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Halo Infinite Revisted

On 01/18/2023 at 02:49 PM by KnightDriver

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My friend and I got back into Halo Infinite now that it has full campaign co-op. Maybe that got added a few months ago or even earlier, but we're into it now. 

Halo In

First, we ran through the whole campaign so I could finish it (he had done so already). The action was great, but I really didn't enjoy the story. I think the romance between MC and Cortana (now the Cortana copy) is absurd and out of place. I see Halo as a action game akin to a big action movie, and that's what I'm in it for. I'm not looking for complex relationships and deep feelings. I have a couple points of advice then: minimal talking, no elevator (gravity lift) sequences, and less reloading and more ammo. It's rediculous how much you have to switch weapons because none of them have enough ammo to surivive even one battle. 

Anyway, then we went after various achievements. Most of them had to do with completing all the side missions on the world map. Then we started after all the collectibles, spartan cores, audio logs, and skulls. We both got ourselves WASPs (a single seater flying aircraft that looks like a drone crossed with a harrier jet fighter) and combed the world. If we lost them to attacking Banshees, we'd just grapple ourselves to a Banshee, kick out the Elite pilot, and fly off. The grapple cord works great for so many things. You can even grapple yourself into vehicles and Banshees if they get close enough.

(my friend grapples a Banshee in the distance)

We got all but the Spartan audio logs and the skulls. We also tried an achievement that tasked us with smashing enemies with a Ghost. This became a fun obsession for a while. The Ghost is a ground vehicle with a turbo ability. If you accelorate into an enemy it will send them flying. 

(I send a Brute flying with a Ghost)

Other funny thigns happened along the way. I dropped a grenade while in a gravity lift and it killed me. I then saw my body floating upside down. 

(death in a gravity lift)

Finally, we did a speed run of the game's main missions and did it in 4 hours, 30 minutes. The achievement only required less than 8 hours. 

I have to say, finally it is fairly easy to capture and share video and screenshots from Xbox. I use the Xbox phone app to upload to Onedrive or Youtube to share here. It's great. 





Cary Woodham

01/20/2023 at 07:21 AM

Only thing I can say about Halo is that when my little brothers used to play those games a lot, I would watch them sometimes and any vehicle I'd see, I'd call it a 'tractor.'  Then I'd say, "Go get in the tractor and drive it around!"  And they'd say, "Cary, that's not a tractor."

Also, one time Mountain Dew made a special Halo flavor, so since I knew my brothers liked it so much, i got them a six pack of it.  But the youngest one was probably too young to drink it, because after he did, his eyes got real dilated and he said, "I can't stop talking fast! I can't stop talking fast!"  So I said, "Caleb, why don't you run around the couch a few times."  Which he did.


01/21/2023 at 11:00 AM

I was calling the airplanes in the game "copters" for a while because that's how they fly. I couldn't keep "WASP" in my head. 

Mountain Dew has a lot of caffeen. I used to like it but not anymore. 


01/23/2023 at 11:53 AM

I used to play the Halo games with my wife but then Halo 5 dropped splitscreen and we haven't played since. I know you guys are playing on separate consoles, but any idea if they stuck split screen back in? That was the best.


01/25/2023 at 10:11 AM

Apparently it was cancelled but is still in the game. There is a simple way to make it work too which I read about here. Interesting, but my friend and I haven't done split/screen since Halo CE. 

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