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1995 Wish List and Replays

On 08/26/2023 at 10:58 AM by KnightDriver

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1995, I remember it well. . . Not so well, actually, so that's why I go through the list of video games on wiki again. The biggest US games of '95 were Daytona USA and Mortal Kombat 3, but I got other ideas, a bunch of them:

Dragon Quest VI - I'd have to play the DS version whenever I pick it up. Super psyched to try it. 

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - I always liked the character Yoshi. I've never really spent much time with him in games though. I can play this on Switch. 

Chrono Trigger - I remember very clearly when it got released on DS, and I wanted it. I never got it though. It still seems like the only place to play it short of selling a first born for the SNES cart. 

Star Wars: Dark Forces - I played this Star Wars Doom clone back in the day, but I'd like to check it out again. I hear it is in the process of being remastered and rereleased for current consoles.

Destruction Derby - A very popular Playstation game when it came out. I enjoyed it's sequel much better, but I wouldn't mind revisiting this. 

Donkey Kong Country 2 - I used to own the three DKC SNES carts but no more. It was on Virtual Console for Wii a while back, but I don't think I bought it, so I'd have to hunt down a cart. Weird it hasn't been released on Switch. 

Romancing Saga 3 - I have this on Xbox Seres S. Weird that this series got a wide rerelease and not Chrono Trigger, but since I own it, I should play it. 

Kirby's Dream Land 2 - I have this GameBoy game on the Kirby's Dream Collection for Wii. I'm gonna revisit it some time and really get into the world of Kirby. 

Jagged Alliance - I'm always curious about tactics games, and this by SirTech (makers of Wizardry) has me wanting to play it again. A spin-off game, Jagged Alliance Rage, is on Xbox Series S. I may check that out. There's also a DS version I'd like to find. 

Heroes of Might & Magic: A Strategic Quest - First in this series and maybe on Steam? I'd like to try it. 

Tactics Ogre - I was real interested in this when it came to PSP but never tried it. Now that I don't have a working PSP, I don't have a real option anymore. That Playstation disc is probably costly. 

Hexen - The N64 port is one of my favorite games. My friend Mad Krammer and I played it co-op a ton back in the day, and I still have the cart. I saw Phil Spencer rocking a Hexen T-shirt at the last Xbox showcase event. Big thumbs up from me. 

I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream - This PC adventure game is based on the Harlan Ellision short story I read not too long ago about a guy being tortured by a mad super computer. I wonder if it's on Steam?

Marathon 2 - I played this for the first time on Xbox 360 when it got a port there. I found the environments really difficult to navigate being so similar and minimally detailed. Someone needs to do a RTX remake like with Half-Life 2 so I don't get lost again. 

Phantasy Star IV - The most playable of all the Phantasy Stars and one I'd like to go back to and finish. It's on all the collections, so no pricey Genesis cart needed. . . but I want one. 

Mega Man X3 - I'll get the X Legacy Collection one day on a sale and try this. I like the graphics of the X series and perhaps they'll be a little more forgiving. 

Warcraft II - One of my all time favorite games. I played this on PC until it would no longer work. I still have the CD-ROM too. Perhaps there's a way to use it again though, or maybe available on or Steam? They need to remaster it and release it for consoles like their doing for Age of Empires. Please!

Suikoden - So want to go and finish this. I still have the digital version careful preserved on my PS3 along with its sequel. One day. 

Final Fight 3 - Don't think I ever played this but want to. SNES cart is probably the only way. Hopefully it's not expensive. 

Well, that's my '95 wish list. I'll get to what I can this month and maybe pick up a few at my local game stores. Any additions you think I should try?




08/26/2023 at 08:57 PM

1995.  I played a lot of arcade fighting games back then.  Street Fighter Alpha, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, X-men.  The Sega Saturn came out that year too.  My brother got one for this birthday.  Our mom went out to get him a 3DO and came back with a Saturn.  We loved that thing.  Panzer Dragoon, Dayton USA, Virtua Fighter ....

I played DQVI and Chrono Trigger for the first time on the DS.  Those are great games.  I have Tactics Ogre and a still working PSP.  I bought that game over a decade ago and I still hadn't played it.  I have the digital copy of Suikoden and it's sequels on my PS3 too.  I hadn't played any of them yet.  


08/28/2023 at 01:47 PM

I had a Saturn at one time. One of the draws for me was a faithful port of Duken Nukem 3D from PC. Othere than that I didn't really end up playing it much and then traded it later. 

I played some of Suikoden when I first downloaded it, but haven't returned since. I remember having an arguement with a coworker over its pronunciation. I'm not happy with the "correct" way, so to myself I still put the accent on the "i" instead of the "k". 

Cary Woodham

08/27/2023 at 03:39 PM

1995 was a big year for me.  I graduated high school that summer and started college in the fall.  

Yoshi's Island is one of my top favorite platformers of all time.  I go back and forth between this and Super Mario World as my favorite 2D Mario game.

Chrono Trigger is one of the best RPGs ever made.  Way ahead of its time.  A must play for all gamers.

DKC2 is just as good as the first.  Very good music as well.

Kirby's Dream Land 2 is a fantastic Game Boy game as well.

Phantasy Star IV is one of the few SEGA Genesis games that impressed me.

I rented Mega Man X3 back in the day, but now you can play it on many collections.  More of the same.  Still good, yet hard.

I wish I would've played Final Fight 3 back in the day.  So many beat 'em ups back then!


08/28/2023 at 01:49 PM

If they would just remaster Chrono Trigger and release it again, maybe I could play it. 

I remember liking DKC2 but couldn't get very far in it. 

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