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What If 2012

On 10/09/2023 at 11:42 AM by KnightDriver

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What if I could return to 2012 and do it all over again? What one game would I buy each month of the year? Here's what I came up with. 

January: NeverDead - This is a shooter and hack-n-slash game with some serious silliness. You are immortal and often have to use your body parts as weapons or to solve puzzling problems. One is you are in total darkness and the only way to see is to light your body on fire. Haha. I love games with humor. It didn't get the best of reviews but I'm certain it is unique and interesting to play. It's only available on the original PS3 or Xbox 360, I believe. 

February: Asura's Wrath - I remember this game and always wanted to try it. It has a very over-the-top presentation, like an anime series, and a variety of gameplay actions to use. I'd love to experience its insanity. It's still downloadable on current Xboxes. 

March: Ridge Racer Unbounded - I always wanted to play this because it was developed by BugBear who did the Totaled series. I had it in my collection once but didn't get to it. It's only playable on PS3 and Xbox 360. 

April: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings: This came out on PC in 2011 but on Xbox 360 in 2012. I recently read the Sword of Destiny Witcher story collection and really liked it. I've played Witcher 3 but not very deeply. I'd love to check this one out and it's still downloadable on Xbox Series S|X. 

May: Dragon's Dogma: I remember getting this day-one in 2012 but I never finished it. It's an action RPG where you can climb large enemies and have "pawns" follow you around and help you out. I really liked it. An enhanced version subtitled Dark Arisen came out in 2013 and this version is still downloabable on Xbox Series X|S. Dragon's Dogma II is in the works, I'm told. 

June: Lollipop Chainsaw: I love rediculous games. This hack-n-slash's heroine is a bit like Harley Quinn. She slices and dices with joy and has her boyfriend's head attached to her waist. Just rediculous fun, I'm guessing. It's only available on Xbox 360 and PS3 but a remake is coming sometime in 2024. 

July: Risen 2: Dark Waters: I remember getting this action RPG day-one back then and finding it very difficult. I failed so badly I even got "The Idiot" achievement worth nothing for falling (or did I jump in frustration) from a cliff. I'd like to give it another shot though because I love the Caribbean island-like setting. It's still downloadable on Xbox Series X|S. 

August: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron: I've always heard good things about this game and the developer High Moon Studios, so I'd like to try it. It's the sequel to War for Cybertron. Its still downloadable on Xbox Series X|S but you can also get it on PS4. 

Sept: Borderlands 2: Mad Krammer and I were on this day-one back in 2012 after totally enjoying the first game. We did everything but beat Crommerax (a side mission boss) but I'd still wouldn't mind speed running the game again. It's available everywhere and on my most used console, Xbox Series S. 

October: XCOM: Enemy Unknown/Forza Horizon: I can't just pick one this month. I would have had to work harder at rewards points to make it up, but these are two worthy purchases that I will enjoy, and have enjoyed, immensely. XCOM: EU was a reimagining of the first game on PS1 by Firaxis and an excellent one. A year later an expansion pack called XCOM: Enemy Within came out (I was always confused by what that game was, but now I get it). It's an excellent turn-based strategy game with base building mechanics. It can get really complex and difficult too, which usually keeps me to the first ten missions or so. Both available today to download on Xbox Series X|S. 

Forza Horizon I discovered much later than 2012 but was so thrilled to find another great looking but more arcade style racing game than Forza Motorsport and its simy fellows. The series became my (and Mad Krammer's) new Burnout. Downloadable still on Xbox Series X|S. 

November: Call of Duty Black Ops II: I remember always making fun of the Cody Blops players thinking this to be just like Modern Warefare, a cover-based, realistic shooter. But at some point I gave the series a try and to my joy realized it was a little more run-and-gun than its main series. Treyarch had kept what I loved about the pre-modern warfare COD games. So I can't wait to dig into this series a little more deeply. Still downloadable on Xbox Series X|S. 

December: Far Cry 3: After being disappointed with the realistic tone and gameplay of Far Cry 2, this was a return to the style of the first game I loved on Xbox and PC. I've never really finished it though. I'd like to do that. Still available in the Xbox digital store. 

Well, that's my wish list for 2012 as of today, October of 2023. Any thoughts?



Cary Woodham

10/09/2023 at 02:20 PM

Of all the games on your list, the only one I liked (or played) was Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.  I don't really do third person shooters, but I played through all of that one, so that says a lot right there.  It also helps I was a huge Transformers fan when I was a kid.


10/13/2023 at 09:53 AM

I'm not a huge Transformers fan, but I am intrigued by this series of games by High Moon Studios. One of these day I'll get to try it. 

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