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The Order 1886 and Killzone Shadow Fall

On 03/25/2023 at 09:25 AM by KnightDriver

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A few weeks ago I revisited these two PS4 exclusive games and readded them to my library. Yes, physical games still exist, and I am still interested in building a library of them. I was thrilled to play some of both and remember. 

The Order 1886 is an incredibly gorgeous game with top notch voice acting and realistic character animations. It's a third-person shooter that's quite a bit like Dishonored, now I think of it. The graphics are increcible but mostly lack any interactivity or destructability. You can pick up an item here and there and look at it from all angles, which is cool, but I wish more of the amazingly detailed world was touchable or breakable (Bioshock: Infinite was like this too). 

I played until the fight with the werewolf and decided to stop. I was more into seeing all the sights of the world again and not so much battling, even though the fighting is very good. The world is sort of steam punk with supernatural creatures like vampires and werewolves. It's a good story, and as I said, the voice acting and character animations are so good I kept thinking I was watching a live action movie. I only wish I could have skipped most of the fighting, or made it stupidly easy, so I could just explore and take in the story. More games should have the "story mode" for such as I. 

The devs, Ready at Dawn, did the God of War PSP games and are now doing virtual reality games for Oculus Rift. I wish they'd do another regular console game. 

Killzone: Shadow Fall was the game I got a PS4 for. Those graphics are something else. Better than anything I've seen on other systems. The gameplay is really deep too with tons of varied ways to complete missions. You have gadgets, weapons with mulitple modes, scanning devices and a personal drone that can attack, defend, or help with traversal. The drone controls are mapped to the touch pad on the controller which ads another dimension to the available controls on the PS4 (I noticed audio logs play through the controller too). 

I played until I started getting killed and had enough this time. Even on easy the AI is mondo aggressive and will outflank you if you're not careful. It's a bit too tactical a FPS for my taste (like the Crysis series), but what graphics! Like The Order, I wish for a story or exploration mode so I can see all the sights.

Guerrila Games did the Killzone series, this being the fourth game. They now do the Horizon series. What a great studio. I love all their games.  

I've decided that when I don't feel like fighting in a game, that I'm going to look up a way to break it so I can explore and take in the story. Sometimes, you just want to chill in these amazing virtual worlds. 



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