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The Week in Phillies

On 10/06/2023 at 10:40 AM by KnightDriver

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The Philadelphia Phillies baseball club played its wild card playoffs this week and the play times fell on days I could actually watch them. Other than that, there were the games. I think I'll go in order of time played this time. 

Earth Defense Force 2025 (XSS): ~ 16 hours. I spent most of it hosting online rooms for my friend Mad Krammer so he could complete levels on Hard with his Air Raider and Fencer. I used my Wing Diver in order to boost her armor rating, which is the lowest of my four characters (see vid below for a my Wing Diver moment). But at about 3:00pm on any given day, the pro players show up and we upped the difficulty to Hardest (sometimes Inferno). I got a bunch of levels done for my Air Raider and Fencer. I experimented with different combinations of weapons with all these characters. I found I could strap six machine gun turrets to a tank and drive around like a screaming, attacking porcupine. Fun stuff. 

Pikmin 4 Demo and Pikmin Bloom (Switch, Android): ~ 3 hours. I finished the Pikmin 4 demo and got the special reward transfered to Pikmin Bloom. It's a visual for your Mii that shows you riding the dog. Neat. Pikmin 4 is fun and I will buy it sometime soon. Pikmin Bloom is a game I check into daily. I turn on flower growing when walking, send Pikmin out to get sprouts and nectar, and send them into battle against mushrooms alongside other players. I'm constantly looking for evidence of other players. I think their flower planting shows up on your phone, but I'm not sure. It's fun, like old 3DS Street Pass, to interact with other players. 

Wargroove 2 (Switch): ~ 2 hours. This came out on Thursday. I preordered it for a reduced price of $15. So far it's only on PC and Switch. I have the first game on both Xbox and, in physical form, on PS4. I love the rich colors and design of this game, similar to a sword & sorcery version of Advance Wars. The second game is exactly like the first but with a new story, and maybe new special weapons, I'm not sure yet. I played the first island that is sort of a tutorial and several levels into the next area. I considered bringing my Switch home from Mad Krammer's place to continue playing but I probably wont have time for it until next week. 

Lamplighters League (Game Pass): This is XCOM with a early 20th theme. You run a team of experts at espionage to stop a corporation from getting a super powerful artifact. It's real good. I kind of prefer the scifi world of XCOM or Phoenix Point however. 

Solar Ash (Game Pass): A game where you skate through environments, collect weird goo and do a little fighting. Like an evolved endless runner, I'm thinking. Lovely environments. 

Ace Angler Fishing Spirits Demo (Switch): This is a very short demo and they don't even tell you how to play. I just guessed that you have to tip the controller up and down to adjust tension on the line and mash the "A" button to reel in. I don't know if that's right, but I caught a few things. I love the concept of a amusement park that's also an aquarium. I hope to get this sometime and build a fantastic museum of fish. I love learning about the different fish facts that come with the main game too. I wonder if this is a real world arcade machine because I saw what looked like a table top arcade game in the videos. 


I'm trying to rebuild my 3DS collection and got Bravely Default and Bravely Second. I played a demo of the first game a long time ago and liked it. 

That's a week. What was your week like? 



Cary Woodham

10/07/2023 at 10:53 AM

In Ace Angler, you don't have to move the control stick up and down for line tension.  Just hold down the button.  If you want to stun the fish to make it easier for you to reel it in, press the R shoulder button to send an electric shock to stun the fish.  Again, like I said before, not very realistic.  But I liked it anyway.  And yes there is an Ace Angler arcade game.  I played it at Round 1.


10/07/2023 at 11:12 AM

Thanks for the tutorial. I'll use it next time I play. 

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