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Atari 50 Favs This Week

On 02/10/2024 at 09:57 AM by KnightDriver

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I wanted to list everything but what I played and liked within Atari 50 filled up enough space for a blog, so here 'tis. 

Aquaventure - This was a prototype that was never released until now. It's a good game. Take a look:

I like the deep dives, avoiding attacking fish, and bringing the treasure back to the surface. You go deeper and deeper and the fish get more aggressive as you go along. Take care to watch your air as well. 

Breakout, Super Breakout and Circus Atari: I keep trying these block breakers. This time I discovered that the d-pad works much better than the analog sticks to control the paddle. It's not perfect though. 

Dark Chambers: The precursor to gauntlet. It's basically the same but less brutally difficult, which makes me like it better than Gauntlet. Take a look and you'll think it is Gauntlet:

Minature Golf: For some reason, I never quite understood how this game worked until now. The other Atari Golf has a player and golf club but this just a dot. What the heck to you do with it? Well I figured out the farther you put the dot from the ball the bigger the swing. This presents some problems when you don't have the space to move farther away but you can bounce the ball off of any surface, something you can't do in Atari Golf. Once I groked the mechanics, it became as fun as Atari Golf. Limited fun, I'll admit, but fun. 

Save Mary: Another long lost prototype. It's a simple game but I really enjoy it. Move the bridge pieces into the pit before the water rises and drowns Mary. Each level increases the difficulty with smaller bridge pieces. I still don't know what the objects do that appear on the top ledges. You can pick them up, but what to do with them? Here 'tis:

Yars Revenge Enhanced: I like the look, better handling and slightly easier gameplay of this version of Yar's Revenge. Take a look:

That was one of a half dozen of collections I dug into this week. I'll blog about the others as the weeks of this month of February and my Gen 2 adventure continues. 



Cary Woodham

02/12/2024 at 08:18 AM

For some reason, I've never really 'got' Yars' Revenge, even though a lot of people say it's the 2600's best game.


02/12/2024 at 08:54 AM

It's pretty good. Not sure it's the best though.

Cary Woodham

02/13/2024 at 08:23 AM

My personal favorite 2600 game is Pressure Cooker.  You can play it on Activision Anthology.  Only probably with the game is you really NEED to read the instructions before playing to really understand how to play it right.  But once you get it, it's a surprisingly complicated game for the 2600.


02/16/2024 at 11:40 AM

I played it on Activision Anthology a while back after you mentioned it. Then I bought a cartridge the other week, but I can't get it to work. I'll probably save it until I get a original console and see if it will play there. Possibly it's not compatible with the Retron 77, but it could be just broken inside. Darn it.


02/17/2024 at 05:26 AM

I would call "the best" a toss-up between Yars' Revenge and Solaris, which was good enough to hang wiith the NES games that were coming out at the time. And the NES didn't have a lot in the way of space sims.


02/17/2024 at 11:49 AM

I'm still trying to get to grips with Solaris. I keep playing it, but it hasn't sold me on it yet. I think I just need to learn how to play it better. 


02/23/2024 at 12:34 PM

It's a tough game, and the difficulty ramps up rather quickly. The worst are the Cobra ships, especially in "red zones" where the game reverses the controls. To add insult to injury, the Cobra ships are only worth 30 points apiece, which is really low. The only upside to them is that they apparently are incapable of attacking base planets. 

Solaris is a really ambitious game and was a great swan song for the 2600. I'm glad they finally put it on a home collection. The author, Doug Neubauer, made sure he retained the rights to the game in his agreement with Atari, so he actually owns his creation and that's why it doesn't show up in a loot of Atari collections. 


02/23/2024 at 12:51 PM

I have the cartrige now too, so one of these days I'll get more into it. 

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