kid and would do another one (a serious one) as an adult if I had the space. N-Guage intrigues me though. They're very small. 

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