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Another Week of Phillies

On 10/13/2023 at 10:39 AM by KnightDriver

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Looks like I'll be watching Phillies baseball next week too as they move on the NL championships. It's usually after video game time though, so I'll still have a report to make. Here's this week's by hours played as far as I can estimate since I didn't take exact notes. 

Earth Defence Force 2025 (XSS): 9 hours. Mad Krammer and I cleared more Hard levels for his Fencer and then, when the pro players showed up online, we cleared a lot of Hardest levels. I got an achievement for my Wing Diver for finishing the 94 levels on Hardest. Now I need to get that one for my Air Raider and Fencer. 

Suduku/Mahjong/Wordament (Android): 4 hours: It takes about a half hour a day to complete all the daily challenges for all the games. I go for speed now and see how fast I can finish them. I'm almost at Gold on each which means I can take a break from them for the rest of the month, more or less. 

Warhammer 40K Darktide (Game Pass): 2 hours. I played the tutorials for this FPS/Brawler one day and then the first mission the second. The missions are online four player PvE battles and quite long. It was fun but mostly melee fighting because of a derth of ammo (the other players usually found them first). I do like the look of this grim universe. It's like a gothic Starship Trooper story. I've been encouraged to read some of the Warhammer books by a fan at work. Maybe I will. I'm moving on to Forza Motorsport next week for my GP rewards. 

Wargroove (XSS): 2 hours: I played this during the second half of the Phillies game because it's turn-based, making it easy to watch two things at once. I set the game to easy and am replaying all the missions I cleared last time I played it. I'm really hooked again and think I will try and finish the game finally in the coming weeks. I may also start my PS4 copy too. Wargroove on all three systems! Ha ha. 

The rest are about an hour each. 

Disney Infinity (3DS): Scanned in Scorcerer Mickey with the special, very small portal and played a bunch of mini game adventures. They are very short challenges against three AI players from the properties used in the first DI game (Pirates of the Caribbean, Lone Ranger, Monsters Inc, Incredibles, Cars and Toy Story). To play the story mode I need two more figures to scan. I tried regular Mickey and Mini Mouse but they wouldn't read because they were released with DI 3.0. I'll need two more figures from the first game, which I have plenty, so next time I try that mode. Here's a pic of the setup. 


Wargroove 2 (Switch): I got my leader killed in the second mission of the second island. EDF2025's online pros appeared and called me away, but I'll be back. 

Celeste (Game Pass): Got a little farther this time in this platformer trying to get either 10 strawberries or 50 deaths for GP rewards points. Of course, the 50 deaths happened first. Even though I dislike repeating levels, the way this game instantly puts you back into the game after a death, makes me mostly tolerant of it. 

Pikmin Bloom (Android): It takes maybe 15 minutes when I take a walk to plant flowers and 5 when I'm just sending Pikmin out on missions. I realized that planting flowers seems to only matter near landmarks with a giant plant, which grows when you plant more flowers near it. So when I have a few minutes, I look around the area I'm in, spot a giant plant, and walk there, planting flowers as I go and hope the giant plant blooms and gives me rewards. Otherwise, I just grow new Pikmin to send to the various Mushroom battles. Some require rock Pikmin, Red Pikmin, and right now Halloween decor Pikmin, which I only have one so far. I have to customized my squad for each type. I'm enjoying it. 

What have you been playing?



Cary Woodham

10/14/2023 at 07:58 AM

I had the opportunity to review Wargroove 2, but I turned it down.  I never played the first one, and I've got too many other things to review right now!


10/14/2023 at 09:16 AM

Shucks. But it's probably not your sort of game anyway. I'm into these strategy games even though I'm usually quite bad at them. 

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