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This Week's Idles

On 11/17/2023 at 11:41 AM by KnightDriver

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I love that feeling when a new game totally takes over game time. This happened this week with DPS Idle, a free-2-play autobattler. Who knew? It swept the field of everything else mentioned below. 

Thirsty Suitors: I got to a skate park and was faced with variousl skating challenges. This is where I kind of draw the line. I really liked the turn-based battles with timed button presses though. The special moves are all centered on romantic communication and were very funny. 

South Park: The Stick of Truth: Some reddit post suggested that this game borrows from Super Mario RPG and is thus the nearest thing to that game on Xbox. I've always wanted to get further into it anyway. I played for longer than ever before. I was surprised to see the battle system to be as complex as it is, and the menus to have as much tweakable data as any deep RPG from the 16bit era. 

Spirittea: On Game Pass right now. It's a 16bit style adventure game. You move into a new rural town and take up running the old bath house to serve the unquite spirits/ghosts lurking throughout the town. Clean the towels, place the patrons next to their agreeable compatriots, and repeat. There's more to it than that though as you try and solve the town's residents problems with wild spirits. I quite liked it. 

EDF 2025: Just one day of Inferno runs with not one but two pro players and Mad Krammer. Made some progress. 

Dragon Age Inquisition: I restarted as a Dwarf Warrior weilding two-handed weapons. I got almost to where I left off with my previous character. I'm going to turn this into a purely hack-n-slash game if I can. haha. 

Minecraft: Mad Krammer and I started in on another seed and eventually got on each other's nerves because we always have different aims in this game. I got quite fed up, really, and stopped playing. The game world has expanded alot since last time I played. Bedrock is now somewhere at -50 where it used to be at 0. Mines are a little harder to dig because of this. I'm thinking I might start embracing Creative mode more than my usual Survival. Too much work!

Vampire Survivors: A reddit post on achievements mentioned this as a fun game to get obsessed with. It's on Game Pass, so I tried it. It's an autobattler. You dash across a seemingly infinite field and fend off bats and other supernaturals ala Robotron 2084. You gather gems from kills that upgrade your skills. You go as long as possible until you ineviatably die. It was fun. 

DPS Idle:

Every once in a while I run through a few free-2-play games to see what's fun. This one totally trumped all other games for both me and Mad Krammer the last few days. It's an autobattler. You just manage your damage per second (dps) via cards, magic, membership in guilds and various purchases (some with gems and others with real money - which I avoid). It's really fun. Your DPS can get into the trillions and your gold can go into the sextillions and probably beyond. What's more than a sextillion, I wonder? 

Suduku/Mahjong/Wordament/Pikmin Bloom: Mahjong is totally frustrating me at the moment. I keep failing Hard and Expert boards. I think my strategy is sound, but I still lose. I feel manipulated. I quit Pikmin Bloom because I don't earn achievements and it doesn't really seem to give me anything that new or interesting anymore. I think I've decided that I just want casual games for my phone, and ones I can get achievements for. That's it. I am not interested in action games or ports of retro stuff for my phone. I have dedicated gaming handhelds for that. I need to seperate my gaming from my daily duties except for a few short play casuals anyway.

That's a week. What did you play? 



Cary Woodham

11/20/2023 at 01:18 AM

I had the opportunity to review Spirttea.  I passed up on it because I had too much on my plate at the time.  Kind of reminded me of that Spirited Away movie.

I've never played Vampire Survivor, but I reviewed a game that tried to imitate it recently called CatLord.  I bet it wasn't as good, though.


11/26/2023 at 12:56 PM

I've discovered quite a few autobattler games recently. Maybe it's a trend?


11/24/2023 at 02:13 AM

I actually liked South Park. I enjoyed it more than I did Dragon Age: Inquisition.


11/26/2023 at 12:57 PM

Yeah, the South Park game is surprisingly interesting as a RPG. 

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