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The Year 2000: Memories and Wish Lists

On 09/02/2023 at 10:28 AM by KnightDriver

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2000 was the year of the PS2. Remember the lines as people wanted not just a game system but a DVD player? I got one later. However, Pokemon still ruled home game sales: Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Silver and Pokemon Stadium all contributed. Microsoft bought Bungie and PopCap was formed. Mad Krammer and I were really into the Dreamcast, and I bought a PC I could finally call my own. Here is a list of stuff I've played or want to play today in 2023 (darn it, that's 23 years ago!).

Games I Can Play on Xbox Series S Right Now:

Diablo II: The remastered version subtitled Resurrected is available. I remember Mad Krammer and I networking some computers together to play it back then. I think we had problems with the network though and didn't get very far in the game co-op. 

Chrono Cross: A remaster subtitled Radical Dreamers is out. I remember buying a 2-disc PS one version way back when it was cheap. I even played a few hours of it. Why I stopped, I don't know, but I don't have it anymore. 

Shenmue: It's on Xbox with it's sequel right now. I've played a hour or two of this on OG Xbox but didn't stick with it. Could return. 

Baldur's Gate II: BG 1 and 2 are bundled on Xbox right now. I played some of the first one on PC back in the 2000s. I distinctly remember getting annoyed by the complexities of the main story and just ran around causing random mayhem instead. I got continually arrested and kicked out of town. haha. 

Quake III Team Arena: Mad Krammer and I played this on Dreamcast many times back then - probably the last time I had a lot of fun with deathmatch. A version was released on Xbox 360 subtitled Arcade and is still playable on Xbox Series S. I just downloaded it again remotely via the Xbox app. Love that thing. 

Spyro: Year of the Dragon: Available on Xbox via the Reignited Trilogy remaster, which I own. I got stuck in it recently and didn't return to it. I should figure it out. I was curious about the origins of the character after playing so many Skylanders games. 

Carcassonne: The board game came out this year, and the video game version is still playable on Xbox. I wish they had released more add-ons like they did with the board game version. I have the basic board game I got at a Goodwill recently. 

Games I Can Only Play on Sony Systems: 

Vagrant Story: I believe I still have this digitally on my PS3, but have to check. I know I've tried it once but I remember nothing. 

MDK2: Know what that title means? Murder, Death, Kill 2. Nice title huh? I got this game preinstalled on the Dell computer I got that year. It introduced me to the latest in game graphics. It was an enjoyable FPS. I can only play it now on its PS2 port subtitled Armageddon when I pick it up. 

Time Crisis 2: Mad Krammer and I were also playing a lot of gun periferal games around this time, probably the last time we used periferals to play games except for the few times I played Rock Band/Guitar Hero. I think it would be neat to run through a few light-gun games again like this one. I got gift card money too. 

Wild Arms 2: I might still have this on my PS3 digitally, but maybe just the first game in the series. I played one of them on the PS2 subtitled From The New World around 2009 or so and liked it. 

Star Trek Voyager Elite Force: I watched Mad Krammer play this on PC in 2000. It came to PS2 soon after, and I've had it in my collection ever since. It may be the only good Star Trek game, now I think of it. Can you think of a better one? 

Games I Can Only Play on Nintendo Systems:

Dragon Quest VII: This even beat out Pokemon in Japan for sales. I'd have to play the 3DS port to keep the cost down. I wouldn't mind it at all. 

Skies of Arcadia: Mad Krammer and I played this on Dreamcast back then and loved it. We eventually sold our copies when they got valuable. I've always wanted the GameCube Legends version, but that thing's pricey now too. 

Sin & Punishment: My memories are tied to it's sequel Star Successor, but I'd love to play the first one. It'd have to be on N64 though, probably a costly cart too. 

Grandia II: This is on Switch now, thankfully. I've played some of III, which I still have, and liked it. 

Pokemon Stadium: I played this on N64 back then with Mad Krammer. Other than Pokemon Snap, it's the only other Pokemon game I've played. I enjoyed it, and it's on Switch now. 

Paper Mario: I remember seeing this at flea markets back then but never bought it because it was always more expensive than other games. After falling head over heels for Thousand Year Door, I'm more keen than ever to try the first one. It's on Switch too. 

House of the Dead 2: Another light-gun game to play would be neat. It is an unlockable within House of the Dead 3 on Xbox but an easier way would be to get the Wii version with HotD 2. I'll take a trip to Game Junkies and see if they have it. 

Dragon Warrior Monsters: I've been curious about this spinoff, and somehow I have the GBC cart in my collection. I should get to it. 

Kirby 64: Crystal Shards: I have it on the Wii's Dream Collection disc, but it's also on Switch. Gotta get me some Kirby. 

Dexter's Laboratory: Robot Rampage: I was a big fan of Tartakovsky and his Dexter's Lab show around this time. This is a GBC game styled like Elevator Action. I'd love to see the graphics of the show on a GBC. 

Can Only Play on Dreamcast (boo hoo):

Typing of the Dead: I played this on my Dreamcast when I had one. You could call the early 2000s my periferals years. Dreamcast had a lot of them. You needed the keyboard controller. I believe this might have gotten me into to typing because soon after I ran through a Mavis Beacon Typing Tutorial on my PC and have been able to touch-type ever since. It's been a great help to me, and now I'm a typing evangelist. Fun game too, both of them. 

Well, that's what's interesting to me from 2000. What's interesting to you?



Cary Woodham

09/04/2023 at 07:24 AM

I reviewed Chrono Cross back when I was writing for the newspaper.  Even though it's billed as a sequel to Chrono Trigger, it's actually a spin off of Radical Dreamers.  Radical Dreamers was a text adventure that was only available on the Super Nintendo satellite service in Japan.  I've always wanted to play it.  You can on the remastered version, but I haven't gotten around to getting it yet.   But that's why Chrono Cross has so little to do with Chrono Trigger.  I kind of wish they would've made Chrono Cross its own thing, and not tied with any other game.  Because even though it's nowhere near as good as Chrono Trigger, it's still a decent game on its own.  Although the battle system is just a cleverly disguised card game.  It had great music and graphics, too.  There is an RPG that came out around the Switch's launch called I am Setsuna that really plays more like a Chrono Trigger sequel.  And with a few tweaks, it would've made a good side story or something.


09/08/2023 at 09:39 AM

I always wondered why it didn't seem at all like Chrono Trigger. 


09/05/2023 at 11:48 PM

Chrono Cross is a very divisive game in the fan community and I'll be honest, it is not a good sequel to Chrono Trigger. It is only tangentially related and when the Trigger cast does show up, it does them dirty. But taken on its own merits as an RPG, it is excellent. I highly recommend it.

I've always been a big fan of Treasure (the developer) and so back in the early 2000s I imported Sin & Punishment and physically modded my N64 to play it. It is a very fun game that can be played through in about an hour (a great length of time for this type of game; easy to replay on a whim). I've played Star Successor on the Wii but could not manage to beat the final boss. I have always meant to go back and play it again and finally beat it but I haven't gotten around to it. Star Successor is too long, I think.


09/08/2023 at 09:43 AM

Interesting about Sin & Punishment. I'm excited to play it. 

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